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Part 19: More zombies than the annual Raccoon City Brain Cookoff.

Chapter 15: More zombies than the annual Raccoon City Brain Cookoff.

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea I was really lazy and didn't actually give a substantive update (and because with five maps I didn't want to have to include that stuff in the last one). This time, we'll be killing zombies until our eyes bleed, and I've got the most boring boss video EVER.

Map 1: Scorching Wind

Why is he only polite to you?
It's all about the special training I gave him.
Oh, I get it! It's the power of love!
...Sure, whatever you say.

A zombie it is.
Hey, brat. Don't tell me this is one of your pets.
Yeah. You got a problem with that?
No. Actually, I like it. You've got good taste, kid.
A zombie for a pet, huh...
So... how do we catch it?
Why not do the same thing we always do?
I guess that would work. I mean, zombies are already dead anyway. Then, let the massacre begin!
Um, are you sure that's okay...?

Okay, first thing's first. All of the enemies in Salamander's Breath are weak against ice and resistant to fire. They're also all zombies.

With that out of the way, I present the best leveling map for quite some time:

This map is tailor-made for pounding zombies into paste and getting lots of exp. You'll be seeing it a lot for a while. I think I got Laharl up about 8 levels doing this map a few times, because you can Overlord's Wrath that plus-shaped zombie formation from the raised portion to the side of them and hit them all.

Oh, and this is as good a place as any to talk about one of the reasons casters are weak in Disgaea. See, some enemies will randomly generate with way higher RES than you'd expect them to have for whatever reason. This makes magic very inconsistent.

Map 2: Column of Fire

You sure are serious today, Etna.
I'm always serious.
Besides, the Prince needs to start acting more like his father.
You mean, King Krichevskoy?
Uh huh.
Back when I just started working in the castle...
I was teased and picked on everyday for being a commoner.
YOU were? That's hard to believe.
At the time, I was still very naïve. I was a scared little girl.
The only thing that helped me get through those days was my faithful pet.
But one day, I found him dead...
Those damn demons killed him.
How cruel...
With no way to get back at them, I just cried...
That was when the King reached out his hand to me...
When I told him what happened, he helped me bury my pet.
He must have been a kind man.
I don't know what kindness feels like, but he was a great man, and one that I respected.
That's why I pledged to him my deepest loyalty.
But, the Prince... he's still not fit to succeed King Krichevskoy as the Overlord.
So, that's why you want Laharl to become just like his father...?
*giggle* I see. You worry about Laharl after all.
That's love.

Ahaha... Just kidding.
Etna... You're starting to scare me...

So, this map has you up against a bunch of zombies on Enemy Boost panels. The best way to get to the symbol is to throw the back zombie into it with Laharl (or anyone else who can throw five panels). You can do this by just lifting up the zombies that are in the way then canceling the moves after Laharl is in position.

Map 3: Raging Earth

This is a reasonably tricky map. You start on panels with Silence and Damage 20%. There are green panels with No Lifting and No Entry in between you and the enemy. You have to tower throw to the No Entry symbol and kill it as soon as possible in order to get to the enemy and kill them.

Map 4: Crimson Plains

These zombies aren't challenging at all, they're just plain bothersome.
Well, they DO come back to life after you kill them.
Hey, brat.
Is it okay with you if we tear your pets to shreds so they won't bother us for a while?
Go ahead. I take them apart and put them back together again all the time.
I used to do that too, when I was a kid!
Ahh, those were the days.
Stop reminiscing about your childhood.
...Do all demon children play that way?
Don't worry. Just those two.

So, the Base Panel is surrounded by four red panels with +50% attack and defense, which are surrounded by green panels with -50% attack and defense. Just camp people out on the red panels and the zombies will come to you and die.

Oh, and you might have noticed Etna has an axe instead of a spear now. I decided that, since she's also good with axes, to see how that works out. It's actually going pretty well so far.

Map 5: Ember of Dreams

Episode 7 Boss and Drama

I'm getting sick and tired of this...
You better stay alert. Or else, you'll be sorry.
Check out that zombie.

The fists of a Dark Karate master... The legs of the fastest demon in the Netherworld...
The brain of Mahogany, a famous sorcerer... The iron body of Hercules...
And a horse wiener, all combined into one: the Netherworld's ultimate zombie!!
What'd you say!?
A horse wiener!? Now, THAT's dangerous! Guys, don't let your guard down!!

This guy has three unique pieces of equipment. You can either steal them (with Hands, as I show in the video) or throw him into the Base Panel and capture him. I stole them because that's all I thought of at the time. You don't need a terribly high level thief to pull it off, just time.

...What!? What's the problem now?
...Thank you, Your Highness.
H,Hmph...! Well, it IS part of my job as the Overlord...

I meant, become my vassal and serve me when you're old enough!
...Yes, Your Highness.
Speak to me with respect from now on, got it?
Yes, Your Highness!
Did you hear that, Etna?
That kid called me "Your Highness".
So? Do you accept me as Overlord now?
Well... you passed for the time being.
But, be careful not to flunk out.
Ugh...! Why you...!
*giggle* Talk about strict.
(Still, Laharl has changed quite a lot since the first time I met him.
He is maturing little by little as he meets new people.
And it feels like I have changed too... since meeting him and his companions.
If you open your heart, you will surely grow and learn many new things...
...whether you're an angel...
...or a demon...
If I can explain this to other angels, maybe they'll see that not all demons are evil...
And someday...)

So now all that's left is Etna's Episode Preview, with special guest stars the Prinny Squad!

Episode 8 Preview

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