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Part 21: Some things are just too sad...

Chapter 17: Some things are just too sad...

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea the Prinny Squad ran away. This time, we'll find out why.

I'm going to dispense with some of the vassal stuff I'd normally do before the maps, and I'll post Etna's room after because in my opinion it sort of ruins some stuff to do it before.

So, off to the Lunar Snowfield!

Map 1: Theatre of Death

No drama here, but there's a heck of a map. You need to tower throw to and kill an Enemy Boost x3 symbol on the first turn or you're basically humped. The Treants on this map are really, really annoying because of this stupid skill called Stomp-o-rama that takes too long to execute and does way too much damage. Still, if you deal with the Enemy Boost it's not that bad.

Map 2: Frigid Garden

Uhhh... Me?
Yeah, you.
You really don't know anything about the Prinnies?
You've been acting weird ever since this morning...
...I don't know anything. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell YOU!
Wh, What!?
Prince Laharl, I have a name, and it's Flonne.
It's not "Hey!" or "You!".
You have never called me by my name, not even once, since the first time we met!
S,So? What's it to you?
People's feelings are delicate. They can be hurt by just the slightest insult.
Laharl, you are too inconsiderate. You should approach people with more love.
The Prinnies ran away because you have no love!
What!? You stupid Love Freak!! Who do you think I------
There! That's the attitude I'm talking about!
You'll never become a respected Overlord with an attitude like that!
...Flonne, that doesn't seem to be the kind of advice an angel should be giving.
Ugh...! What do you even know about being an Overlord!?
Forget it! I'm not talking to you anymore!!

This map is trivially easy. There are a bunch of Treants that vary from level 1 to 32. There's only 3 32s, and they'll come one at a time to let you more easily butcher them.

Map 3: Freezing Souls

Why is Laharl so stubborn?
Huh!? You kiddin'?
He's always been like that.
I don't think that's entirely true.
Haven't you noticed? His emotions are slowly changing.
I thought that he'd finally awoken to the power of love...
Oh, hohoho... So, that's why you were angry.
That's a demon for ya.
You seem to have your hopes pretty high, but don't you think that asking for love from a demon is a bit ridiculous?
...You think so?

Yep... You see, his mother...
... the Queen, was an eccentric person.
She was always talking about love and kindness.
...That's not weird at all.
Well, I didn't hate her, but I guess she couldn't help it, being a human and all.
A human?
Yep. She was a witch who came here to study.
The King fell in love with her at first sight. And eventually, the Prince was born.
Hmmmm. Is that so?
She was always saying things like, "Demons can love, too".
Whenever the Prince did something bad, she would scold him, because she wanted to raise him to be a kind boy.
Maybe you remind him of his mother, Flonne.
If he was raised that way, why is he like this now...?

A long time ago, the Prince was infected with a rare disease that even the King couldn't cure...
There was only one way to save him...
Which was...?
The life of one who loved him...
That's right... The Queen took her own life, despite the King's efforts to stop her...
...It was at that point that the Prince started to hate love and kindness...
How sad...
So, unless his hatred fades, Laharl will have to live the rest of his life without love?
...That's just not fair!
...Maybe so.
But, I don't think that he's intentionally trying to hate love.
Hatred isn't something that just disappears that easily, is it?
Maybe you were a bit rough on him today.
Well, don't try to get me involved.

So, this map is reasonably tricky. You have to clear an Enemy Boost x3 and Attacks +1 from Yellow to be able to advance on the bow armed warriors and mages. There's a lot of enemies, so watch out for swarming.

Let's get this over with.

Map 4: Under the Moon

Under the Moon: Episode 8 Boss battle and drama

You know the legend, don't you? That inside the Prinnies are the souls of sinful humans...
Yes... And that they work in Celestia and the Netherworld to atone for those sins.
That's right...
The red moon purifies their sins so they can be reborn...
What a heartwrenching sight...
Etna! Stop them!
Prince, weren't you listening? The Prinnies are being reborn...
Shut up! I never gave them permission for that!
We'll drag 'em back here if we have to!

They're my vassals... for all eternity!!

????: ...Yes. It would be a lie to say I was not.
But, I shall leave it to the one who loves him most...

Easy map. Just kill some relatively strong Deaths and it's over. They have particularly bad AI, and can be easily baited with a weak character in the back.

That's right, dood. You shouldn't interfere with Death's work, dood.
It's here to guide the souls of the Prinnies to the red moon, dood.
If you truly value your vassals...
...If you have any love for them, then you should wish them good luck, dood.
Hmph... You sound just like that Love Freak...
...It's what's best for their sake?
That's right, dood.
...I see. Then, I'll let them go.
You understand, dood?
...Well, yeah.
Thank goodness...
Then, I can leave without worry.
What sin... What sin did you commit?

Taking your own life is a grave sin...
Why would you...?
...To save my son's life.
Because of my death, my son shut away his feelings...
But, he's changing ever so slowly.
It's all thanks to the wonderful people around him...
My work here is done... The rest is up to my son.
You're just going to leave!?
Not even a goodbye!? ...Despite how much you love him!?
...What cruel words you speak

He has suffered enough already... My silence is how I show my love.
...I'm sorry.
I tried to push my idea of love onto you without considering your reasons...
Without considering your feelings... I'm sorry...
Haha... Prince, you've met a wonderful person, dood.
Prince... Take care.
Flonne, Etna... Take care of him for me.
...Good bye.

Love... huh...
Let's return to the castle... Flonne.

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