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Part 87: A Boaring Story

Chapter 65 - A Boaring Story

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Previously on Divine Divinity:

Visit Elmer Vignus, the dwarven jeweller in the Dwarven Halls. Tell him you were sent by me to pick up Sir Dante's gift for his wife.

Blasphemous dwarves have defiled the burial grounds of my revered ancestors. They've burned down the shrine and stolen the ceremonial relics. My people prepare for war, human. We'll not rest until we've either recovered our sacred relics or laid every dwarf who stands in our way in a shallow grave.

It was a diamond ring. Jenna's ring. She'd had it for as long as she'd been in here, something to give her comfort. And now she didn't anymore. Was it taken from her, or did she drop it on purpose for me?

I'm going to get you out of here, Jenna. I promise. I'm on my way. Just hold on a little bit longer.

Chapter 65 - A Boaring Story

1 Octavianus 1218

The next morning, I was feeling somewhat ashamed. I didn't have any right to be... enjoying myself, not with my sister still a captive of the Black Ring.

Alright, Jeremiah, focus. Time to get the Council of Seven restored. Enough with the wasted time.

As I headed south in the Dark Forest, a strange boar approached me.

"About the Game" posted:

There's an invisible trigger stretching the width of the map. No matter how far east or west of it you are, taking just a scant few steps south of the Warrior's Guild teleporter will trigger this scene, it's unavoidable. It took more than one try to activate the teleporter back in Act 2 without triggering this (before I was properly attired). I triggered this before doing the hermit/Stalker quest.

This is a side-quest which is unrelated to getting Jeremiah any additional skills or equipment, but since it's unavoidable, I may as well do it, as the second-last bit of side-questing in the LP.

What?! I think an explanation is in order.
I am no boar! *grunt* I was transformed into the animal you see before you against my will.
How did this come to be? Who is responsible?
I am no magician, *grunt* I know not how it was done. But the name of that foul weaver of spells is Boratus. It is he that is responsible *grunt*
Is there some way I can help you restore your natural form?
I do not know. As I said, I am no magician. *grunt* But if you could sneak into his house and look around, maybe you will find something to help me. Be mindful though, Boratus is a powerful mage. *grunt*
...Can't believe this. ... But if I don't help, who will? And since I am a powerful mage myself, I am uniquely qualified. But I should be careful - not even 600-year old Zandalor could cure Arhu.
Where can I find his house?
It lies deep inside the forest to the southeast of here. One thing I do know is that he has a secret cellar. You must move a picture on the wall to reveal the entrance. There are more animals down there. *grunt* I was the only one to escape.
Very well. I will see what I can do for you.

The boar rushed off.

... Can't believe this...

The forest was full of crazed skeletons which were on fire, and giggled madly to themselves.

But eventually, I found the cabin.

How thoughtful of him to put a skull as a warning to others.

This place is definitely smaller on the inside than the outside.

I spotted the painting.

Pulling on it made a section of wall swing inward silently.

I cautiously moved down the stairs, alert for signs of trouble.

I didn't hear anyone.

This seemed to be a study. The chest on the table was locked with a tricky, expensive lock beyond my ability to pick it. The desk had three keys, but none of them fit the lock on the chest.

I entered the next room, on full alert.

A snake started talking to me from inside his cage.

One of Boratus's victims, I assume.
Who is this Boratus?
Boratussss made ussss animalssss... releassss me...
Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea. I reached for the handle, and was interrupted by a different voice.

I glanced into the third cage. Four agitated wolves uneasily paced the confines of their small cell. They whined at me when they saw me looking in.

You must be the captive animals the speaking boar told me about.
That foul mage Boratus captured us and transformed us into what you see now.
Why has he done this... and how?
The why is that he sells animal meat to the army for a huge profit. As to the how I am afraid I know not. It is a most foul magic you can be assured of that?
He captures sentient, intelligent creatures and butchers them for meat? The man is sick in the head.
Sick yes, insane, no.
Why should I not trust the snake?
I have the strong feeling that the snake will betray you. Trust me. Cows are psychic animals.
What about the wolves?
The wolves were Boratus' first victims. They have been in their form far longer than most of us. I fear the transformation is permanent. They have even lost the ability to speak.
And who are you?
My name is Anthea. As you can guess, I was not born as a cow.
You said I should release the wolves when Boratus comes?
Yes. They are the longest suffering and their hate for Boratus is great. He is a powerful mage and I fear you will need all the help you can get when confronting him.
I will see what I can do.

