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Part 10: Aside: The Netherworld's Greatest Detective Returns!

Aside: The Netherworld's Greatest Detective Returns!

Last time on Disgaea, Laharl agreed to help recover Flonne's pendant. But in order to do that, he's going to need help. Help from the Netherworld's Greatest Detective, Pleinair!

Once again, I must save the Netherworld!
Perhaps there were witnesses to this heinous crime?

Now that you mention it, I did see a suspicious man prowling around last night.
...And what did you do?
Watched quietly from a distance, of course.

Some middle-aged man when to the "Blazing Core" recently.
Is he a tourist?

Interesting testimony. If only we had more clues! Luckily, the Dark Assembly's recently passed Netherworld Patriot Act has allowed me to install hidden cameras all throughout the Castle!

I saw a portrait of the King in Hoggmeiser's palace...
My heart aches when I look at his Majesty's face...
Do my memories have something to do with the King...?
I'll find out soon enough...
Just a little longer until I get my memories back...

Hmm, an interesting clue indeed. Perhaps Hoggmeiser knows something about this heinous crime! To be sure, we've sent our crack team of ambush reporters to the scene!

Scene: Hoggmeiser's Castle:

Mr. Hoggmeiser, any comments on the current accusations against you?
*snort* Who are you and what are you doing in my house!?

As expected, Hoggmeiser is being evasive. However, he couldn't be the ringleader behind this. No. This is far too big for him. Perhaps the Dimensional Gatekeeper can provide more information as to what occurred.

Prince, this is a serious matter.
What's wrong?
Someone opened a gate to the "Blazing Core" without me knowing. Who could have done this...?
...Maybe he knows where that pendant is.
Alright! I shall find him and make him confess everything!

Of course! It all makes sense now! The pieces are all in place. We have Hoggmeiser, the patsy set up to look guilty as sin. We have the unidentified man, shown below in a police composite.

And now we know where this mustachioed villain is taking the loot, the "Blazing Core". Gentlemen and ladies, there can be only one perpetrator capable of masterminding such an ingenious crime. And here he is:

I thought he lived in the "Molten Core".
I mean, I may be wrong, but...
It just seems to me that it's really unlikely that he's the criminal, what with him being from another game and all...
No, wait, put that down... *thud* *gurgle*
Netherworld News Service? Yeah, I'm going to need a new rabbit.
Hmm? What happened to the last one?
Oh, you know. Things.
Anyway, another case closed thanks to Pleinair, the Netherworld's Greatest Detective!

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