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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 74: 2110-2114 - A brave new Galaxy.

The Guardians are setting the pirates against each other, We keep this information to ourselves, as anything that hurts the pirates is a good thing.

We take one step closer to colonisation – we can now build colony ships, but it will be some time until we can figure out how to keep our people comfortable on marshy worlds.

We counterbalance this good news with the news that there are even MORE pirates insystem.

Our spies tap into the Guardian's communications, and learn of a debris field that is apparently full of old ships.

Shame it is not reachable by us, being nearly two sectors away!

You know times are hard when Ghana is short of Gold.

Another election is held, and this time I fear our people have made a terrible mistake.

We make a breakthrough in enhanced armour and Indo is getting better at managing these large projects.

Yet another pirate group is detected. It seems that the galaxy has a major infection of these scum.

Their ship makes a pass at Ghana, but the Wellspring-3's guns show her off.

We see two breakthroughs, one of which is the much needed Hyperdrive!

We immediately design a new explorer – the Oculus class, and order three of them.

This is quickly followed by the ability to colonise marshy worlds- Sol-1 is now in our reach.

We design a new colony ship, and order one built.

A historic date. Ghana's first warp capable ship makes the jump to light speed. It reports strange things on its sensors around Sol 4.

Although only a short hop, she will be the first humans to leave the Sol system in several thousand years.

The jump takes little over a month, but there is a slight disappointment as the ship arrives in the Janudral Mezar system to find it has a solitary frozen gas giant.

The next exploration ship, the Sol ruse is sent to Sol 4, and it makes the jump in a day, rather than the six months it would have taken previously.

We make a breakthrough that will allow larger ships.

Meanwhile, the Kurdasse system is explored, it has three gas giants and a volcanic world that is right next to the star.

We improve our guns once more.

We design a new ship, a destroyer class, as large as we can build her, and ready to deal death to pirates.

We improve our resource collection and manoeuvring abilities.

We also improve the army.

The scouts find a world worth looking at – It has a huge number of worlds, gas giants and moons – only a small oceanic moon is of interest colonisation wise however.

The exploration of the galaxy is going well.

Some form of giant space beast attacks one of our deep space mining colonies. It is quickly destroyed.

We decide it is time to get proactive, we gain a new intelligence agent, and send him and Kevian out on spying missions.

Our new colony ship is completed and begins to move towards Sol-2.

Meanwhile our scouts find an alien ship! This is a colony ship full of a race called Visareens. Millions of them have been packed onto this ship and stored in cryogenic stasis for centuries, if not millennia, the ones we revive are more than happy to join the empire.

Scientists report that we can now build boarding pods, to try and capture enemy ships.

Sol 2 is colonized and renamed Ogoonu Prime. It has good supplies of polymers, Chromium and two luxury foodstuffs – Ekarus Meat and Megallos Nuts will soon be on the dinner tables of millions of Ghanans.

Ghana is now an empire of two worlds.

We have not yet found another habitable world, but exploration of space is going at a good pace. Three more exploration ships are ordered to expand the search area.