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Part 100: Dol Pyrden

Chapter 73 - Dol Pyrden

Music - "Dwarven Clockwork"
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Previously on Divine Divinity:

I encountered a strange dwarf who seemed to be disoriented. He recoiled from me in disgust and fear.
Be gone foul demon! Back to the firey pits from whence you came! Come no closer for I am a mighty wizard, capable of banishing you with ease. Be gone to Dol Pyrden I say!
Are you a few rocks short of a cave-in? Look closely dwarf, I am no demon!
I saw that demonic grin on your lips. You have come from Dol Pyrden to steal my soul, so you have! I know it! I know it!
What is this Dol Pyrden you're talking about?
Don't you know your home anymore, demon? Dol Pyrden is the name of your residence, of course. It is the foul place where you and your kind live. You cannot fool me! It was only luck that spared me from your evil claws as my comrades fell!

What can you tell me of Dol Pyrden?
I would tell you to stay away from that accursed place! Many dwarves have disappeared there. Karbondel is the only one that returned, but he has never been the same since. Go and speak with him to see what I mean.
I have already spoken to Karbondel. He is a strange one.
Karbondel must have seen something truly horrible in Dol Pyrden to turn his mind to mush like that. It is sad to see. He thinks everyone around him is a demon!
Perhaps he saw a demon in Dol Pyrden?
I do not know what Karbondel saw, but I do know that there are no demons dwelling in Dol Pyrden - demonic emanations are unmistakable to any dwarf. The scouting party would have come straight back if there were demons there. The place is cursed though, and I hope the king will see to sealing the entrance to that foul pit forever.

Chapter 73 - Dol Pyrden

5 Octavianus 1218

The next day, after I'd had the chance to recover slightly and clean myself up I met Penumbra and we visited the Dwarven Halls.

I've met the Dwarven King before. He seems nice enough. Perhaps I can persuade him to hold off on the war.
Are you sure you're up to that? You still look a little green around the gills.
I'll be fine... maybe.

Right, of course.
Um, I'll pass.
If I have to lose all my weapons, we'll be here all day.
But you're barely...
.... Never mind.

Once again down to nothing but my robes I approached King Dunatrim.

I talked to Eolus in Glenborus. He told me that the sacred Axe of Stone was stolen, and that you suspect the elves did it.
Hrrrmmpff... Yes, those damn elves stole our most beloved artifact! We are planning a war to retrieve it and punish the elves! But we cannot strike yet because we are not yet able to locate the Axe of Stone.
Why do you think the elves did it?
We captured an elf near Glenborous just after the crime. He claims he is innocent but we will make him talk!
I have talked to the elf you imprisoned, I believe he is innocent... You have the wrong guy in your prison!
WHAT! That is impossible! If that elf didn't do it, then who did?!
Your brother. But you won't believe me.
BAH! Get out of my face, you!

He gestured and the guards approached me.

Gregor said that the axe was being kept in the Halls of Karanamix.
I'm going! But sire, a request: Can I visit the Halls of Karanamix?

Once again, I was on the receiving end of a look which said "How stupid can this guy get?" Still though, the topic calmed the king a bit and he made another gesture that paused the guards before they could throw me out.

You are at the halls of Karanamix. Look about you at the splendour! Because of your work in clearing the dwarves in the attack on the elven burial ground, you have my leave to explore anywhere you wish, even the mines. Though I urge you to take care there.
Why should I be careful in the mines?
We have had many cave-ins there and many dwarves have gone missing. In face only poor Karbondel has returned, though I fear his mind has gone and he is confused much of the time. We intend to open one of the major shafts again but, alas, we lack the workforce needed with much of my people dealing with the troubles at our borders with the Imp tribes.

"About the Game" posted:

It's possible that this stuff with the imp tribes bothering the dwarves is cut content, although there is another, surprising reason why there could be trouble with imps.

Where can I enter the mine?
Leave the throne room through the door you came in and continue straight on. There is a passage on the right. But I would advise you not to enter. Even without all the accidents, there are hundreds of miles of twisting tunnels, and humans don't have the rock-sense dwarves have. You could get lost and perish in the dark, all alone.
I'm not going alone. ... That sounded more comforting in my head.
Is that all?
Yes, farewell.

