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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 77: 2125-2129 - Ever more pirates.

The people cry out to know more about these aliens, Ambassador Dongu is sent out to the Enton Dominion to further cement our good relations.

A cautious people, they are intelligent and good scientists, their aim seems to be exploration and research.

Here are the other races, First up, the Aquatic Akdarians, who want to control as many of the watery planets as they can.

The Atuuks do not seem to be very intelligent, and seem to only want to have a happy life in large colonies – why they are following something called the “Way of Darkness” may forever be a mystery.

The Ikkuro are known to be an aggressive race, who are aiming to secure their place in the galaxy through pacts and trade.

The Jintus are a mercantile race, but they seem to favour war and mutual defence pacts.

The Ketaroves are swamp dwelling creatures that excel in spymastery, they seem to plan on knowing everything.

Next up are the Kiadians, a race with a scientific bent, and a strong sense of honour.

The Naxxilians insist on using this picture it seems – oddly for a reptilian race, they seem to prefer ice worlds, and having a good time.

The Visareen just seem to want to hunker down in their marshy worlds.

Finally, we have the Wekkarus, a species seemingly designed to give us nightmares, who seem intent on an isolationist outlook.

We return to expanding our empire, and learn that the Ancient Guardians have been paying pirates to attack the Grand Atuuk Territory. We keep this information to ourselves, staying out of other peoples conflicts until we have dealt with our own.

We have discovered a few indipendant worlds in the galaxy, and over one of them – a Wekkarus world called Rotan 3 – one of our Cobra II ships engages three pirate vessels – destroying one and driving two more off!

Then the Menacing Council jumps in a huge fleet and we are forced to flee.

The fleet over Delta Serpentis engages a pirate ship, it is heavy damaged and when it jump out, it only makes a small distance before its hyperdrive fails. We send the fleet to capture it.

Another Bandit ship attempts to save it, but we engage that as well.

Meanwhile, the weapons platform finally comes online and blasts an unsuspecting Bandit ship from our skies.

The Haunted Marauder fleet jumps back in over Ogoonu Prime – this time, we have two fleets waiting for them.

With 9 pirate ships and 13 Ghanan ships, this is the largest space battle we have ever seen.

It costs us three ships, but we drive them off, and we destroyed at least five of their ships.

The action brings a new star to the front, an Admiral is promoted to lead the Pirate Destruction force.

The Unrantu Colonies offer to swap territory maps, and we agree.

We then trade some non military technologies for ones that can be used to kill pirates.

We can see that we are one of the larger empires at this time, but many of the others are beginning to grow.

Nick returns with the location of the Desperado Retreat.

We get news that a new Ambassador has joined our ranks.

What the. Yes, it seems that we have a large population of Naxxilians inside our border, refugees from their oppressive government. There are 10 million on Ogoonu Prime, 4 Million on Mailstrum I and 11 Million on Delta Serpentis,

We also colonise two new planets within days of each other.

I may have missed his election, but our current leader has been doing very well for us.

The Sol Maruders then break their treaty with us and raid New Mecca. This cannot stand. We dispatch the Pirate Destruction Force, now six ships strong, to their home base in the Dobrelleun system.

I also order up a large number of small, free roaming craft to try and police our space.

The PDF arrives and finds the large Marauder fleet around their station. They have much more fire-power than we were lead to believe.

They are quickly overwhelmed and two of the Revenge class ships are boarded and captured, and Admiral Paedri is captured and killed!

Another world is colonised, and the new ships spill off the construction yards. We are still being forced to spread ourselves thin to gain the resources we need to expand.

We need to up gun, so we trade all of our tech for everything the Enton Dominon have. This puts us both on a level playing field, and gives us plenty of room to upgrade out ships.

Another massive space battle occurs around the gas giant Ghana orbits.

We rebuild our forces much quicker this time, and attack a smaller pirate base of a faction.

We destroy it, but across the empire, every planet except Ghana is raided every few months.

The raids continue, and we continue to build ships to combat them. The defence bases are redesigned to be more survivable and pack a greater punch. Then we come into contact with a new empire – more Humans! It seems that more of our race has survived in the stars.

Another massive battle with the Autuuko Bandits takes place over Ogoonu Prime.

They have several of the huge Minotaur class ships, which we focus fire on – we are able to bring two of the behemoths down.

Maybe these new missile bombers will help up gun the Dongu Class ships.

I have a minor heart attack when these four Akdarian Nation freighters jump near Ghana.

I have had intelligence draw up reports on the three main hostiles. It seems that we can wipe out the Haunted Marauders whenever we want. And they shall be the next target. The Sol Marauders almost match our fleet of 5000 firepower on their own! With 125 military ships, its going to take some time to kill them all.

Looking at the great powers, it seems that Ghana is sixth in the galaxy.

What is becoming a very busy galaxy it must be said.