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Part 22: Gold Knuckle, the Beheading Master

Last time on Disgaea 3 we learned the Freshman Class is being brainwashed. Today, we discover the source.

Drama- No-Running Hallway Intro

Oh, it's you guys…?
Greetings are the building blocks of manners. Let's all greet each other loudly.
Remember to eat your entire meal. And don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards.
Huh? Hey Trio de Loser guys… Where's your eses, homes, and weddos?
Without 'em I don't know who's who. That proves it was the only thing that gave you guys individual characteristics.
Please do not say such rude things. We have reformed our hearts.
Reformed? That way you're speaking… Don't tell me, were you brainwashed? *huff * *huff *
Don't get too excited.
Perfect. Let's pry their heads open and see if we can analyze their brainwashing mechanism.
Mao, your enthusiasm for research is great and all, but it'd be faster if we just ask them who did it.

…You're so slow! You just realized that now?
I don't remember allowing you to come along. What happened to your class schedules and junk?
I already graduated. Now, as a member of society, I'm doing social worker stuff, like helping our your hero.
Grrr. I don't get it. What happened during my missing chunk of memory?
Attention, everyone. I believe we've waited long enough, so would it be okay if we began attacking soon?
Heh. The courtesy to wait for their enemy to finish their conversation, manners for declaring an attack? Nice.
To brainwash a demon this much, it can't just be some cheap hypnosis trick.
Hmph! Garbage will always be garbage! I'll beat you using my right hand! …But even that's a lie.

Map- No-Running Hallway

This is possibly the easiest map in Disgaea 3. The exploding barrels near the entrance work just like Prinnies, they explode when thrown. We use them to start a chain reaction that will detonate the barrels and Prinnies in the room and kill everything. Easy.

Drama- No-Running Hallway Outro

Uh, what is it?
Wouldn't it be better if you left the Netherworld now?
Me and Mao will be sure to defeat the Overlord, so you can rest assured and return to the human world.
Wh, why are you saying this now? Are you worried about me?
The Netherworld is full of danger. Before you get dragged in any further, please, I beg you, go back.
But I've already been dragged in.
Well, what if I turn into a vicious demon and eventually try to eat you!?
Then I'll have to destroy you.
…Are you serious!?
I promised to help you become a hero. Until that's done, I'll stay with you, forever.
Oh? Isn't that the Audio-Visual Room? I'm going ahead!
She's gonna stay with me forever?

…Hmm. This is a real mystery. Why is the Princess working so hard, for lousy old me?

Map- Organized Corridor

This map throws a nasty one-two punch at the player. We're up against Succubi and Alraunes, powerful caster monsters. At the end of the room is a Fusion Geo Block, which is going to combine two of the monsters each turn into one higher level monster. Obviously this is hardly ideal, and it's made worse by the two Enemy Base Panels. At the end of each of our turns a new Succubus will come out of one of those panels. What we need to do is kill the Fusion block on turn one and do as much damage as possible to the forces already on the field. If we kill everything out it doesn't matter how many more Succubi were in the enemy panels, we still win. This map becomes a great leveling map on return visits, because the Fusion symbol changes to EXP + 50%.

Drama- Audio-Visual Room Intro

Hmm. This month's goal is posted at the front of the class… Sure enough, it's "defeat the Overlord"…
Look, Mao. Those quick-to-fight freshman are all calm as cats that took a spin in a microwave.
I even see some who are sitting up straight. I hear only the highest level delinquents do that!
The Vato Bros. are there, too. Huh? That guy in the middle… He's not a freshman, is he?
Looks to me like a suspicious old fogy. Everyone's listening to him…
Senior, please!

Long, long ago… once upon a time, there was a young man named Aurum. He was full of justice and courage.

…And thus, Aurum defeated the Overlord, and the world knew peace, happily ever after. The end.
They were using a fairytale like this to brainwash them?
Hmm. I guess it was a cheap hypnosis trick, after all.
This is stupid. What kid of miserable students get brainwashed by something like this?
I can turn them back with a quick fix! Might as well tuck a gun or some sort into the left arm!
Wait! Before that, let me persuade them with a scene of friendship from one of those teen school drama shows!
…Everyone, open your eyes! Don't be fooled by a cheesy hero story! Did you forget your demon instincts!?
Remember the time you drew mustaches on the famous people in your history books?
And remember when you used to sneak around class, licking the pencils of the girls you liked?
I thought you were a delinquent. How do you know so much?

You are a bad influence. You should let these people live a decent life. Give us a chance to make a better world.
Heh, still willing to challenge me? I won't beat you until you're half dead! I'll make sure you never stand!
No, don't! Killing half way is fine, but you're the Freshman Class Leader! They're all your servants!
So I can kill them half way? Seems like you've progressed in your demonic thoughts.
That was just… the way it came out.
…Hmph. These are no servants of mine. They're just enemies blocking my path to dictatorship!
But they're just hypnotized. They aren't trying to oppose you.
She's right. Let's try to de-brainwash them. That's what friendship's all about.
Why are you guys trying to stop me? Don't tell me you were all brainwashed while I wasn't looking!
Stupid! Look into my eyes! Unlike these fake delinquents, can't you see the glitter in them!?
Yeah. We're all friends. It's not nice to doubt us.
Friends!? I thought I made it perfectly clear. I don't need friends!
"Demons must relish solitude." All I need is a servant who follows my orders!

