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Part 129: Personal Traits Run-down

Personal Traits Run-down

Schwartzcough requested this, so I compiled it.


Level 1 - 4

You are still wet of ear-back and green of foot. You're not sure which bit of a sword to stick into an enemy, and you think crossing your fingers is a form of magic protection spell. You've got a lot to learn, kid.

Level 5 - 7

You're learning, youngster. Keep it up and you might make a name for yourself one day - but for now, avoid getting out of your depth. You're still pretty green.

Level 8 - 15

Not bad. Not bad. You can trust yourself in tricky situations and your enemies should take care around you. But you'll probably end up as just another corpse if you over-estimate your abilities.

Level 16 - 29

Your skills are heroic and your collected experience is highly impressive for one so young. Your exploits are beginning to be sung by the bards, and you know your father would have been proud of you.

Level 30 - 49

Your skills and adventures are positively legendary! Even if you were to die tomorrow, you can be sure that folk will be telling tales of you for generations to come.

Level 50+

You have attained God-like attributes and skills. Yet, for all your power, you have come to realize that the key to a happy life is to have simple goals.


The description of the attribute changes every 25 points, stopping once you hit 100.

Offense and Defence

The description changes every 100. I'm not sure it's possible to get as high as 300, though.




I think these are bugged. I think they're meant to range from 0-24, 25-49, 50-74 and 75+.