I decided to trust Anthea the cow. And just in time, too, because no sooner than I had opened the door than I heard someone coming down the stairs.

Video: Boratus's Karmic Death (Voice Acting)

At the sound of Boratus' voice, the wolves angrily charged out of their pen.

Here's MY army. Where's yours?

With the wolves ferociously attacking him, he was distracted, and his head was at point-blank range for a few fireballs to finish him off.

This avenged, the wolves charged up the stairs to freedom, never to be seen again. I never did find out who they used to be.

I picked up the key Boratus had dropped.

Pleassee human... Releassse me.

As Anthea had predicted, the snake attacked me as soon as I opened the door.

I have no idea what your problem is, but...

I grabbed the snake with my left hand and used my knife to cut its head off.

Problem solved.

I opened the door where Anthea the not-a-cow was. Thankfully, she didn't try to attack me.

How can I help you?
I know not how Boratus has done this, so I am at a loss to suggest how you can help me. Maybe there are clues in Boratus' rooms that can shed light on how you can reverse the transformations. Maybe there is hope while I am still able to speak.
I will see what I can do.

I went to Boratus' study. The key he had dropped opened the chest. Inside was a book.

The Dwarven Halls.

I put my hand in my pocket to feel the ring I was carrying there.

I've been meaning to pay another visit to that Dwarven Jeweler.

I encountered a strange dwarf who seemed to be disoriented. He recoiled from me in disgust and fear.

Be gone foul demon! Back to the firey pits from whence you came! Come no closer for I am a mighty wizard, capable of banishing you with ease. Be gone to Dol Pyrden I say!
Are you a few rocks short of a cave-in? Look closely dwarf, I am no demon!
I saw that demonic grin on your lips. You have come from Dol Pyrden to steal my soul, so you have! I know it! I know it!
What is this Dol Pyrden you're talking about?
Don't you know your home anymore, demon? Dol Pyrden is the name of your residence, of course. It is the foul place where you and your kind live. You cannot fool me! It was only luck that spared me from your evil claws as my comrades fell!
Evil claws? You should see my toenails!
Ah so you admit you are a demon? Ha, I knew it!
Shall I see if I can find a healer for you?
Go away! Or I will call forth my mighty magics and banish you away! Yes I will! Banish you good and proper! The mighty forger Grisha himself, yes, HIM - he crafted my blade to fight the monsters of Dol Pyrden! Leave, or taste its flame!
Poor man. He's lost his mind.

Just outside the store of Elmer Vignus, Jeweller, I head some dwarves gossiping.

Video: Gossiping Dwarves (Voice Acting)

Gods help us!
But just who are we fighting?
Well, all I've heard is that our boys will be fighting an army led by a dragon!
Don't be stupid! What sort of army would let itself be commanded by a monster like that? No, I tell you it's those damned tricksey imps we'll be fighting.
I don't agree. The imps don't have the stomach to fight a dwarf army.
The orcs then. They don't fear anything short of the sky falling on their heads.
No, not them either. I heard that the orcs and the humans are at each other's throats just now. Even the orc warbands wouldn't want to fight two races at once. They're brave and stupid, but they're not suicidal.
Well, we can't be fighting the humans! They're overgrown and smell funny, but they've been our closest allies since we first settled in Rivellon.
So who are our elders preparing the army to fight then? It can't be the lizard folk; they're too few and too far away. That only leaves the elves.
Elves... I never did trust those tree-hugging sods. Too clever by half...
Aye, I'd lay money that we're mobilizing against the elves. About time too, I say. They're not like normal people at all. Time we taught them a lesson!
Pointy-eared bastards! I bet it's them behind all out troubles of late!
I'd better hurry.
Ho there, good dwarves! What news?
Greetings, human. Have you heard? We are at war with the elves again.
Are you sure it is not the imps?
No, no! I'm sure it's the elves.
The drat elf tree-huggers are a plague! Every couple of hundred years, they find an excuse to pick a war with us.
Why do you dwarves fight against the elves so often?
Always the same reason: the elves envy the beautiful caves we live in while they have to live in dank nasty woods.
It'll be a long hard fight, but we dwarves must stand firm and give those damned tree-huggers a bloody nose. It's the only language they understand.
Those poor elves! They don't stand a chance.
You said it human! As long as his axe stays sharp and the ale keeps flowing, a Dwarven warrior is an indomitable opponent!

