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by Feinne

Part 12: Wow, someone more dishonorable than Laharl? Who'da thunk it?

Chapter 9: Wow, someone more dishonorable than Laharl? Who'da thunk it?

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea, we kicked Mid-Boss's ass. Again. Now it's time once again for intro drama.

Episode 5 Intro Drama Video

You know... *mumble* *mumble*
Oh, my! ...So, what happened after that?
Well, of course...
What is that? ...A photo?
Someone must have dropped it.
Oh, my...! Is this Laharl...?
*giggle* ...Hahahaha!!
Hmm? There's something written on the back.

I didn't know you were into that kind of thing.
I'm a bit shocked.
W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What is this!?
It's a humiliating photo of you.
I can see that!!
But, who the hell took it!?
How should I know? By the way, something's written on the back.

Dear Prince Laharl,

An embarrassing photo of you is in my possession. I await your arrival in Jotunheim.

If you choose to decline my challenge, copies of the photo will be scattered throughout the Netherworld.

"It is my wish to contend for overlordship in a fair, agreeable manner."

True... But, this crosses the line!!
...So? Are you going or not? It's definitely a trap.
Of course I'm going!
If this picture is spread throughout the Netherworld, I'll be ruined!
Whoever you are, you just wait!
I'll char you and your paparazzi shots in the eternal flames of hell!

And that's Episode 5's introduction. Oh, and before you ask, you never get to know exactly what the photos are.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: This betrayal wasn't telegraphed at ALL.