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by Grey Hunter

Part 46: 1720-1739, The eternal foes.

Ovimbundu is now self sufficent, we send our colonist to grab more of Madagascar.

Oh yes, I think I forgot to mention that Kilwa have brought us into another expansionist war. Its all going well. Meanwhile, we get a huge pile of money from the Monopolies company. I begin to hire mercenaries with this to boost our army.

I decide to take Mogadishu. This angers Kilwa, but we can take Abyssina on our own with this army, so we don't need them.

The time has come to hit the Abbasids. The Golden Horde will join us, and Uzbek has but 40,000 men. So this war should go our way.

Things do not start well however as the Abbasids land a huge army to defend Al-Djazir!

We begin to form an army to defeat them, but it will take time, and we spend that time improving irrigation.

Of course, the people decide that this is the time to launch a massive offensive against the Ogoonu elite! Damn their cowardly hides!

We attack in Laghwat, but despite a crushing advantage in men, the Abbasids win the battle – although both side's morale hits bottom at the same time.

The Golden Horde are doing better thankfully.

We focus on taking our war target and forming up a massive army – we also improve our technology.

Knowing they cannot beat the Horde, the Abbasids come after us, we begin the lose the battle and I quickly sign a peace treaty to make some gains for both us and our ally.

The revolt has left us at stability -3, and I must look to our own house. The main problem is the damage this revolt is doing to our income, we are 900 ducats in debt, half of which is paid off by the Abbasid's war payment.

With the war over, we finally begin to turn the nation around.

We also start a mass program of cultural reforms. Mainly amongst the Algerian peoples.

When your trying to rebuild a revolting country, the worst thing that can happen is a change of ruler. So guess what we get! We are also 50,000 men in the hole for our armies and 120,000 away from full manpower.

The cultural reforms are going well though!

The Natives of Madagascar are killing all of our colonists. We finish up clearing out the last of the rebels and sent 8,000 of our best men to wipe them out.

The cleanup cannot come quickly enough.

We finally replace all the losses from the Army. I have spent some time building armories across the nation to improve our manpower.

Our technology increases once more.

Its a hard choice, but I decide to go for the Redcoat infantry pattern for our men. While not as good on the offensive as some, if we can make the enemy attack us, we can break them – and the Abbasids do so love to attack!

Its time to test them out – the Abbysinians only have 18,000 men, so this should be an easy war.

They lose their first battle quit badly.

This is the pattern of the war, they retreat, we take a province or two, they reform the army and get defeated once more.

I take the three provinces I fabricated claims on and set to making them cores.

Ghana is expanding once more, the Abyssinians will be absorbed over the next few years, and hopefully we can begin to break the Abbasids down in small gulps like that last war.

Ghana shall prevail.