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Part 13: Laharl fights Dracula or something.

Chapter 10: Laharl fights Dracula or something.

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea, we received humiliating photos of Prince Laharl. This time, we track the perpetrator down and spindle, fold, and mutilate them.

But first, let's take a quick bathroom break.

This is all for my memories...
It won't do any good feeling guilty now...
I have nothing more to lose...
Who cares about anyone else...?
I have my own way of life...
No one's gonna get in my way...
This is my only option...

Well, that wasn't ominous at all.

The location specified in the challenge was Jotunheim, correct?
Why? Is something wrong?
Well... The gate that leads there is being opened from the other side.
It's as if someone were waiting for you, Prince...
Hmph. A confident fow, isn't he?
Very well! This may be a trap, but I'll enjoy it anyway!

So, yeah. This is an incredibly obvious trap, but that doesn't actually mean we can avoid it, because he's got photos of us. So, on to Jotunheim.

FUN FACT: Jotunheim is the home of the giants from Norse Mythology.

Map 1: Absolute Zero

This is a horribly annoying map. The whole place is covered in yellow Geo Panels, and the following effects are in place: Ally Damage 20%, Attack -50%, Defense +50%. So, it's really hard to hurt people with attacks, but until the first one is gone every time your turn comes up all your characters lose 20% health. Let's take that out the first turn. The monsters on this map can poison, which is really annoying, so you might want to take the Attack -50% out as well to make it easier to kill them.

That was easy enough, let's move on.

Map 2: Endless White

I was looking forward to seeing what terrifying trap awaited me, but instead I find these puny little demons.
What? You got something to say?
A wonderful life.
World peace.
Let's all be friends.
S,Stop that!!
Girls take initiative.
Laharl? What's wrong?

Eternal love.
Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!! The most dreaded word in existence...
Y,You... You trying to kill me!?
But, that's my favorite word...
Dammit... How did they know my weakness...?

So, Laharl's at half stats for this entire fight. Hope you leveled up someone else enough to be useful, or this could be a REAL bitch. The ninja on this map is crazy evasive, specials are clearly the way to go on him. The enemies here hit very hard but go down quickly. After the battle we get this:

B,Barely... You nearly finished me by saying that.
You mean eternal lo...
You're doing that on purpose, aren't you?
Prince, this isn't the time to be fooling around. We have to get that photo back.
You think I don't know that!?

Voice: ...I have faith in her.
Voice: *chuckle* You worry needlessly.
But, I understand. I shall take measures, just in case.

Map 3: Terrible Cold

Laharl, why are you screaming?
I, I don't know why... But for some apparent reason, I can't stand women with sexy bodies.
On a side note... Flat-chested girls like you have absolutely know effect on me...

It has been a while, Prince. Do you still remember me?
How could I forget you?
You're Maderas, the vassal who was banished from the castle for stealing my old man's favorite snack, black pretzels.
*sigh* Now, that's what I call "pathetic".
So, black-pretzel-snatcher-slash-outcast, what is it that you want from me now?
I wish to become Overlord, of course.
Hmph, what a joke. What could you, a pathetic loser banished for stealing pretzels, possibly do to me?
Stop talking so tough, Prince. I know all of your weaknesses.

Etna... You...!?
You just realized it? Fool!
Yes... Etna is my loyal dog.
As long as I hold her memory in my hands, she'll do whatever I ask.
Now, dear Prince... This place shall become your grave.
Etna, you've served your purpose.
I am quite pleased with the results. Now, die alongside your Prince.
But, we had a deal...!
What about my memory!?
What use are memories to you when you are about to die? Hmhmhm...!
...It all makes sense now. No wonder he knew my weaknesses.
You took those photos, too, didn't you!?
Laharl... It was only because that demon stole her memory...

Yes, that's the villain of the act.

So, this map is really, really interesting. The whole thing is covered in invulnerability except for two tiles: This green one way over in the corner, and the Base Panel.

I wonder what happens when you throw an enemy inside the Base Panel? (I don't, actually, but for the sake of this I do)

Hmm, it fights the people inside. Now, the really awesome thing is that if our side wins, the monster joins us (this only works for monsters). This is pretty dangerous, though, because if your side loses the Base Panel is destroyed. In fact, that happened just after when I tried to capture a second, higher level enemy. See, if you throw two enemies into each other, they combine. The highest level of the two gains all the levels the old one had.

