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Part 104: The Dragon Armor Restored

Chapter 76 - The Dragon Armor Restored

Music - "Whispers from a Council Past"
Download (Thanks to Grawl)

I cast my shield spells, drank a potion, and headed through the door. It was apparently the castles treasure chamber, but I didn't let myself get distracted by all the gold and jewels lying around; I had eyes for only one gemstone at the moment.

What is that smell? Could it be the smell of fear from the mighty fool called Rak'Sheen of house Hamunabi?

He roared in fury.

You try to insult an honour guard of the house Hamunabi? We shall see who shows fear. Come and embrace death, human!
I am death, dragon-rider!

The remaining lizards emerged from hiding and charged. I retreated so they couldn't use the wall to flank me from both sides unseen.

BOSS: Rak'Sheen

"About the Game" posted:

Rak Sheen is higher than level 50, so I don't exactly know what his stats are. But whatever they are, watch the hell out, because this guy can seriously mess you up REALLY quickly. My Spellshield is maxed out and can absorb 140 damage, but he takes it out in one shot. Granted, my Lightning Resistance is only FIVE, so that could have something to do with that...

He does have one crippling weakness, though. Dragon riders have extremely powerful elemental attacks... but they ONLY have Elemental attacks. Elemental attacks can be resisted. I recommend getting some high elemental resistances - in fact, if you get your elemental resistances over 100, he can't hurt you at all. Watch the video, at a certain point, I remember to suck down a bunch of Elixers, and after that, he can't hurt me at all.

If your elemental resistances aren't that high, don't screw around with this guy, or he will end you fast. I have close to 900 health, and just watch how fast Rak'Sheen reduces it. If I had only 600 health, that would be an instant kill. Keep one finger on the "Restoration potion" hotkey. I suggest that you skip using Hell Spikes if you can, although he stands still well enough, the spell simply doesn't hurt him fast enough. You want to hit him hard and fast. A high rank Elemental Hail spell - as high as you can cast works, just pour it on constantly and it melts him fast.

That's what I did on my first attempt, but I forgot to record it, so I did it this time without that spell. (Technically I should only have Elemental Hail rank 4 by now.)

I used Meteorstrike to blast away the lizards, I needed a distraction like I needed a hole in the head - and I nearly got one too as the rider's dragon blasted me. My magical shield - the most powerful defense I was able to form, collapsed instantly, and the majority of the blast hit me anyway.

Sheloi! I'm in serious trouble.

I dodged behind an imp statue, using it for cover as I slammed down a restoration potion. I quickly moved to the other side and resumed my assault on the lizards.

Another blast from Rak'Shen slammed into me. This time, I moved to the right, drinking another potion, and taking out the lizards with more fireballs.

Rak'Sheen's dragon was powerful, but slow to attack. If I could keep moving, I might stand a chance.

More lizards charged in from the back of the room.

This is not the time to worry about conserving my energy or aiming accurately!

Damn, not even that spell is good enough!

I just can't stand toe to toe with him putting out damage like... wait a minute...

I remembered I still had some elixirs from my entrance to Stormfist Castle. I quickly dodged and drank the terrible-tasting purple potions.

I feel the change...

I stepped into the open, and stopped dodging.

Rak'Sheen's dragon fired again. But this time the energy washed over me like a gentle breeze, not the sparking, burning wave of pain it had been before.

Is that all you have?

For the first time, I actually did get the sense that Rak'Sheen was afraid. I continued my attack, while Rak'Sheen desperately tried to find something, anything, that could hurt me.

He failed. As he collapsed onto the ground, the Dragonheart gem fell from his robes and rolled away from his body.

This really is a special gem. I can see why so many covet it. There's real power here.

With all my foes dead, it was time for the best part. The room was full of treasure.

My funds could certainly use the replenishment.

Magical leggings. Interesting...

"About the Game" posted:

I'm pretty sure that this is the ONLY pair of magical leggings always in the same spot in the game. Luckily, they're very powerful. They're certainly worth reloading for.

I returned to the surface, happily burdened by treasure, and activated the Imp teleporter.

With my newfound wealth safely stashed in the Council chambers, I returned to Alrik. I'm not sure what I was thinking, actually. I already had the Dragon Gem, which was the only reason that I'd gone on Alrik's crazy assignments in the first place.