How'd it go?
About as well as expected.
That bad, huh?
Looks like we'll have to find the Axe of Stone ourselves before he'll listen. Are you up for some spelunking?
Well, I'll try anything once, Silver. But aren't we supposed to be working, not... playing?
...No... I think that you're thinking of something else.... Spelunking is the exploration of caves and...

A smirk crinkled the corners of Penumbra's mouth.

...Let me put that a different way. Spelunking is the exploration of natural or artificial tunnels in mountains or the ground.
Ah. Sure.
It may be dangerous, and I only have one name to go on. Dol Pyrden.
Who's that?
It's not a who, it's a place. The Dwarf Grisha mentioned that as a place where strange things have been happening. Maybe he can tell me where to go.

Grisha, can you tell me where Dol Pyrden is?
Where it is? It's the distant tunnels down below.
Can you tell me which tunnel, though? I need to get there?
What do you mean, 'which tunnel'?
The tunnel which all the cave-ins and accidents have been happening.
You don't understand. There are several dozen tunnels in the 'Dol Pyrden' system. It's a winding maze - well, to human eyes, at least.
That could take weeks to explore!
And it's dangerous too. Many tunnels are unstable and prone to collapse. What's worse is that someone or something has been switching the signs around, so it's impossible to tell what tunnels are safe or not.
I'm looking for the one where Karbondel was exploring when his entire group was killed.
I have no idea - no one does... well, except Karbondel, but his mind's gone, poor lad.
Well, thank you anyway.

We left Grisha to his work.

So we're going to talk to Karbondel?
We don't have much of a choice, unless you care to wander blindly in tunnels which have been purposefully sabotaged to kill intruders.

Gaaah! The demons multiply! Be gone foul demon! Back to the firey pits from whence you came! Come no closer, for I am a mighty wizard, capable of banishing you with ease. Be gone back to Dol Pyrden I say!

I took Penumbra's hand and knelt, pulling her down with me. She was caught off guard, but knew that I had a plan this time. I kept my eyes fixed on the floor and my hands raised in a gesture of submission
Oh, have mercy on us, please, mighty wizard!
Torment me not or I shall... eh?
We wish nothing more than to leave your august presence! But we are lost!
It is true!
Lost? You seek to deceive me! Your foul machinations shall not ensnare me, hellspawn!
This world is strange to us. Too cold and dim! We have lost our way!
We only wish to return to Dol Pyrden, our home!
What? It is the foul place in the mineshaft where you and your kind live? How can you be LOST? You cannot fool me! It was only luck that spared me from your evil claws as my comrades fell!
There are so many passages and tunnels! This place hurts us!
Please, mark the way on a map and we shall leave you in peace.

Karbondel blinked. He paused and seemed to consider. Then he reached for a piece of paper and an inkwell. His hand moved extremely fast as he scratched lines on the paper.

When I first entered the cave you were a statue. Yes, yes. A statue who asked for a password.
Calm yourself! You entered a tunnel and saw a statue that asked you for a password?
Yes, you asked me for a password, oh thou ugly demon! I did not know the password so you sent your minions to kill me, yes you did! Here! Take it, and begone!

He thrust a paper into my hands. With the care and precision that is a trait of all dwarfs, even the mad ones, he had drawn in precise detail the route to Dol Pyrden.

Thank you. We're going now.

We left the poor man to his madness and headed to the mines. Near the entrance King Dunatrim had told me about was a dwarf.

We'll be careful, thanks.

Even with Karbondel's precise map, the journey was long and confusing.

I hope your sense of direction is better than mine.
Better. An assassin who doesn't have the mind to plan an escape in minute detail doesn't tend to last long.

I cast my shield spells to offer defense, although I unfortunately couldn't protect Pen the same way.
This is it. You ready?
Yep. Let's go.

The map says it's this direction... although that's the only way there is.

We headed off and soon encountered a group of dwarves.

Hello? I thought no dwarves were in this part of the mine?
Kill the intruders!

Pen produced a throwing knife.

