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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 45: 1700-1719, Foreign wars and alliances.

We manage to sign an alliance with the Golden Horde. This will give us a chance of breaking the Abbasids next time they attack.
The Abbasids can call on 176,000 men. The Horde can call on 207,000 and we have 77,000 and growing. Tech level wise, the Abbasids are 24, we are 22, and the horde is 23.

We then begin to clear more land for crops.

We are called into a war against Abyssinia. This is why we signed an alliance with Kilwa. I'm not going to send a large number of line troops, I plan on fighting this war with mercenaries. We know they are using us to gain more land, but maybe we can get some for ourselves and weaken one of our enemies.

Heavy frigates are now within our means.

This is quickly followed by improvements to cartridges.

We mass a large force with what troops I had in the south and mercs, then march on the Abyssinians. They retreat as we move on them, and we stop to retake the land they conqured before moving north.

This turns into a long, boring, but overall safe war. When the enemy do face us on the field of battle we annihilate them.

Kilwa wins the war. We disband the Mercenaries and march home, one of our rivals weakened.

Then, just as we are getting to a point when we can use it, the Horde break their alliance with us. We offer a new one, and they agree. Fickle people these hordes men.

We are called into a war against Aragon.

We land troops in Aragon. Meanwhile, we continue to improve our technology.

We then march on the Aragonise army and pay back all the times they have invaded our country!

We make another breakthrough in technology, and our tactics improve.

We can also get some more ideas.

Aragon loses some land. We bring our troops back, more experianced and ready for a proper war.

We are waiting for our manpower to recover. Once that is done we shall go to war with the Abbasids. Until then, we are stockpiling money and getting more people to form mercenary regiments.

We also improve our military tech once more. I have a good feeling about this war -as long as our allied the Golden Horde join in.

We have an Emperor! For the first time in many a generation. Maybe this man is the one to lead Ghana out of her stagnation!

Another colony finishes. We now have colonised all of Africa we can reach. Men are now being sent to Madagascar, but I doubt that they will last long without support.

Naval technology improves.

We also have a fleet. Fifteen two deck ships are ready to destroy our enemies- they even won a small victory in the last war!

We have now reached maximum manpower. I will wait a few more years to raise more troops, then we shall release the full power of the Snake in the Well upon our enemies. They are now only one level of tech above us, and with the Golden Horde behind us, we shall soon see ourselves stronger than ever.

Ghana shall rise once more.