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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 55: 1850-1854 - All the world against Ghana.

Another crisis occurs – France wants to split Poland from Yugoslavia. With Rome in the mix, this comes to nothing.

The Capatalists go factory mad – another canning facotry, an ammunition factory and a luxury cloths factory are all ordered.

We also hear a rapid call for the free press – and that the Jacobin rebels are massing militas!

To keep the Jacobites in check, the press is freed from its shackles.

The freedom to print is soon used, as a paper on free markets is quickly published.

This is quickly followed by a story on the plight of the young people in the coal mines.

The uppper house is now made up of a majoritory of Well-Wishers.

The railroads are going well, although our cartographers insist on using the same colour for railways as they do for unclaimed land.

A muzzle loaded rifle is invented. This will increase the speed our men can reload their more accurate weapons.

We follow this with Idealism, which will help us research all the quicker.

Then we get the news we have been waiting for – Arabia has broken its allaince with Scadinavia! This means we can finally move along the path of kicking them out of Africa – a dream that has been ours for centuries!

The Well-wishers continue to agitate, people are getting more and more militant in their ideas.

Arabia does not wait for us to declair war. For once the papers are right – they are coming right at us! Scandinavia decides to not get involved in this age old war.

Thankfully, we have long prepared for this day, and have forces massed to advance.

France however does join on the Arabian side. Rome soon follows.

The hard choice is made. We shall mobilize the population!

The first battle is fought to the south.

We win, and the Arabians take heavy losses.

I also lean I was wrong – Rome and France are not fighting to help Arabia, they are fighting to stop us expanding!

Our Mobilization efforts teach us much about the process.

We take some land, but the Arabians bring Kiev into the war, and their more modern army turns the tide somewhat – both sides are still massing however, and Ghanan troops have a long way to travel.

Gascogne also decides we must be contained.

The preperations for the next election begin.

Some of the population call for peace, but they are shouted down by the Majority.

The Egyptian campaign is not going well, and Roman troops are about to enter the war. We do have clean coal now though, and are working on improving our artillery.

At least in the south things are going our way a little.

The Well-Wishers win the Election.

Portugal declares war on us as well. It is time to end these wars, as Ghana cannot hope to win them all!

This is not going to be easy though – reperations will be harsh. And we have five of these to do!

At least the Liberal rebels are going home now that the Well-wishers are in power.

As the world states that Ghana is no longer allowed any armies, and her prestige is in ruins, it looks like she is about to lose her status as a great power.

The Well-Wishers, not thinking what their polcies would do, enact a maximum tax on people – this all but destroys Ghana's economy overnight, the Education, Admisitration and Miltary budgets are slashed to the bone. Even this is relying on Ghana £85,000 bank account! We demobalise our remaining forces to try and repair the economy.

Things go from bad to worse – the Lancastrians seem to want to kick us while we're down, and the Jacobites rise up in rebellion.

The Sosso heartlands are the home of this great rebellion.

They begin to occupy lands and even pitiful little Aragon is getting in on the act!

Why would these people not fight FOR Ghana? Do they really hate their Emperor that much?

When we are allowed to have artillery again, it will be better artillery.

Will an Empire that has lasted nearly a thousand years collapse in a single year?

The breakdown of civil order allows disease to run rampant.

At least Ghana is not the only one that is undergoing a rebellion. We can do nothing but watch the rebels advance. Soon there are only a few places in the country that have not seen them advance.

With no ability to raise an army, the Jacobites are soon in control of the whole country. They enact their reforms, and a new, democratic government arises.

They do not inherit a stable country, as over two million people have died in the last few years (the highest population was 60.82 million) – over a million of them to the Flu, which is still ravaging the countryside, although by the end of the year the worst of this has died down.

Ghana is battered, without and army and at war with powers trying keep her down, and her economy is in ruins, but she has lost no lands. The time to rebuild has come.

I'm one of those people who likes to reserve swearing for times when it has proper effect. So let me just say this -

Fuck me. That was a perfect, brutal shit-storm of a session. There was no way I could win any of those wars with the forces I had. At least its not another boaring march of progress update!