I took a second to focus on the dwarves. They were fairly resistant to all elemental attacks, so I prepared to cast Hell Spikes.

An accurate throw from Pen sailed through the eye socket of the dwarf closest to her. The other two didn't have time to react to that threat before their bodies were pierced in dozens of places by Hell Spikes. Once again, it was quiet.

Hell's bells, Silver, that looked nasty to watch.
Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about that dagger through the eye.
Heh. Different strokes, I guess.

We continued on.

There were many more dwarves, more than enough for the both of us. It was nice to not have to be doing all the work myself.

I trust that those spike things aren't going to come anywhere near me, right Silver?
My aim with these is as good as yours is with that endless supply of knives you have. Maybe even better, since I'm aiming with my mind.

If the map is right, just through this cave should be the Stone Sentry. Get ready, just in case that drunken idiot gave us the wrong password.
I hope you know what you've gotten ME into.

We passed through the tunnel and sure enough there was a statue floating in the center of the room. It was asleep, but at our approach it stirred and blinked glowing green eyes.

The password is Prophecy.
The word of power has been spoken truly. You may enter my master's realm.
I thank you.

"About the Game" posted:

There's a seventh option to the sentry's question you couldn't see.

Er... you couldn't give me a hint, could you?

The game gets this backwards. Despite the extra work of talking to the elf, figuring out that the mayor did it, fetching him some ale and getting him to reveal the password, you get NO EXPERIENCE for passing by the stone sentry without a fight by giving it the right password. So I actually gave the wrong password on purpose and killed it instead.

The passage ahead was blocked by some structural supports crudely nailed together and leaning against the wall.

Care to give me a hand, Pen?
What, with my soft hands? Hell no, that's men's work.

She smiled at that. I shrugged and said "Fine," before using Telekinesis to toss the fence aside.


Soon enough though, there were more than enough evil dwarves for both of us to deal with.

You think they'd learn.
Strange, isn't it?

We continued on, but a strong magical presence started to grow in my mind. Eventually, after the locals had laid down for their permanent naps, I called for a halt.

Thanks for coming Pen, but you might want to wait here.
What? Why?
What's up ahead could be a lot more dangerous.
I've handled myself well so far.
Yes, you have. But what's up ahead is a powerful wizard, maybe even more powerful than I am. The last time I faced someone this powerful, I was imprisoned and needed Zandalor's help to escape. I don't want to put you into any more danger.
Excuse me?
You've got some nerve, Silver.
What do you mean?
You tall me what you've been up to, and what the stakes are, you drag me all the way down into this pit, and then you expect me to just walk away and leave you to face that evil wizard all by yourself? What if something happens to you because I leave?
I didn't mean it that way. I-I'm sorry.
Yeah, well you're not going to get rid of me that easy, Silver. So lead the way, and let's take him down - together.

I smiled. She was covered in dirt, sweat, and blood (not hers), and I came to a realization.

I think I'm in love.
Yeah, I hear that a lot. Hey, save the sappy stuff until magic-pants in there is eating dirt. Sheesh.
Actually, I don't think I've ever met a magic user who wears pants. Huh.

I headed into the room with the presence, Pen following behind me. It was both comforting and worrying to have her with me.

My name is Moriendor.

Gregor, the dwarven mayor was kind enough to tell me the correct password.
I knew from the beginning that I couldn't trust that bloated drunkard! For a mug of mead he'd sell his own mother.
So the Black Ring is cooperating with the dwarves?
I think cooperate is the wrong word. I tricked the king's brother into lending me the Axe of Stone for a little while, that's all.
You're responsible for the theft?
You see, our actions are focused on creating chaos. The more discord we succeed in spreading, the more powerful the demon within the Sword of Lies will become. With the Axe of Stone stolen, the dwarves will march against the elves - once they've been helped to the jump to the wrong conclusion, that is. The resulting war will cause a sizeable rip in the fabric of order, doing much to allow chaos to ultimately prevail.
Why did you choose the mines for your base of operations?
Are you really that foolish, man? The mines offer us an almost unlimited access to iron. Obviously, we need iron to arm the renegade orcs who will march under the flag of the Black Ring.
Why are you telling me this? Surely you realize you've just signed your own death warrant?
I think it's time to teach you a lesson, you arrogant bastard. Burn in Hell!
Pray that we never meet each other in Hell, because then I will be able to chastise you through all eternity?
What was that?
Eh, you're right, that line needed some work. Hey, you try coming up with these on the spot!
Maybe for the next one.