Back already? I thought as much. You will need all your strength and wits about you to obtain the Heart of the Dragon. Now is there anything I can do for you?
I managed to retrieve the object you requested, though I barely escaped with my life!

Thank you Alrik. I shall speak to you later.

It worked out fine anyway, but I was glad that I didn't have to resort to force to get the gem. After all the trouble I'd had getting the rest of the set together, I was NOT going to be stopped, even if it meant fighting Alrik. So I was glad I didn't have to do that.

"About the Game" posted:

- Any weapon you throw is automatically returned to your hand after it hits a target. Does not work on bows, crossbows or two-handed weapons. Boomerang does 20/40/60/80/100 percent of the weapon damage

This skill is just as useless as you think it is. You have to spend five points to get the same damage as you would get if you just ran up and smacked the thing normally? No thanks. Maybe, maybe, it would help if used on enemies who were too dangerous to fight in melee, but those enemies try and close to you on their own anyway.

I would guess that Penumbra has points invested in Boomerang, though.

I took the gem to Grisha.

Grisha, I have located the Heart of the Dragon. Here it is.

Can you repair the Dragon Armor?
At last! A true test of my skills is before me! This ill indeed be a very long night. I have waited long for such a test. Come back tomorrow to see if I am successful.

Somewhat nervously, I left the entire set of Dragon Armor (save the helmet which King Dunatrim still had), in Grisha's possession to work on. I didn't insult him by asking him to be careful with it. Grisha would guard the armor more ferociously than a mother bear protecting her cubs.

I returned to the Council of Seven chambers to rest.

6 Octavianus 1218

I had a restless and nervous night. The day had finally come. There was no more putting if off. As soon as I had the Dragon Armor returned to me, I was going to participate in the ritual to make me the Divine One.

The ritual which would end my life as I knew it. Or maybe it would just end my life, period.

Good morning, Zandalor.
Are you ready for the ritual, Marked One? Everyone is here, and I have told them what needs to be done, and how to do it.
Alright, Zandalor... as soon as Grisha finishes with the Dragon Armor later today...

I took a deep breath.

...then I'll be ready to perform the ritual.
You don't sound ready. Are you scared?
Of course I'm scared! You said that this will kill me!
And it will. But... but you'll be judged fit and returned to us by the gods, alive and well.

Now Zandalor sounded less than completely confident.

"Are you certain?" I asked suspiciously.

Zandalor sighed.

After more than 600 years, I've learned to never say that anything is certain, and once you get to be my age, you'll learn it as well. ... But I have faith, Jeremiah. You have come so far, and done so well against unimaginable odds.
It hasn't been easy.
It's not supposed to be easy. So I ask now: Are you ready?

I nodded my affirmation.

It's time I acted to free my sister from the Black Ring's clutches. I am no healer, but I'm sure that all the stress of being imprisoned can't be good for Jenna's pregnancy.
She's pregnant?
Yes. Why? ... Does that mean something?
I'm not sure. There's so much I don't know about the Black Ring's plans. How far along is she?
About three months, I think.
Well, that's good, at least. Do you have any questions about the ritual?
Yeah. What exactly will happen to me?
The Council will destroy your mortal form, but in a very specific way. Don't worry, you won't feel a thing. After that... you'll travel the lands of the dead and meet with the very Gods themselves. Once they bless you as the Divine One, the Council of Seven will perceive this, and perform the ritual to summon you back, alive and whole.
Should I leave my armor and equipment behind? Or will it fall to the ground as I vanish? ... Will I return naked?
No, no, and probably not. All the record I've been able to find - not that many have survived since the time of the last Divine One - all the records I've found indicate that the Divine One returns the same way as he was when he left. Besides, I'm not sure, but you may even need your equipment in the Lands of the Dead?
But I'll already be dead. What could hurt me?
I'm not sure, but would you like to take the chance?
... No, thanks, I'll go prepared.
As you wish. I'll start the final preparations. The other Council members are wandering the halls, if you care to speak to them.
Sounds good, I've got nothing else to do while I'm waiting anyway. Farewell, Zandalor.

I found Kroxy in a chamber near the Council room.

Hello, Kroxy.

He was silent.

