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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 56: 1855-1859 - An enforced peace and the beginning of a new Ghana.

Norway decides that this is a perfect time to reclaim their lost colonies. Novogrod, who have just signed an alliance with us, come to our aid with actual soldiers. Unfortunately Portugal come to their aid.

This is followed by a tech to improve our prestige.

Portuguese troops begin to attack in the north.

The romantic ideas begin to filter through.

We have to remind ourselves it could be worse.

There is very little we can do at this point but watch Portugal expand across our lands and research technology.

The Capitalists are going crazy with their factory expansions. Shame we do not have the workforce to man them all!

At least an election will give the people something to do!

The people remain strong in their belief in the snake in the well.

The United Kingdom (Which is neither united, nor much of a Kingdom) goes bankrupt, owing our banks much money.

The results of the election are in, and while the Well-wishers are still in power, the political stage is getting more and more crowded. The re-elected government the announce the printing of paper money.

Portugal occupies a huge part of our nation now, but there is still nothing we can do about it.

We are soon forced to give in to their demands – at least our tax system is getting better!

This brings shame to our nation, but soon after this, the news comes that we can now begin to rebuild our armies.

Of course, we then get hit by a flu pandemic once more. Current population 59.85 million.

We are able to balance the books however.

The first regiment of the New Ghanan Army is completed. We are now the 20th greatest country in the world.

The only war we have left is against Aragon. They have 10,000 men in Australia, but we ready ourselves to take the war to them. Let us get some revenge. After a few weeks we already outnumber them - and more and more troops and warships are coming online every day.

A small rebellion of Anarcho-librals rise up.

Meanwhile, their more law-abiding brethren gain ground in the upper house. We also learn how to catch tax dodgers more easily.

We form an army to destroy the rebels, but have to wait for them to get organized. Aragon sees this rapid rearmament, and begins to send panicked calls for peace. They are ignored.

I remember that I need to increase the army stocks before the troops will replenish. While I do so, some more rebels join the enemy. We also cross the line to a secondary power.

I take a risk with a slightly disorganized army and smash the rebels.

We finally raise Portugal's opinion of us to the point that they will let our men march across their lands to Aragon. The Aragonise Ambassador is handed a simple note reading "The Snake in the Well is coming for you."

We find the Aragonise army. Its is less than impressive.

As the Christians celebrate Christmas, Ghana throws a massive military parade to show the world that she is reclaiming her position.

As the year ends, Ghana is now the 11th most powerful nation in the world, Rome is the eight, and has only a little lead on us.

The Romans are at war with Yugoslavia and Brittany and her colonies, meanwhile, Scandinavia has been forced to break off part of its lands to form Bohemia.