The fight was on. To my relief, Moriendor wasn't concerned with Pen at all, just me. Penumbra didn't do anything to catch his eye, instead focusing on the dwarves.

I concentrated on Moriendor, and then I realized something crucial. Moriendor was a tough, fearsome opponent to be sure. But he was human, and he had one giant weakness. I laughed out loud.

What's so funny? Your death, and that of your woman is imminent, Marked One.
Oh, nothing. I just never thought it would be this easy.
Easy? I haven't even BEGUN to fight.
I know. And you're not going to get the chance, either.

I cast a spell.


In an instant, the big, bad wizard was reduced to a little green frog.

"About the Game" posted:

The good news is that the polymorph has permanently changed Moriendor into a helpless frog for the duration of the fight. The bad news is that we still need to eliminate his FOUR THOUSAND hit points to get the fight to end. And he's hard to hit. Luckily, for the same reason that we were able to turn him into a frog in the first place, we can trap him in an Energy Cage and Hell Spike him to death.

BOSS Video: Jeremiah vs Froggie (Voice Acting)

I actually don't mind if you don't watch this because it's pretty boring.

Moriendor started to flee. Penumbra, finished with the Dwarves, hurled a knife at it, but frogs are fast - and small.

The gate slammed shut as Moriendor passed through the doorway.

Hold him off for a while!

Another door opened and more dwarves streamed into the room. If the three dozen we'd fought our way through to get here weren't enough to stop us, what did he think another half dozen would do? They were dead in seconds, and we chased Moriendor.

YOU! Already?
Your ways of intrigue and deception are an end, varlet! Now we'll see the colour of your cowardly insides after I dissect you!

Moriendor teleported away, although his new shape meant that he was too small to take the Axe of Stone with him.

These dwarves weren't any harder to kill than the others.

So that's it huh? The Axe wielded by a god?
That's what they say.
It doesn't look like much.
Yeah, you're right. I suppose when you're a god, you don't really need to get all flashy.
That's true.

With the threat neutralized, we continued exploring.

This place looks interesting.

We sifted through the papers on the desk.


Think that'll be enough to prove your case?
It certainly will, once I carry the Axe of Stone into the throne room with me.

My name is Jeremiah, and I have retrieved the Axe of Stone, and wish to present it to the king personally!
The Axe of Stone! You may pass!
Wait. The king has also said you should bring your Dragon Shield with you.
Really? I wonder why.

I walked up to the king of the dwarves, Axe of the Gods strapped to my back. There was a buzz of awe from the guards in the room.

I unstrapped the axe and knelt before the king, I looked at the floor and offered the axe to him, resting in my palms.