What are you thinking about?
So many orcs dead. And what it all for?
I don't know.
You think orcs see truth about Black Ring once Janus dead?
I hope so. Perhaps with the head of the Black Ring cut off, they won't be able to influence the minds of the orcs anymore.
You think Black Ring control orc minds because orcs are stupid?
No, I don't, Kroxy. I've seen the Black Ring mind-control three dozen human soldiers at the same time and convince them to do something they were not inclined to do - attack me. If they are powerful enough to do that, I'm sure they could do something subtler with the orcs, like give their words extra persuasiveness.
Perhaps you right, Jeremiah. You make Kroxy feel better.
I'm glad I could help. Farewell, Kroxy.

Antx was reading the writing in the bronze plaques bolted to the wall of the main chamber.

Now that you're on our side, Antx, perhaps you know more about the Black Ring's plans.
Trix Flax! Antx sorry. Black Ring very secretive. Glox Tamber - they not like non-humans much. Tell Antx little.
But what about Cornelius? He's an elf.
Ixtin Grav - Cornelius found Black Ring and asked to join. Black Ring found me.
Surely there's something you can do or tell us.
Flixer Zan! Yes! I go back and tell Imp people not to be trusting Black Ring. They listen to Antx. Flux!
Well, that's something, at least. Farewell, Antx.

Bronthion was in the middle of the largest space in the Council Chambers.

What's the matter, Bronthion? You look a little down.
Hmmm? Oh, Jeremiah. ... It's nothing really.
You can tell me.
Well... it's just... not what I expected. It truly is an honour to be a member of the Council of Seven. But... I am an elf.
I'm not sure I follow.
I am used to being in the outdoors, to feel the sun and wind and rain on my skin, not being cooped up underground like this.
I understand, Bronthion. But everyone has to make sacrifices. I should know, being the one about to be sacrificed.
Your words ring true, Jeremiah. Thank you. For your sake and the sake of the world, I swear that I shall bear this, as long as it takes.
Thank you, Bronthion. Farewell.

Goemoe was pacing in the area near where Zandalor and I first arrived in the Council of Seven.

Is something the matter, Goemoe?
I'm worried, Jeremiah.
About the ritual?
Ssss... no, much, anyway. About my people. They sseem to have allied themsselvess with the Black Ring. And I am even more of an outcasst than I wass before.
You think you'll never repair the divide between you and your people.
I wish I knew what to tell you, Goemoe. I don't have any idea what it must be like living away from the culture and the people you grew up with. I lived out of my element for a while, but even then it was with humans, whereas you're even more isolated.
It pleassess me that you are trying, though. I am sstill upsset that the Black Ring has influencce over my people.
That's not good, but Kroxy has it even worse. Because of the Black Ring's interference, orcs are being slaughtered by the hundreds.
That is true. Ssss... I am asshamed for thinking sso sselfisshly. I am ssorry. Pleasse leave me to meditate more.
As you wish. Farewell, Goemoe.

Eolus Thunderstorm was in the central room admiring the architecture.

The architecture of the Council of Seven is truly a magnificent sight! This was dwarf built, I would bet my mother's battle axe on it!
Why do you think dwarves built this meeting place?
You think it was human-built, eh? Not a chance! Only my people have the skill to build something this deep underground, make it earthquake-proof and still bring out the natural beauty of the rock. You humans stick to fighting and trading, leave architecture to us dwarves.
I don't think I agree. This place is dedicated to racial harmony. Surely all the races must have had a hand in building it?

That seemed to give him pause. He looked all around.

...Aye, you may be right.
I'm not saying that Dwarves weren't heavily involved, but I think that this might have been a more collaborative effort.
...Aye, aye...
Is something wrong?
No, you just reminded me that I'm still thinking in the same old way, dwarf-first.
That's not totally unusual. You are a dwarf, and an ambassador looking out for your people's interests.
Yes, but the problem is that too often I stop thinking about non-dwarves as people.
It's an easy trap to fall into. Not even I am immune. I hated orcs for a long time after... well after something happened.
How did you get past it?
Honestly, I'm not sure I'm completely past it. But when I met Kroxy and learned the reason why the orcs were waging war on Ferol, it helped change my worldview. It was already changing by then, but that was another big push. I don't really know what I can say to help, but I'm sure that if you at least try, people will see that and be grateful.
Thank you, Jeremiah. That's some good advice.

Mardaneus was in one of the shrines in the side rooms.

Hello, old friend.
Ah, Jeremiah. Good to see you again.
I think tonight will be the time to perform the ritual.
I see.

Mardaneus seemed troubled.

