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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 71: 1930-2099 - The Arabian War and interlude.

Norway quickly surrender – they cannot ship enough troops across to defeat us.

Another state is created.

We improve our factories once more, and look at the Relick Grese in the south.

The Socialists get back into power, in a middle of another of those annoying Communist uprisings.

We quickly mop them up and improve our navy some more.

It takes them some time, but the containment war finally begins. Scandinavia has tried to keep us down for centuries, but this time we shall not be broken.

Scandinavian tactics are so predictable. They once again try and land troops on Madagascar. Our fleet is waiting and the first few troop transports are obliterated.

We continue to improve the navy, which is becoming more and more important in our plans.

We have ANOTHER Communist uprising, and begin to fabricate a claim for war on Arabia.

We are detected, but that does not matter now. We also finish off the rebels – having to kill off a million or so of your population every few years is fantastic population control.

Scandinavia realises that they cannot defeat us, and offers a white peace. This means they are no longer a threat for the rest of the period!

We celebrate with two new states.

Our forces are in place, the final war for Africa begins!

The first steps are as they have ever been.

The new move is the immediate invasion of Portugal. This becomes a bloody stalemate quickly.

Kiev arrives and drives into our territory, but we break their armies.

We are having the same problem of low Jingoism, and the war turns against us in Portugal. I am forced to give the mobilization order.

This is a non trivial number of men to arm. 446 Brigades is over 1.3 million men. While they ready themselves, the fleet is ordered to the straight to prevent a crossing there.

The forces of Kiev are shattered by our own armies.

We are in the same annoying position. We cannot get the people to expand the war, even though we are killing the enemy in their thousands.

The situation in Portugal has become one of trench warfare, with neither side able to break the other. We even have 17,000 tanks here! Once again my dreams are crushed by fighting in Iberia!!!!!

Let it not be said we're not hurting them in other places though!

And so ends the period.

Ghana has become the third greatest power in the world.

All but unified, only a quirk of the game prevents our victory. But the war continues.

The stalemate continues. The death toll increases as both sides feed men into the war effort. Ghanan scientists begin to look for a way to break the stalemate.

After being the source of huge amounts of money, the first prototype nuclear weapon is ready. It is deployed in the southern Iberian mountains. Our own troops see the flashes as the heart of the enemy trenches are annihilated in a blinding flash. Our troops pour forwards and the war is brought to a quick end.
Arabia is forced to concede all lands in Africa along with Mecca. They are reduced to a mere puppet of Ghana, Portugal is spared the same fate by Scandinavian politicking.

Scandinavia announces that it to has developed atomic weapons, and is deploying them across Europe. Ghanan IBCM's are already under construction, and the cold war begins.

Both sides begin to eye each other up, the two wealthy superblocks look to the Americas for support, South America is slowly gobbled up by Peru, while Portuguese and Norwegian nations control the north. Ghana resigns its alliance with Peru and helps her with proxy soldiers and materials of war.

Proxy wars begin in Asia as both sides scramble to find a weak point on their enemies fronts. While neither Ghana nor Scandinavia acknowledges that this is open warfare, most Asian countries have either African or European troops stationed in them.

DNG-SX, a previously unknown disease breaks out across the world. Originally it is thought to be a STD brought back by troops rotating out of combat assignments, but it soon mutates to become a contact transmissible disease. The disease is virulent and deadly.

The proxy wars fade out as Governments begin to focus on dealing with the epidemic that is spreading. Thousands, then millions die as the disease spreads. The only people who seem to have any form of immunity are Ogoonu descendants. The large proportion of Ogoonu genes in Africa means that Ghana is better off than her European neighbours, although Southern Iberia and Southern Italy both have enough background inheritance to lessen the effect.

The Epidemic peaks, and national governments crumble. Many say that the disease is a bio-weapon created by Ghanan scientists, but these claims are denied. Ghana begins to send troops into collapsing nations to “ensure peace.” These troops never leave their stations.

Scandinavia declares war on Ghana in one last chance to contain her. There is no trading of Nuclear weapons, and the much reduced European forces are quickly overwhelmed. People finally have to acknowledge Ghana as the most powerful nation in the world.

Ghana slowly begins to assert herself as the government, Peru and another friendly nations are quickly given power in the world government, and even Scandinavia is allowed a voice. After a long period of disease and death, the world is ready for peace.

Scientists begin to make some odd discoveries. It has long been known that some histories do no match up with facts on the ground – things like the pyramids having been constructed to align with stars that are not there, and there are mention of places like Troy or Atlantis which have never been found. But this becomes something more.

The population begins to rebuild. It is now thought that over half the population is descended from Dongu Ogoonu, and that figure is growing. Africa is the headquarters of a most benign government, although rebels are still a major problem – tens of thousands rise each year across the globe to be broken by the government.

Scientist announce something that no one once ever have suspected. The planet is not Earth. The solar system does not match up, nor does carbon dating on the historical artefacts.
Then the colony ship is discovered in the Siberian wastes.. Overnight the truth becomes clear – the planet was terraformed to match earth, a fake history was laid down and the people spread across the world.

It seems that in the distant past – around two thousand years ago, Humanity was under attack from an unknown force. The colonist decided that to escape this force they needed to abandon technology and return to a simpler life. They decided to hide as low technology peasants rather than fight their war.

This announcement brings new ideas to the people – faster than light travel is possible, there are other worlds out there, many of which can be inhabited.

A vote is held. This world is not Earth, so should not be called that, by popular demand, it is renamed Ghana, and people begin to work on returning to the stars in earnest.

It is time to explore Distant Worlds.

Okay. Sorry for the slightly disappointing Vicky ending, but the game was not going to give me what I wanted, so I had to fudge it a bit. The “not earth” storyline is there to link up with Distant Worlds – for a pre-FTL empire, the Sol system is just a little unbalanced, so I needed a way to link this to the fact that the solar system will be different and there may well be other humans on other worlds.

You can skip that if you want, its just bridging narrative. Next up, TO SPACE!