I bring you the Axe of Stone. It was stolen by a dark wizard. He framed an elf in an attempt to fuel the fires of hatred between dwarves and elves and bring about a war.
What! By axe and flint I was almost ready to order troops readied for a defence against a possible attack by the elves. This could have led to a dangerous situation between our two races, friend. Your information is timely and may very well have saved the dwarves and the elves from entering into bloody battle. I thank you!
Thank you sire, but I have grave news. I must tell you that a dark wizard gathered many dwarves in parts of the mines. He did this with the help of your brother Gregor. They are preparing a coup against you. I found this letter and some other documents in the place where the Axe of Stone was being kept.
What! Gregor is setting to betray me! These are grave tidings indeed. So the cave-ins and the missing dwarves are just a ruse to cover up murders and the plans to these criminals to overthrow me? O will have these matters investigated immediately and there shall be no sparing those with a treacherous heart... not even my brother! You have done my people and myself a great service my friend. I know that you are a warrior of integrity, so as a reward I will tell you of the Dragon Armor. My guards have informed me that you have a piece of the set already.
What can you tell me about the Dragon Armor?
Ah, the Dragon Armor. Well, tales tell that Dwarven smiths crafted it during the Age of Chaos with the help of the human Anarong, a paladin in the League of Seven in the war against the creatures of Chaos. When Anarond slew the mighty dragon, Stis'rumbcunark, the other dragons vowed to cease battle and leave, on condition that the Dragon Armor be dismantled and spread across the world. And so it was done.
How can I reassemble the Dragon Armor?
The legend does not speak of the places that the Dragon Armor was scattered to, and those that might have know are long dead and turned to dust now. The legend is true though, for I have the helmet of the legendary armor in my possession. For the great service you have done my people, I am willing to give it to you, but only if you manage to find the breastplate and Heart of the Dragon.
Where can I find the other pieces?
Hmmm, I do not know exactly. I believe there are several parts - a breastplate, a helmet, a shield - which you already have, a belt -
I have that.
- and a pair of gauntlets.
I have those as well, a gift from the elves.
Seek out Grisha, our smith. He likely has greater knowledge than I about the Dragon Armor. One thing I do know is that the most important piece is the Heart of the Dragon.
Heart of the Dragon?
Aye. It is a gemstone of red glowing light and is where the greatest part of the armor's power lies.
But where shall I find it?
I do not know the whereabouts of the other pieces, save one. I did hear that a wealthy family once acquired the breastplate, and it is likely that the owner in question is unaware of its true origin and nature. You might try visiting him and asking if he is willing to sell it. He lives in the town you humans call Verdistis, I think.
Thank you. If I find something, I shall return.
Please do. But before you go, as friend of the dwarves I will tell you another of our secrets that will aid you in your travels. I shall give you this scroll. It activates the dwarven teleporters, making it easier for you to return to the Halls of Karanamix whenever you wish.
I will ask the Father of Stone to give you his blessings. Rok domi gorn trak gloinar.

That went well.
How did the king take the news about his brother?
Not well, but at least he believed me.
That's good.
He mentioned a powerful set of magic armor, the Dragon Set. I have some pieces already, but he said that some rich person in Verdistis might have the set's breastplate. Any idea who?
I don't know, but you might want to start checking with... *sigh*
With who?
Sir Patrick. I heard he collects antique armor
That could be an awkward conversation, but thanks for the lead.

We saw one of the king's personal guard carrying the Axe of Stone - escorted by several other dwarves to the teleporter platform.

Let's follow them. Ever had a heroes welcome before?
My profession doesn't exactly lend itself to that, Silver.
Then this'll be a nice change.

We followed them to Glenborous. There was already a crowd of dwarves marveling at the Axe of Stone. You'd think that it hadn't been in their village for ages, instead of mere days. The King's guard noticed us and pointed us out.

The Axe of Stone has been returned to us, thanks to those humans!

As the crowd cheered, we headed for the house where Eolus Thunderstorm was staying.

Eolus burst out of the house, disbelieving his own ears, but when he saw the axe being put in place, he ran back in.

I've recovered the Axe of Stone. I hope the elf-dwarf conflict can be resolved now.
By the Gods! How can we ever repay you for this glorious deed? You have to tell me how you got it back from those cursed elves! I hope you killed many of them. I'll write your saga myself!
No, it was not the elves. A wizard from the Black Ring was responsible for the theft. The Ring wants to stir-up as much chaos and hared as possible between the dwarves and the elves.
I think I've got a score to settle with this Black Ring of yours. Never again will they deceive my people. Their devilry demands full and hideous retribution!
What about that innocent elf being held in yonder prison?
Oh blast it! How embarrassing! I don't like to think of the pain and degradation that poor, innocent elf has had to endure - especially what Thorglud did with that peacock feather... I'll give the order to free him at once. Trust me, we will compensate him handsomely.

He called over a dwarven soldier and talked with him for a few moments.

Now, I seem to recall that you wanted something from me?
You want to repay the Black Ring? Then this is your chance to do so. I want you to join the Council of Seven.
Since the Axe of Stone is returned to its commemorative plinth once again, I'm ready for the greatest adventure in my life. The days of the Black Ring are numbered, my friend!
Just say the magic word 'XXBZPTRL' and you will be teleported to the Council of Seven. Let's go there immediately.