Hmm, invincibility on almost the whole map and the ability to make high level enemies...

Okay, so this is a really nice place to get some levels early on, but it has a serious flaw: It is extremely time consuming compared to just playing one of the EXP +% maps (there's a really nice one in a few episodes, in fact). The quick way to be able to kill the map is to just destroy the Base Panel by throwing something too high level for you to handle into it, but this gets very expensive because you have to revive everyone. So be careful how you use this.

Oh, I recruited one of the Nekomatas because they're awesome for monsters. They have high attack, lots of counters, and nice specials. Very worth picking one up.

So, let's move on to the last map, and one of the best Disgaea scenes.

Map 4: Ice Queen

Episode 5 Boss Battle: Maderas

Hi there, little boy.
That's not all... Take this!
A ray of hope.
A pure heart.

Can you withstand an attack against both of your vulnerabilities?
Laharl, hang in there!
Whoa, hold it right there!

They call me the Dark Adonis...
Who are you!? What is your name!?
As I said, I am the Dark Adonis...
I don't care who you are! Interfere, and you shall regret it!
My! You are the one who asked moi for my name!
...In any case, I am not here to see you.
Now then, how is everyone doing? You seem to be having some difficulty...
What are you here for?
Oh, how can you be so discourteous to moi?
You seem to be working your way into quite a predicament. As your rival, I felt it was my obligation to warn you.
Warn me...!?

The tides have turned, Maderas!
E,Etna! What are you waiting for!? Kill Laharl!
If you refuse, I'll erase your memory for good!
Go ahead, why don't ya?
Two years ago... when the king died, I followed your orders and poisoned the Prince... that you would give me back my memories.
What!? You tried to poison me!? Then, that long nap was all because of...
Your ears are plugged, yet you still manage to hear that one line?
That's right... It was because of the poison...
But, I hated myself for working under Maderas.
I didn't wana go on living like that.
So, I devised a plan to escape from under his thumb.

How dare you turn against me! You double-crossing back-stabber!
Ahhh... The whining of a sore loser. It's music to my ears.
Dammit! Prinnies, make mincemeat out of her!!
Prinny Squad: ......
You don't get it, do you? I just told you that I've been waiting for this moment.
I bought out the Prinnies you hired to watch over me a loooong time ago. Comprende?
You're just a stupid fool who fell for my trap, and the Prince was my bait.
Hmph... Using me as bait... You're one ruthless girl.
Oh, Prince, don't flatter me so much. It's not like Flonne or Mid-Boss were part of the plan.
Hmmmm... Women are scary.
From this day on, you're gonna pee in your pants every time you hear my name. You ready?

And there's our boy Maderas. Honestly, this fight's not that hard. It's a lot like Mid-Boss last chapter with more powerful extra enemies to deal with. Maderas is a bit weaker than Mid-Boss was, really. The Lillims and Golem are dangerous, though (the Lillims know Mega Ice, as I'm sure you noted in the video, and the Golem has an annoyingly powerful attack as well).

What should I do? (NOTE: If you have a truly insane amount of ally kills, you get the option to Kill Maderas, which gives you a Bad Ending on the spot)
Forgive me, o Master Etna! Your strength, beauty, and intelligence are unsurpassed in all the Netherworld!
Well, killing a loser like you would only dirty my hands, so I'll forgive you.
...You know what I want, right?
I will return Master Laharl's candid photos immediately, as well as your memory! I'll return everything!

You tried to poison me in my sleep... You used me as bait for your revenge... What kind of vassal are you!?
B,But Laharl...
But, I don't mind that side of you.
A true demon is always full of ambition, and aims for the top.
As King, I'll need a right-hand demon like you under my command.
Listen up! I'm going to work you into the ground! You better be prepared for it!
Uh-uh. YOU better be prepared.
I'll be watching your every move. If you don't prove yourself worthy of the throne...
An accident may happen.
Hmph... You can take my place if that happens.
*giggle* Don't worry, I will.

I don't understand it, but I guess demons have their own way of expressing love.
*giggle* I'm really surprised.
I have never experienced anything like this before in Celestia...

And now for the Episode Preview!

Etna's Preview for Episode 6!

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