Which one of you Rudypoos is it? Who wants to talk while Gold Knuckle is trying to get his work done!?
Do your work somewhere else, old man. This is an evil school for education.
First of all, Gold Knuckle is not an old man. Gold Knuckle is a senior! Who goes to this school!
Did he say a senior!?
…Heh, never thought I'd run into one in a place like this. What's a legendary senior doing here?
Oh, I can't believe this… A legendary senior, before my very eyes! * sigh* Am I dreaming!?
But a senior is the greatest of all honor students. Why would he be making more delinquents?
You don't mess with Gold Knuckle, Master of Beheading Kenpo! At least, not if you heeeeeaaaaarrrrrr-
I don't know what he's talking about, but his speech pattern is amazing.
No wonder he can brainwash people just by telling them a story…
Heh heh heh. Gold Knuckle doesn't even remember how many people fell prey to his Kenpo.

Map- Audio-Visual Room

This is a pretty easy map. We're up against a bunch of trash Freshmen and Gold Knuck. The exploding barrels near the entrance can be thrown into the enemy to take most of them out, leaving just the Vatos and The Knuck. The one thing to note about Gold Knuckle is that he has lots of health and takes less damage when attacked from the front. But again, this map is easy. Perhaps too easy…

Drama- Audio-Visual Room Intermission

Heh heh heh! Doesn't even hurt! Don't think you can beat a senior! I'm still bursting with energy!
Grr! Guess that's what makes a senior! He's obviously garbage, just tough garbage!
However, I'm not allowed to lose to anyone but my dad…
Stoooooooooop, boom!
A senior is out of your league! So I will help you out in this cooking battle!
System Message: Mr. Champloo comes and joins your group!
He appeared out of nowhere, and without any explanation, he joined our group… You truly are amazing, Master!
And he turned it into a cooking battle all of a sudden.
Hmph! I don't need help form a Home Economics teacher! Senior or not, I can beat my own idiots!
Why are you being stubborn? You've already needed our help.
Shut up! That was just you guys doing your own thing!

Map- Audio-Visual Room Reprise

This map will prove much more difficult. The map is covered in a checkerboard of Geo Panels, greens that provide ATK + 50% and blues that provide DEF - 50%. We're up against some serious opposition. There's Thieves with guns, Archers, Warriors, Star Skulls, and The Knuck himself. Never ever step on a blue panel under any circumstances. You want to hit the flanking Archers and Thieves first, as they're the largest threat on the map. Then you want to hit the Star Skulls and kill them in one turn. Once you're down to just warriors and The Knuck the map's basically over. Just remember not to attack him from the front if you can avoid it.

Drama- Audio-Visual Room Outro

There's a ton of seniors who are even better than the Knuck.
If they ever decide to appear, you're just a twist of the arm! Remember that, Jabroni!
What a cheesy last line… That shows what a piece of trash he really is.
B, but if trash can get that strong, should we expect a crazy rumble to unfold in the near future…?
Rest assured… Now that I'm here, he is but a fish on a cutting board.
Whatever you say, but I do feel assured.
I've been watching the strange behavior on campus, but didn't expect a senior to be the hidden spice…
Do you think the hypnosis can be undone?
Indeed, it can. It will melt away like chocolate in your hands.
And how do we pull that off!?
With a hot, spirited heart! Only a passionate heart of fire can move the cold hearts of the students!
A hot heart?
Hmm. So demons have varying temperature hearts, too?

Find the answer to this on your own! Let's see you defrost their hearts better than any microwave can do!
So we're to melt away our classmates' frozen hearts with our heated ones? Heh, I'm starting to feel the heat!
I'm not sure if we'll be able to do it ourselves, but we can't just leave them like this.
Oh, if we burn up our hearts, Sir Mao's heart may open up, as well.
…That's dumb. It'll never work. Let's just leave them like that.
I'm too busy clearing out those vicious broods who are trying to defeat the Overlord.


I wonder who that is? I'm sure we'll find ou… bzzt…

…bzzt…t in the fullness of time. Those shorts are just plain odd, you know that? Anyway, let's resume where we left off with Mao and Co.

"Defeat the Overlord". We must prevent them from doing this. And the easiest way to stop them…
Is to beat down the Senior Class Leader. First to strike, first to win. A surprise attack would be best.
You understand things pretty well for a human. But the problem is finding the location of the senior classrooms.
As to be expected from legends, not a single soul knows where they are.
Don't you know, Master?
Boom. Look, I'm just the Home Ec. teacher. And this campus is continuously expanding, thanks to some unknown man.
It's more than likely that not even the Overlord, Dean of this school, has a full grasp of the menu.
Then what about Geoffrey? I'm sure he has to know something.
Geoffrey, yeah… Well, I'm not sure.
…Is something wrong, Mao?
Well. Nothing good's come from listening to him lately.

…Hmph. So Geoffrey, can we go to the senior classrooms?
The senior classrooms, you say? I've begun the search, but they have yet to be discovered.
Psh… useless. Forget it, I'll gather the info myself.
Mao, you don't have to talk to him like that…
Shut up. Servants should shut up and obey me.
(I feel like Mao's beginning to close up his heart again…)
(I'm sure it's because he can't trust Mr. Geoffrey anymore, even though he was the only one Mao could trust…)

Please become an evil, cruel, and unnecessarily violent demon… The strongest and worst to date.
That is my only wish… If this can come true, I am willing to give up my life at any time.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: The Sophomore Class Leader: Master Big Star Appears!