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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 44: 1680-1699, Westernization

We finish another colony, but the Norwegians have not given up on their colonial ambitions in Africa.

Of course, The Abbasids decide to try their luck!

We take the defensive and smash the first Muslim force to come our way.

This is an early lead, but they flood men in, and the war soon turns against us.

Some fool thinks he can spread the bible to good Sahaliens!

Even with a 4/4/4 general and defensive terrain, we are not able to stop the Abbasids!

The peace treaty strips us of most of our recent conquests.

Enough is enough, we begin the process of Westernisation.

It is time to replace those dried snakes with ones made of gold and other metals, it is time to stop doing exactly as our ancestors did – that has caused the Muslims to push back our advances. Ghana must be the greatest nation in the world, even if the people are not ready for this.

We have people who fight back against the idea of wearing modern cloths and investing in technology, but we do our best to stop them being a destabilizing influence.

Thousands rise up to protect the old ways. The ones who survive will thank us in the long run.

We also let the money grabbers know they will be less important in this new Ghana.

Years pass as we put down brushfire revolts, but our stability never really drops. We welcome another piece of land into the Empire.

The time of turmoil is over! We have finally changed Ghana once more into a forward looking nation! I sign Alliances with France and Gascoigne, to further strengthen our position.

We have enough resources left for some technological advances as well!

This is quickly followed by the invention of killing ground – and better cannon to use them.

The Abbasids are coming back. Lets see how they do against our improved army. Although weight of numbers is on their side still, but we have allies as well this time.

They mass their forces and strike at our capital.

Their hordes cover the land once more.

Someone suggests we should give limes to our sailors. Many reply - “What Sailors?”

The improvements in rule are much more interesting.

Our men on the field are constantly routed however. (before anyone says, this is the remains of two armies, hence the large number of cavalry.)

We are forced to sign another humiliating peace treaty. Next time we shall have victory!

Now with France at our sides however, the cowards!

We think that line infantry is the way ahead.

We see the banks buy back earlier investment, we can sure use 334 ducats around now!

We also form an alliance with Kilwa. While we plan on absorbing them at some point, for now, we will use this alliance to keep the Abyssinian's at bay.

We switch back to rebuilding the army. This will take some time – we also start our umpteenth attempt a building a fleet – this time of two deckers.

But that is by the by, it is time to have a look at the world! For the last few years we have been getting constant news of the new discoveries across the globe.
Starting in Europe, we see things have changed little in the west, although France is getting attacked again.

Central Europe and Scandiva are all in the hands of a few massive powers.

The Golden Horde continues to hold its position in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, our age old enemies are massive as well, we know from captured troops they have land above the newly discovered (to us) sub-continent of India.

We have also learned of the Far East, where Brunei is the major power. Although Aragon has tendrils out here as well.

We have also learned of the existence of Ming and Japan.

A new continent called “Australia” has also been discovered, it is a desolate wasteland which is covered in poisonous snakes. We need to learn more.

In North America, we see the remains of Norway and a number of large colonial nations – Floride and Occitain Mexico are Portuguese, New Brittany is self explanatory, Holland is a Danish vassal and Lancaster has the bridge between north and south.

The south has Brazil still a major power, but Brittany's other major colonies hold the most land.

Ghana, now a modern nation, stands as she always has. We just need time to rebuild the army before we can push forwards. Will we get the time is the question!