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by Feinne

Part 11: Oh, not HIM again!

Chapter 8: Oh, not HIM again!

Last time on Disgaea, the Netherworld's Greatest Detective cracked her most difficult case yet. This time, we've got a pendant to track down.

Map 1: Road of Flames

Wait. Look at this.
A feather...?
Let me see!
What's so special about it?
...This is an angel feather.
It's not yours, is it?
No... Its size... and the aura it radiates... They are both superior to mine.
This feather belongs to a high-level angel...
Hmph, no wonder this place reeks of goodness.
But, I came to the Netherworld under the Seraph's secret orders.
Why would another angel be here...?
Prince, you think that angel stole Flonne's pendant?
Hmmm. I'm surprised that a Love Freak like you would have enemies.
That is not possible! An angel would never steal my pendant...

Ah... Forget it. We still have to find it, regardless.
I don't care what kind of trouble those Celestians stir up for themselves.

So, this map is awesome. Let's take a look at it.

The green panels make the targets in them worth double experience points. This makes the map a very good place to grind for a few Episodes, especially for casters who can take out the square formation by the Base Panel in one combo. The scarecrows and Blade Knight on this map hit pretty hard but go down pretty quickly themselves. Let's move on.

Map 2: Parched Ground

Prince, in this heat, Flonne's gonna shrivel up before we find the pendant.
Huh? I'm fine.
How come?
I'm gonna kill you if you say that angels don't sweat or have to go to the bathroom.
N,No. The medicine that a Prinny gave me seems to be helping.
Huh? One of 'em gave you medicine?
Prinnies aren't that nice. ...You must be hallucinating.
No, it's true! I feel much better now.
Okay, which one of 'em was it, then?

B, But it's true!
Yeah, yeah. The heat must be getting to you, after all.
I'm telling the truth...

This map is incredibly generic. Kill a bunch of scarecrows and armor knights. No Geo Panels to deal with or anything, and about the same levels as the previous map. Let's just move on.

Map 3: Blazing Field

Yeah. I may end up fighting him one day.
I'm looking for your pendant. The least you could do is tell me.
Well, I guess it's okay.
No, it's not.
Well... Master Lamington, the Seraph, is a very kind person.
He loves flowers and poems.
Now, wait a second... I only wanna hear about his weak points...
Hmmmm, so you look up to the Seraph?
Yes, of course. Is there someone that you look up to?
Me? The late King.
What!? Then you don't look up to ME?
Why you...! You call yourself a vassal!?
Yeah... Sorta.
...! Someone should teach you some manners...
Enough of this! Let's find that pendant!

So, this is one of the first real 'tricky' maps. The entire map is covered in Enemy Boost +50%. This is what we like to call a Bad Thing. The Geo Symbol that provides it isn't that far away, though. So we just do a quick Tower Throw like so...

And we're at the symbol. But how best to deal with it? Why, we do this:

In Disgaea (but not Disgaea 2) you can destroy Geo Symbols by throwing them on top of enemies or throwing enemies onto them. It's a very handy way to dispose of high level Geo Symbols that might otherwise be difficult to kill. If we really wanted there's a Damage 20% symbol we could put on Red, but it's not really necessary. Let's just move on.

Map 4: Molten Labyrinth

Boss Fight 4 Video

She could have lived a long life, had she not been so ambitious.
*grunt* That fool.
No one can stop me now...
W, What!? The pendant's shining...!

Who threw this? That was dangerous.
Hmmm? This is a beautiful pendant.
It must be a gift from the heavens, a reward for my good behavior.
I thank you, o god...
Moron. What demon thanks a god?
Huh...? Who just called moi a moron!?
Oh, what a lucky day, indeed. To be able to confront my rival once again!
...Wait a second. Since when did I become your rival?
Hey, it's Mid-Boss. Why're you still pestering us? We beat you already, remember?
You should never assume that I am dead! Besides, my name is the Dark Adonis...

Please, Mr. Mid-Boss! May I have the pendant? It's mine!
Ugh! With all due respect, I prefer to be called "Dark Adonis"...
I need it! I beg of you!
I, I cannot do that, even at the request of someone so lovely.
I found this pendant.
Therefore... It belongs to moi!
Man... He's as low as the Prince.
Shut up! Don't put me on the same level as him!
Oh, my! The pendant will punish those with a wicked heart.
If you don't let go soon... you'll...!

What's the deal here? Isn't he supposed to be punished?
Y,Yes, he should be... That's strange. Is it broken?
Unfortunate, is it not? The heavens would never punish such a pure heart as mine!
And to match such a beautiful heart, I was graced with the name "Dark Adonis"!
Enough. I told you, you're "Mid-Boss".
Haaahahahaha!! Say what you wish!
But, do not foolishly think that I am an ordinary mid-boss.
Hey! You just admitted that you're a mid-boss.
Quiet!! I shall crush you so that I never hear the name "Mid-Boss" again!!
Since I last lost to you, I mastered an incomparable technique. I have trained arduously for this moment!!
Now, prepare for your inevitable defeat!!


So, Mid-Boss is back, and he's been grinding levels too.

He's got a new special and a fair number of Armor Knights, Scarecrows, and Deaths (magic using monsters). He's also got a lot of health for his level. Luring enemies into you a few at a time is your best bet on this map. You ideally want to have only Mid-Boss to deal with by the time he decides to mosey over, because he hits pretty damn hard. Anyway, beating him triggers a drama scene with one of the best sprites in the game.

My name is the Dark... Adonis...

(This all went by so fast it was hard to capture an image of it, but Laharl jumps into the lava after it)

Hmph... Isn't this what you're looking for?
Hurry up and take it. My hand is burning.
O, Okay!
...The pendant is telling me that my heart is wicked.
That's good to know.
...Why what?
Why did you do all that for the pendant?
There's only one reason.
To get that reward from you.
W,What's so funny?
Thank you, Laharl.

Uh, do I have to spell it out?
The reward! Give me the "something good" you promised me!
Oh, that.
I already gave it to you.
Put your hand to your heart.
Can you feel it? The warmth inside your heart...
You faced great danger to find this pendant.
You pretend to be only evil, but there is definitely kindness in your heart.
To give you the opportunity to realize that kindness...
That is my reward for you.

Kindness is love. The day is near when you will awaken to love *giggle*
Unbelievable! I've been tricked by an angel!!
Dammit! I'll remember this!!
Deceiving the Prince, huh? Not bad at all.
You look happy.
Yes, I am. I now know that there is love within Laharl's heart.
And if there is love inside him, that means that there is love in all demons.
One day, angels and demons could be friends. I couldn't be happier.
Boy that theory is a bit out there. You really are a Love Freak.
But, you're bound to be disappointed if you keep expecting things to turn out so cheery.
Most demons would choke you from behind without a second thought.
Hmmmm. Are you like that, Etna?
You'll find out soon enough. *giggle*

It seems that she IS in fact manipulating those demons to do her bidding.
I must return to Celestia and devise a new plan...
Consider yourself lucky this time...
But I, Vulcanus, shall emerge victorious in the end!!
Got that!? Don't forget it, even if I don't make an appearance for a while!
Promise me!!

And now for Etna's Episode Preview!

Video Version

And that's Episode 4. Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! It's Episode 5: Etna's Secret!