Video: Eolus to the Council

Eolus teleported away to the council chambers. I breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone on the council was finally safe.

Can I use that word to come see you?
I'm afraid not, it only works if you're a council member. But after this is all over with, I'm sure I'll have some spare time...
That sounds nice.

It seems we were a little hasty in blaming the elves for stealing the Axe of Stone. I, for one, feel a bit ashamed for some of the things I said against the elven folk. And it was especially bad that we tortured that innocent elf we took prisoner. We shouldn't have tortured him. I'm going to pay a hundred gold pieces into the fund to reconense him for his sufferings.
Here, throw in a thousand from me as well.
Look, they let the elf out.

I'm glad you're free again and that the axe is back on its commemorative plinth.
You have saved my life and halted the blossoming of hatred between the dwarves and my people. You are a hero! I name you elf-friend and blessed!
Farewell. We must go now.

Pen and I returned to Verdistis.

Well, that's it. That's all the council members gathered now.
Now what?
Now, um, they will perform the ritual which will hopefully turn me into the Divine One.
What? Really? That's you?
Yeah, I'm not sure I entirely believe it myself.
You're just full of surprises, Silver.
I'm not sure how long this will take, but soon the rule of Janus will come to an end, and the Black Ring will be destroyed.

"What will you do until then?" Pen asked, suggestively leaving a question unspoken.

I'd love to spend time with you, Pen, but I want to deal with this business first. I want to save my sister as soon as possible.
Well, I guess I'll see you later then, Silver.

I'll look forward to it.

I've finally recruited the entire Council of Seven. I'm not quite ready for the ritual yet, though. That Dragon Armor could be and the difference between life and death at Stormfist, and I'm so close to finding the last pieces.

Next Time: Dragonskin

Behind the Scenes

The map of the last part of Dol Pyrden:

The next two story updates will be exclusively about reassembling the Dragon Armor. It's the last side questing in the game and the LP. Unfortunately, you can't reassemble the armor until you finish the Dwarven Council member quest, and I was unable to do that until I'd done all the other Council member quests first, so that's why it's last.

If we hadn't gotten the Dragon Shield when we were in Stormfist earlier,  we'd have to get it in the final part of the game when we return there for the final confrontation. 

Oh, and while the entrance to Dol Pyrden was available earlier, you're blocked from going very far into it until you get the quest to retrieve the Axe of Stone. On my first playthrough of the game, I was confused when I wandered into a cave and fought some evil dwarves and the cave just dead-ended without explanation.

Alternate dialogue with Moriendor

Don't concern yourself, oh man-who-thinks-himself-invincible!
Bravely spoken, man-who-will-die-soon; I admire your futile courage.
Before you die, I want to know why the Black Ring is cooperating with the dwarves.

You know that you'll never succeed, don't you?
Well, well, I think it's time to teach you a lesson. See you in Hell, Marked One! Give my regards to the Lord of Chaos!
Pray that we never meet each other in Hell, because then I will be able to chastise you through all eternity!

Bonus Boss Videos: Moriendor

Moriendor is a nasty boss, he does a giant amount of melee damage, and he's smart enough to know to use it. Case in point:

Video: Moriendor Blooper

Here's a non-cheating way to defeat Moriendor. He has no resistances, so any elemental attacks are good. [/b]

BOSS: Moriendor

Talking with Karbondel after retrieving the Axe of Stone

Ha harr, you just watch as I banish you from this place, demon.
The Black Ring was using Dol Pyrden as a secret gathering place.

His mind is gone forever.

Gregor Dunatrim

You can also go to the jail and talk to Gregor if you want. He is suffering a fate worse than death.

Gyargggh! Damn this suffering hell - the pain is unbearable. I need me dwarven Meade!

Quest for the Treasure, Part 5

Just outside the entrance to Dol Pyrden is a locked cell. Inside is a "Scroll". It's actually the last piece of the treasure map.

We now have the map completed. Until we found all four pieces, we actually couldn't enter the treasure cave, even though you only really need two pieces of the map to find it.


What's fake in this update?