Is something the matter?
You know me better than anyone else here save Goemoe. You stayed in Aleroth and got to know our philosophy. It's the ritual itself which I find troubling.
Because Zandalor says that it will kill you.
I'm the one who will be getting killed! I think I'm the one who should be more worried than you!
No, no. As a healer, I am completely against the idea of harming anyone. And you're a friend! I know you! You saved my life! The idea of not only purposefully harming you, but actually killing you?
I understand, but Zandalor believes that if the ritual works properly, I will return, just as alive as when I left. So it's not really killing me.
I suppose you're right. But what if the ritual doesn't work properly?
...Well, I'm willing to take the risk, and it's my choice. Please respect that.
Alright, Jeremiah. Good luck.

I spent the rest of the day in solitude, trying to meditate and ease my nervousness. It wasn't very effective. I kept thinking about all the times I'd failed before, and what was at stake if I failed now.

Finally, I was too sick of my own thoughts that I couldn't just sit still anymore. I got up and headed to the Dwarven Halls.

I just wanted to see if you were able to assemble the Dragon Armor?
Indeed I have and it is truly a masterpiece!

I eagerly examined the refurbished Dragon Armor.

There was not a trace of rust or wear anywhere on the armor, which had been polished to a shine until it gleamed.

Go on, put it on!
This is wonderful news! How much do I owe you for your services?

Then I thank you, Grisha.

I returned to the throne room. The guards removed my weapons, but let me keep the dragon armor, as per the King's instructions.

I have managed to assemble the Heart of the Dragon and the breastplate.
Indeed you have! Quite an achievement, Jeremiah Liro! I sense hat the time of legends is nearing us again. As I promised: here is the Dragon Armor helmet, you have earned it rightly. I would go and see Grisha the smith about this if I were you.
Thank you, oh good king!

As I was putting my equipment back on after leaving, I stopped and admired the helmet, the last piece.

Kelp Dunatrim had taken very good care of it; it was in as good a condition as the rest of the set after Grisha had worked on it. I put the helmet on.

A surge of energy overwhelmed me. Suddenly, I heard a faint whispering in my mind, and then I KNEW, somehow, a new and powerful spell.

"About the Game" posted:

Elemental Strike
- The most powerful Elemental Skill in the game. It's a fast-casting instant hit spell (no projectile which can miss) which does 20-60 EACH of Fire, Lightning and Poison damage (60-180 total) to the target at Rank 1 for 24 mana (which is expensive for Rank 1). There are no spellbooks for this spell, so the earliest you can get it is level 24. Maximum rank is learned at level 48, and there the spell costs 48 mana to cast - the most expensive single casting of a spell in the game - and it does 40-180 each of Fire, Lightning and Poison damage (120-540 total).

You do indeed permanently get one free point in this spell for assembling and putting on the complete set of Dragon Armor. The skill Bless is also cast on you (I am not sure what rank, though) the first time you put it on.

Elemental Strike is spammable and very effective, theoretically, if most of the enemies in the game didn't already have a specific weakness to target, and most of the enemies in the late game have immunities to everything except one weakness. It does work wonders on bosses, though, whose resistances are generally identical across the board.

I went to show Grisha, and he was ecstatic almost beyond the capacity for words. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay as long as he wanted, it was nearing midnight. I was impatient for my greatest challenge to begin.

7 Octavianus 1218

I returned to the Council of Seven just after midnight. I went to the Council Chamber. Everyone was gathered there. There was a nervous buzz of anticipation in the air.

Everything was ready. It was time. I picked up the ancient stick, whose rubber had long since decayed and fallen off, and struck the Bell of Gathering.

Next Time: The Ritual

Behind the Scenes

The Map of the imp's castle.

Actually, the next update is the fake update of treasure cave, but that's a Behind the Scenes one so it won't require a lot of writing, just transcribing.

But the next story update is the most important update of the entire game so far. You will be able to watch basically the entire thing - fully voice-acted, by the way - on video.

By the way, there are only about  (not counting behind the scenes, fake updates and others) TEN  updates left in the LP.

Alternate dialogue options with Rak' Sheen

I've battled your kind before. You are no match for me!
You are a fool to think such, human! No living mortal can stand against me. Preare to embrace death, human!
I am death, dragon rider!

Not sure what the MC is talking about there, the one and only time he encountered a Dragon Rider, he was killed in one shot (okay fine, put at -6 HP and bleeding out). This is the first time we actually fight one. I guess he's just bluffing.

