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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 70: 1925-1929 - The Norwegian expulsion.

The alliances fall into place.

Then another 1.14 million communists rise up!

We are in the middle of killing these buggers when 600,000 Liberals rise up as well!

The mass butchering on rebels continues apace.

The cleanup process goes well, and another election starts. We also see another breakthrough that helps out troops.

Despite the constant rebellions, this is known as a golden age. Ghana is close to completing its goals, and the elite in Tunis see the city as vibrant as it has ever been.

Killing or arresting nearly two million rebels allows us to bring more and better tactics and weapons to the field.

The rebels are all but destroyed when Scandinavia declares that Rome should release Italy – in other words, Rome should give up Rome! We back them and a Great War erupts. Then immediately ends as a white peace is declared. Both sides step back from the brink of war.

We create three more states. There are only a few areas now considered colonies in Africa.

We are also surprised to see the Conservatives win an election for the first time in over seventy five years!

A recession hits, and we see things get more expensive across the nation.

We being to mass troops, and improve our railroads once more. This completes the industrial research tree.

Arabia is without Allies after the war, and we begin to press our claim on her lands.

The Arabians detect our attempts, but to late, this keeps us under the infamy limit the world has imposed on us.

We improve our tax network once more.

We get our cause for war.

And War begins.

Only some of our allies join us.

We advance into their lands, sweeping their armies before us.

We then hit a problem, our people are not jingoistic enough! We cannot kill the Arabs quickly enough to maintain the momentum of war. We take their peace treaty, so we have another chance at attacking them. Rome acquires Georgia, reclaiming land lost for centuries.

Norway detects our claim to war. We are now over our infamy limit and ready to be attacked by everyone.

Norway is next to feel our ire!

Their allies land troops on Madagascar, but our army there is more than capable of destroying them.

The navy then arrives to help mop up.

The march of technology continues.

The next few months see Ghana holding the land, and the war score begins to tick up, it is only a matter of time before they concede defeat.