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by Grey Hunter

Part 30: 1426-1443, This nation, it is a changing...

Firhun's “wound” heals. It leaves an impressive scar that apparently boosts his prestige. Ghanan's are weird.

There is also a feast held in the Emperor's honour.

The Abbasids attack the Abyssinians. So Firhun decides to make a move on Cairo. Even if this distraction only allows the Abyssinians to hold their ground, it will keep them weaker for later.

We see nothing of their armies, and quickly begin to take land.

When they finally arrive, Firhun leads his men out towards victory.

The rest of our troops arrive and we defeat the enemy armies before they can form up.

The Ghanan Empire quickly scores another victory.

There is a major civil war in the Abbasid kingdom. It does not last long, but it ends with the caliph being replaced.

We also learn where Firhun caught his disease – from his long standing (or lying down) mistress.

Umar is growing up well.

A small band of peasants revolt. The Imperial Army is sent in.

While he deals with them, Firhun begins to enact his fathers plan – he is moving to make the Empire much more centralized, and he begins by increasing the Crown Authority laws.

The Muslims try and retake their lost ground in Africa. A Jihad for Egypt is their only chance to turn us back now.

We advance into enemy territory to keep them occupied.

The Abbasid forces come in, and we move our forces to engage them.

Their numerical superiority hurts us, and we have to hope the sub-Saharan reinforcements move in.

They do and we are able to get their main force into a battle. Firhun learns much from this.

The Muslims are defeated, and they realize their holy war has failed.

We decide it is time to appease the Pretty borders faction.

We never even see a proper Abbasid army, and they are soon surrendering to us.

Time to celebrate to Ogoonu way!

The Abyssinian's are next up.

To show his superiority, Firhun only takes the Imperial Army to war. This is to show the other lords that a standing army is more efficient than levies of men.

We win quickly and Abyssinia shatters. They put themselves back together, but they are no longer a threat.

While we were doing that, apparently Fadazu, Firhun's brother has been expanding into Italy.

Firhun announces that in ten years he shall change the way the Empire is governed. A centralized government and standing army, and many other changes that shall bring the People of Ghana together. He also announces that Sicily will be broken off into its own country, with whatever land they have at that time.
He also asks a question of his lords.
“Why is it, that in six hundred years of gifted Ogoonu rule, we have never looked south?”

His lords look at each other, unable to answer the question. From that day forth he is known as Fihurn the Wise. Firhun the Wise celebrates.

Map makers are sent south, and soon a new age begins, the age of Ghana Universealis!