I came to retrieve the Heart of the Dragon and you shall not stand in my way.
Others have tied to steal the Heart of the Dragon, the have failed and never left these chambers. Come and embrace death, human!
I am death, dragon rider!

Alternate responses to Elous
You think it was human-built, eh? Not a chance! Only my people have the skill to build something this deep underground, make it earthquake-proof and still bring out the natural beauty of the rock. You humans stick to fighting and trading, leave architecture to us dwarves.
What's so special about dwarves, Eolus? They only have two hands, just like the other races - why couldn't humans, or elves or orcs for that mater have built this place?
Ha! I doubt it, Marked One! Human buildings fall down after only a few centuries. Dwarves build to last millennia. But I'm sure you didn't come here to discuss racial architecture. What can I do for you?

You think it was human-built, eh? Not a chance! Only my people have the skill to build something this deep underground, make it earthquake-proof and still bring out the natural beauty of the rock. You humans stick to fighting and trading, leave architecture to us dwarves.
A good point, Eolus. None of the other races have the ability to carve rock to this wondrous extent.
Indeed. But what was it you wanted to speak to me about? I am sure it wasn't Dwarven rock-cutting traditions!

I ended up not quite reaching my goal of level 42, so when I did the Imp Castle, I went through casting Resurrect on everyone so I could repeat that as needed.

I'm sure some of you are curious why getting to level 42 is so important. It's not really a big spoiler, so I'll tell you:  Once I'm at level 42, I can use the Wishing Well to raise me to level 43.

THAT is important because when you become the Divine One, you gain 5 levels at once, which means that I'll then be level 48, which is the maximum required level you need to be to max out any skill. 

That's the reason. Not a big thing, more convenience than anything.

Equipment Roundup 1 - Before the Ritual

For reference, here's an equipment roundup. It's not completely up-to-date, as I think I found a few more Gold Charms in the Dark Forest and such, but you should get the general idea.

My Goals:
Each piece of my final gear should have at a minimum:

There are eleven equipment slots: Head, Chest, Belt, Legs, Boots, Gloves, Ring 1, Ring 2, Amulet, Weapon, Shield (one-handed weapon only), which means that getting 5 charm slots in each gives you 55 potential charm slots. I am only putting Gold Charms in, because they are the best.

This is not needed in any way to beat the game. It is well beyond what you need to beat the game. I am doing this just to see the limits of what is possible.

Weapon - "Dagger"

Located: The back room of Kistandalius's shop. Pay the poet to perform, distracting him so you can slip in and grab the dagger from the chest, (and the spellbook)
Notes: This is NOT going to be my final weapon, that's coming up later. So I didn't worry about getting perfect stats on it - and I'm glad, because the process of stealing it and having it identified is pretty lengthy compared to most items, doing this repeatedly takes a lot of time. It's the second-best dagger in the game, with 10 possible modifiers.

Ring 1 - "Sapphire Ring"

Located: Verdistis, south of the Watch house. You must have saved Verlat in Aleroth to get this.
Notes: This is one of only two unique magic rings in the game. Too bad I'd already maxed out Aura of Guarding before getting this, but it wasn't like I spent any skill points on it anyway.

Ring 2 - "Ruby Ring"

Located: Jeremiah's House, secret house. Northwest of the Cursed Abbey.
Notes: This is the second of two magical unique rings in the game. It hasn't got many modifiers, which meant a lot more reloads than usual were needed to get the right combination.

Amulet - "Nobleman's Amulet"

Located: Secret shrine, northeast of the Church. Must have all three Holy Weapons, must NOT have desecrated the tombs there.
Notes: Another hard-to-find one. You need all three of the Holy weapons, and you need to find the well-hidden place to use them, which is ONLY hinted at in one book in the cellar of the Cursed Abbey. And even then, it's easy to screw this up if you are over-eager for loot and open up the tombs there. There isn't anything in them, by the way. This one does meet my minimum requirements, 10 Intelligence on a wizard is equal to 60 mana.

Legs - "Lich's Plate Leggings of the Assassin" (Plate Leggings)

Located: Treasure Room, Imps Deserted Castle
Notes: This is the only high-quality pair of magical leggings I could consistently find in the game. They're not easy to come across. It took a hell of a long time to get the right modifiers, too.

