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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 53: 1840-1844 - Freeing the Slaves.

The Well-wishers continue their constant feasting, spreading their ideology to more and more people every day,

Ghana is now considered the second most powerful nation in the world, but all her major rivals are up here with her.

All is not perfect however, as although the liberals seem mostly to want to change Ghana in peaceful ways, there are tens of thousands of Reactionaries readying themselves to counter their movement.

The research into medicine continues to pay off, and the liberals continue to push their demands. The medical advances soon see the Empire growing by over ten thousand souls a month.

Another factory is under construction – a fertilizer one. We do wonder why these new capatalists are building factories that do not make use of our natural resources, but we cannot question what they do with their own money to much.

Darfur is now a colony, and we are closer to linking east and west Ghana.

With nowhere left in Africa we can colonise at this time, so we begin to send people to expand out Australian holdings.

Those in power can see how things are going, an are no longer opposing the Well-Wishers.

The uppper house is re-arranged, and now a large portion of the government is willing to make consessions to the now massive vocal part of the population.

The first thing is the call for public meetings. While this will only allow the spread of liberalism, the government has been unable to stop that, and realises that the only way to stop a revolt is to allow people to meet.

We find more dimonds, this time in the new colony of Mosega.

We then expand Ghanan Australia – although it should be said that this huge area of land currently only has less than ten thousand aborigonies in it.

Although the discovery of Gold will quickly change that, I'm sure. Wiluna is also quickly confirmed to have gold, and a new rush begins.

We see the two new factories open up, but they both struggle, due to having to import their raw materials.

We finish our work on new steam engines – who would have thought a thousand years ago that hot water could get us more gold! We are told that we could use this power to move large amounts of goods and men, and commision the state sceintists to work on a "train."

The Well-wishers demand more and more of the Government, some areas get more violent, but the government continues its policy of appeasement to try and hold of mass slaughter and revolution – we are seeing many of these events every month now. The banquits are over, and people are taking their greavences from the dining halls and onto the streets.

In an effort to provide more work for the people, a canned goods factory is ordered in Tunis – while this is a large investment, the furniture factory in Tunis is now nearly at its 10,000 man employment maximum, and the Goverment wants to be seen to be doing all it can for the lesser man.

The wave of Liberalism seems to be cresting, as more and more men of the snake take to the streets to calm the people.

This does not stop a major swing in the upper house. There are now many topics that have 49% of the house's support – another swing like this and the political face of Ghana could really begin to change.

The grand allainces continue to hold, stopping any major war in Europe. Portugal continues her forign expansion.

The government arranges a tax cut for the poor, and then boosts educational spending.

A Berber man begins to talk of breaking from Ghana. He is captured and exacuted for his insanity. We also make the breakthrough that will allow us to construct railroads.

There is to much change in the world, a leading scholar says, and he follows by pleading people to slow down their desire to alter their everyday life.

The government however feels the need to appease the people more, and makes a move to free the 46,300 slaves in Ghana. They are now to few in number amounst the 56 million free Ghanans to have any effect on the output, but their degridation is the most important issue on the minds of millions across the country – it is long time that they are free!

Our eternal enemies, and allies of our allies, the Abbasids decide that they are moving forwards in the world as well, and shall from this day be called Arabia.

In the Americas, Norway moves on one of the smaller native american powers.

We are best keeping away from this mess of a continent.

Another swing in the upper house gives the Well-wishers more power.

To celibrate this, the powerful backers begin their own newspaper, the Herald, challanging the Grognard owned News of the World.

Capatalists also begin to construct the nations first railways.

There are rumblings of crisis in Europe. Scandinavia belives that Romania should be a free country, Gascogne disagrees.

Our own government is more worried about the horrible conditions more and more of our people are forced to live in, and a Parlimentary enquiry is held.

Lancaster and France pick sides in the crisis. Ghana stays out of it, but pressure will mount to bring them in on one side or the other.

Our thinkers come up with Malthusian thought, which will help our education and colonial progress. We now turn our eyes to improving our weapons, in case war comes and we are dragged into it.

In the end, we have to back our allies the Scandinavians in the crisis, this puts the top two powers in the world against the third, fith and sixth.

Talks fail, and it looks like a major war is about to begin. 25 new regiments of infantry are ordered. If needs be, 85 regiments of civillians can be mobalised. For now, we have to try and convince the Arabians to let us through once again, we have a huge army with no way of moving it to the licence.

Of course, war should not stop science.

More gold is descovered in Australia. People rejoce.

We cannot get into the war, but it seems that the collaiton is not able to stand against Scandinavia. Our problem is that to reach the fighting we would have to either go through Arabia or Portugal. Both of which are not activally in the war, but are allied to someone who is, and is blocking out exit from Africa.

To my amazement, the Capatalists build a lumber farm in Outer Hausaland. This acutally uses something we produce in country! I order a focus towards craftsmen here, to boost the amount of population who will work in this factory – currently, only 200 people do.

There is a naval disaster, trying to move our fleet somewhere is could be used to move troops alloes the Romans to catch and destroy it.

At least it looks like we are not needed.

For those interested, here is the national comparison screen.

As the year ends, we see Lancaster pip us to the second place with thier increased industrilization process. We need to build more factories and the like! We also nned to decide if we will risk war with Scandinavia over taking back lands from Arabia. At this time, we cannot go to war with Norway, nor can we justify such a war. Arabia would be our best chance at expansion, but we would need to be sure which side Scandinavia would come down on.