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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 83: 2155-2159 - A heroic, desperate offensive.

We are fighting around Sol itself.

Millions die every day as Ogoonu Prime is bombarded.

Ghana itself comes under attack from a lone enemy carrier, and the Wellspring 6 is destroyed.

Then Gamma Draconis falls, 349 million people are destined to be exterminated by the Shaktur.

With spheres of influence on, you can see how much Ghana's empire is contracting. The lower reaches are gone, the worlds now held by the Guardians, only the upper reaches remain, and the Shaktur fleets are making their way north while we struggle to defend Ghana itself.

The Guardian Fleet arrives to save Ogoonu prime, but where there were over two billion people on the planet, only two hundred million have survived the bombardment.

As soon as we begin to clear this threat, the Shaktur hit Mailstrum 1 and its 2.2 billion souls. The Guardian fleet is out of fuel, having been flying across the galaxy back and forth for years now. There is little we can do.

A allied Guardian fleet arrives to engage the large enemy one, but they have a lot of ships to shoot down to stop the bombardment.

In fact, the battle turns against them. The Guardian fleet has refuelled now, and is heading to protect the world.

They are to late, all have perished.

We win a break in the attacks at this point, with the lower reaches returning in favour for the majority of efforts, but we are crippled, we have lost several of our oldest colonies, and to add insult to injury, Gamma Draconis is now under the control of the Naxxilian Nation.

The reprieve lasts only a few months, and now Aldiraan 3 is under attack. It is a peaceful world, and has no weapons.

This proves to be something of a mistake on their part.

By the time our forces arrive, the two hundred million citizens of this world are already dead.

The Guardian fleet then has to move back to defend Ghana from an attacking enemy carrier group.

The worrying thing is that the Shaktur have actually increased their military power in the last two years. We have lost count of how many of their ships we have blown from the sky.

There is another lull in the fighting for us as we struggle to rebuild our fleet, then news comes in that Ogoonu Prime has fallen to a sneak raid!

The inhabitants do not take this lying down however, and soon rise up to defeat their alien overlords. Sadly only 63 million people remain on this planet.

Just outside the system, the Guardians and the Akdarian Nation take out another Shaktur fleet.

The Guardians contact us once more.

They request the ability to use a captured planet destroyer. We agree, anything to turn this war around.

The Deliverance is added to the Guardian Fleet, and sent south to war.

The moment the fleet leave system, Ghana comes under attack.

Command has come up with one way to end this war – a surprise attack on the Shaktur home system. If we can blow this planet up, it will cripple their war effort.

Home of the Palace of Eternal Darkness, Aaghra 4 is our target. Is is surrounded by resupply ships, but not to many warships – for now. It is also home to 22 billion Shaktur!

Our ships are stopped a good way from the planet by some advanced form on interdictor device. It is now up to the Guardian fleet to keep the Deliverance alive long enough to take out the planet.

All hell is let loose.

The Deliverance inches closer and closer to the Shaktur world, the Guardian fleet is in dissaray, and the enemy have scrambled everything they have to the defence of their world.

The shields take a hammering, but we reach their homeworld, which goes up in a fireball.

The fleet is ordered to jump to the other Shaktur planet in the system.

Soon that is an expanding cloud of rubble. But the Deliverence is badly damaged, and quickly goes down under massed enemy fire. But the attack has been a success, we have destroyed their homeworld.

All this seems to do however is cause a spike in the number of enemy entering the galaxy. The 16 ships that are left in the Guardian fleet flee towards Ghana.

We also hear of the destruction of the Wekkarus Sovereignty by the Naxxilian Nation.

The Shaktur respond with an attack on Yurn Scut 4, this time with a carrier group of six! The hundred million people there do not last long.

They then move to Africanas in the same system, with over a billion people on it.

15th fleet draws them off by arriving at Yurn Scut 4, at 45 ships and 7.5k firepower, this is now our most powerful fleet.

The battle does not go well, we are reduced to 33 ships and 3.5k firepower, with most of our ships having fled damaged. A Akdarian Nation fleet arrives to reinforce us.

They too are slaughtered, while a lone Shaktur ship remains to kill Africanas.

While this is going on, another carrier group arrives over Ogoonu Prime.

There is little we can do to save the remains of the population.

Ghana is shrinking fast in this war.

We have lost all but five of our worlds now, and another three billion humans have died in the last five years.

The Shaktur are not taking any more worlds, and we have hurt them, but it seems their spacecraft come from outside the galaxy as they claimed, and we are now their number one target.