Boots - "Boots of the Vampire"

Located: In the Dark Cave northeast of Rivertown market, inside the chest in the Vampire's sanctum. The key is in the coffin, but you can probably pick the lock.
Notes: The boots were the first things I got, and the stats are the weakest - I was unable to meet the +60/+60 and still get 5 charms, and believe me I reloaded a TON trying. I was only level 20 though. The 160 magic is with the +100 from the Gold Charm the Dragon rider dropped.

Shield - "Shield of the Dragon"

Located: Stormfist Castle, Armory. You need to get an invitation to get in. The armory key is in the library, just north of the armory. It's easiest to get it while you are there, before getting kicked out, although you can use teleporter stones after that.
Notes: Getting this is easy. It's visible from the hallway outside the armory, and the sprite is large and unique to catch your eye. Identifying it is not easy, because there is no one in Stormfist who can identify items, so if you want to reload for the best stats, you'll need some way to identify Rank 5 magic items. Hopefully without spending 5 points into Identify, because Rank 4 and 5 items are extremely rare random drops. This one did not quite meet my baseline criteria, but it was only short 4 mana, and while I'm picky I am not THAT picky. +5 defense translates into a 5% chance of avoiding attacks from enemies of your level.

Belt - "Belt of the Dragon"

Located: Chest in the cellar, Northwesternmost house in Verdistis. Key is on a shelf upstairs.
Notes: Hard to find, easy to get. It's the hardest piece of the entire set to find, because it is the ONLY piece which you are not directed to by the main quest or an NPC. It doesn't matter what conversation options you pick with the arguing sisters, they both go away forever so you can loot at your leisure. The chest is blocked by lots of barrels, so getting to it is a few minutes work, but identifying it is easy, at least.

Gloves - "Gloves of the Dragon"

Located: Burial Pyre, Elf Burial Grounds.
Notes: These are in the only Burial Pyre which has something in them. It's simple to get to the gloves, if you don't mind the level 45 Trolls in the way, and simple to identify them, if you have teleporter stones. I got these stats on my first or second reload, and kept them immediately. The +1 Repair is helpful, and the free point in Wisdom is also nice.

Chest - "Breastplate of the Dragonheart"

Located: Sir Patrick + Imp's Deserted Castle = Grisha.
Notes: This one is tricky, because you need to have returned the Axe of Stone just to get the opportunity to go after this, and then you need to do a bunch of sub-quests to get the two component pieces of the armor. Well, actually, you probably don't need to do the fighter's guild ones, you can just run up to the castle. Most of the stats aren't super-impressive, but at +100/+100 and 5 charms, it more than meets my standards. If this isn't as good as the plain Dragon breastplate, you can actually buy that back from Grisha!

Helmet - "Helmet of the Dragon"

Located: Kelp Dunatril, after you get the Dragonheart Breastplate.
Notes: This one is simple to get, sort-of, although you need to have done the Dragonheart Breastplate one before this, and that is long. Not a lot to say about this, it's pretty standard gear for me, although the +10 Defense is excellent.


Charm Slots: 52- (some are occupied)

Strength: 4 + 4 + 4 = +12
Agility: 2 + 8 = +10
Constitution: 2 + 4 + 8 + 2 = +16 ( +64 Vitality)
Intelligence: 4 + 6 + 4 + 8 + 4 + 10 = +36 ( +216 mana)
Vitality: 40 + 60 + 80 + 100 + 60 + 80 + 80 + 80 + 60 = 640 + 64 = +704
Mana: 40 + 160 + 20 + 100 + 80 + 100 + 60 + 100 + 80 + 60 = 800 + 216 = +1016

Offense: 2 + 5 = +7
Defense: 2 + 5 + 10 + 5 + 10 = +32
Sight: 3 + 2 + 4 + 5 = +14
Hearing: 1 + 2 + 2 + 4 = +9

Fire: 10 + 20 + 20 + 10 = +60
Lightning: 40 + 15 + 40 + 5 = +100
Poison: 15 + 15 + 10 + 15 + 5 + 10 + 5 + 40 + 15 = +130
Spiritual: 5 + 15 + 5 = +25

Mana Drain (3)
Aura of Guarding + 1
Freeze + 1
Master Summoner + 1
Hell Spikes + 1
Repair + 1
Wisdom + 1
Alchemy + 1
Skeletal Wall + 1
Curse + 1
Blind + 1
Deadly Gift + 1

ZERO. (chapters remaining... Stand by...)

What's fake in this update?