Can I speak to Grisha?
Certainly, human!

"About the Game" posted:

This guy is annoying. Every single time you approach Grisha, Baldrox comes up with an unskippable cutscene to proclaim that "Grisha is the best smith in the world. He can fix almost anything!"

Granted that will become important later, but the unskippable cutscene you get each time you approach is still annoying.

What can you tell me of Dol Pyrden?
I would tell you to stay away from that accursed place! Many dwarves have disappeared there. Karbondel is the only one that returned, but he has never been the same since. Go and speak with him to see what I mean.
I have already spoken to Karbondel. He is a strange one.
Karbondel must have seen something truly horrible in Dol Pyrden to turn his mind to mush like that. It is sad to see. He thinks everyone around him is a demon!
Perhaps he saw a demon in Dol Pyrden?
I do not know what Karbondel saw, but I do know that there are no demons dwelling in Dol Pyrden - demonic emanations are unmistakable to any dwarf. The scouting party would have come straight back if there were demons there. The place is cursed though, and I hope the king will see to sealing the entrance to that foul pit forever.
Thank you for the information.

I looked over his wares, but nothing caught my eye.

Yes. I'm looking for a simple chain of finest silver.

I removed Jenna's ring from my pocket.

I want to put this ring on it. Not permanently. I will wear this around my neck until I find... until I find her again, so I can return it to her.
... Allllriiiight... I have a fine silver chain with a clasp. It should do just fine.
Thank you.

He retrieved a fine silver chain, which I bought. I put it through Jenna's wedding ring, clasped it and put it over my head, beneath my armor. It was both reminder and encouragement.
I haven't forgotten about you, Jenna. I. Will. Save. You. If it's the last thing I ever do, I'll get this ring back on your finger.

I started to leave, and then I turned around.

Oh Elmer... one more thing?
Do you happen to know who I should talk to about something called the "Holy Water of Clarity"?

Next Time: Jeremiah Liro and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Behind the Scenes

Boratus is one of the few - possibly the only enemy - who can drop a spellbook. It might be worth reloading a few times. I had already filled out my collection, so I didn't bother.

If you choose one of the other two doors, they don't open and Boratus shows up, and you have to fight him without the distraction. I could upload a video, but it'd be just as short as the other "boss" fights (except for the one in the next update).


Alternate conversation options

Me, a demon! Are you feeling all right dwarf?
You try to make me mad? Yuthul, yuthul, jaguzz vrlis! Powerful words these are. Banish you in a blink of an eye they will!

I'm Vishyavyraak, Demon Lord of Gryaakvliis. On your knees and tremble, dwarf!
Vishna what? Hah! Stupid name. Demon needs a better name he does. You do not scare me! I have powerful words and magery powers. I will banish you in a blink of an eye, you wait and see!

Various Dwarven Halls conversations

Many of these are related to the seemingly imminent elf-dwarf war, so they're most relevant here.

The rash-brave fool was the first to defend the caves when the king called the warriors to arms. He doesn't even know I'm pregnant... I'm only ten months gone, so it doesn't show yet.

This dwarf is obviously mute.

I heard talk that the humans are fighting alongside the elven tree-huggers against my brethren.

Have you heard anything about how battle goes for us dwarves, human?
What battle do you mean?
Nevermind, forget I asked.

What's fake in this update?