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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 41: 1620-1639, An ever expanding world view.

We must not focus on the main problem – destroying the Abbasids. Men flock to the banners, but we spend time rebuilding our manpower reserves and trying build star forts in the north. We cur the support for the army to 50% to save money – we have lost a lot of rich provinces!

Our colonies are doing well, one is exporting grain, the other excess people.

The Portuguese attack us again, they want Tangiers.

We plant men in the region and wait, then get to building some more troop transports. This time, I want to be able to take the war to them.

We catch one of their galley forces in the med, and with our larger ships present, we destroy them totally.

Then their galleons come in, and we cannot retreat in time.

They have a force in Libya, but we cannot get to them as the Abbasids hold the land in between.

Then they land a major army in the West, which we move to engage. Morale and numbers are on our side, but they have the better technology.

With their far superior general, they win easily.

We try again, this time, they have no general.

Its a long battle, which costs us thousands of men, but we defeat their main army.

We destroy this army, then march south to do the same to another that has penetrated into the deep south – the first enemy soldiers to do so in centuries!

We then send a force of Mercenaries across to try and take Gibraltar. They are destroyed quickly, but they do make the Portuguese send some more men across to our lands.

We attack, but that blasted General is back!


With our manpower reserves gone, we take the quick peace and some ducats. We have won another war. But this has hurt our ability to kill the Abbasids.

We improve our administration.

Then focus on the administration.

We build a number of star forts in the north west, this is obviously where Portugal wants land, so we need to defend it better.

The people are prospering however, and things in the cities are good.

We continue to try and rebuild the army and improve their arms and tactics.

We complete another colony and start on the last land available to us.

We then tech up, making us more advanced militarily than the Abbaids.

We upgrade our infantry to Soldaty. These men should be able to do more damage to the Muslim hordes – or the Christian ones at that!

Some of our colonists want some self rule, we let them go, they are in the centre of Ghana, how long can this autonomous rule last?

In the old capital of the Empire we begin to build a University, this should allow us to maintain our lead in technology.

We then see our merchants improve their skills.

Our maps are being updated – the Europeans have explored much of the world, and this is starting to filter down to us.
We now know how large our continent is, and that we share it with the Norwegians!

In the southern Americas, Brazil, Portugal and Brittany are the main forces.

Norway has colonies in North America, as do Brittany and Lancaster, there is also another Portucal splinter, the Kingdom of Carabias.

We get a better deal with the numerous mercenaries we hire.

Pindinga is colonised.

We sign a crossing treaty with the Kongo. This allows us to set up a new colony next to the Norwegians – this is to try and hem them in. Troops are sent south to deal with the natives.

Our manpower is above zero and our armies are rebuilt. Time to begin the plans for war.

Damn you Portugal! Can't you see you're just messing with me!

They land troops, but we have the better general and more men. Our higher morale should help as well.

They land ten thousand more troops, and the battle turns their way.

Our response, lets learn to build cathedrals!

We do however, recruit a rather good general.

We hit them hard again with the rest of our forces.

This time, we have victory!

They form a massive army, and we are forced to attack them with every man we have in the north.

In a brutal battle, we defeat them, and once more the war swings Ghana's way.

How will the war go? You will have to wait and see I'm afraid. For now, look at Ghana and smile.