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Part 88: Jeremiah Liro and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Chapter 66 - Jeremiah Liro and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Music - "A Forest Dark and Deep"
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I never knew the dwarves had priests in their ranks.
Yes, there are a few of us. Most dwarves follow the path of the warrior, but we priests are some of the few dwarves who can wield the greater magics. Some call us wizards, but we are truly dwarves of God. What can I do for you?
You might have seen many strange things in your life, but did you ever hear tales about humans and such being transformed into animals against their will by an evil mage?
I trust this is no mere hypothetical?
No, I'm afraid not.
Transformed into animal form against their will! What foul magic!
Are you able to reverse the spell?
XP 103500
Possibly. I have some Holy Water that, if they come into contact with it, should dispel the effects and transform them back to their original state. Though it may not work if they have been transformed for a long time.
Can you give me some of the water?
One thing human: you will need the proper container for the Holy Water or it will become unclean and lose its potency.
Of course... it's always something. Why do I get the feeling that one of my empty flasks won't be good enough.
Do you have such a container that I can use?
Sorry, I do not. There is talk of a Holy Grail - a magic cup you would probably say. That should suffice, but I am not certain of it's location. Some say it is hidden in one of the many caves around these mountains.
North, south? Can you give me a direction?
It's only a guess, but south, that area is wilder, and more dangerous.
I will try to find it.
Good fortune go with you, human! May the Good Gods guide and watch over you!

"About the Game" posted:

The Dwarf priest doesn't even give you the small assistance of directing you south. Luckily, there aren't all that many caves.

I sighed.

Just once, when I go someplace new, I'd like to be greeted with a SMILE.

"About the Game" posted:

I should have saved this for trade as well instead of stuffing it into my gear. At +10 Intelligence, a Gold Int. charm is only 60 mana, instead of 100 for a gold Mana charm. It doesn't really matter, it's not like an extra 100 HP or Mana is a big difference with the amount of power I ended up having.

What the hell...

Whose castle is that? ... And who do I expect to answer that?

I followed what seemed to be the 30th drat canyon that day, trying to keep out of sight of the patrolling lizards on the cliffs above.

I sure hope this one has something more exciting than the toilet of a wild animal with serious digestive issues.

"About the Game" posted:

This next area contains what could possibly be one of the hardest fights in the entire game. Be very careful.

I stepped on a magical trap.

That's... ouch... different.

I cast my shield spells.

They came immediately handy as I entered a room full of piles of gold. But the most striking feature was a set of stairs to a door floating in mid-air.

That's different.

Suddenly, there was a surge of magic as something teleported in.

Why should I leave? First I want to know what's behind this door...
You have been warned!
If behind the door you wish to see,
Then answer me these questions three...
That's different.
What is your name?
... Jeremiah Liro.
What is your quest?
Um, you mean in general, or for this cave? I'll go with this cave. I am seeking the Holy Grail.
How many gold pieces are in this room?

I looked around at the heaping piles. The answer was obvious.

None? What do you mean, NONE? Look around, imbecile!
None, because I'm going to take them all.
RRRAAARGH!!! Die, tomb-raider!

Video: The Holy Grail Cave

I'll always wonder if there was a better way to handle that situation.

I walked around the platform and the door. It seemed to be a perfectly ordinary door from all sides. I climbed the stairs to the hovering door, shrugged, and turned the knob. I saw a new room through it. It was quite a bit bigger than the room I was currently in. That should have been impossible, but I shrugged and stepped through.

I had never seen architecture like this before.

As my eyes adjusted, I could see that the room was full of mummies. Lots and lots of mummies. Strangely, they hadn't moved to attack me. I walked up to one. No response.

I pulled out my dagger and stabbed at it. It was stopped short of the beings surface by an unknown force.

I stepped back and cast a fireball. It flickered out the instant it hit the mummy, causing no damage.

I walked to the big archway. In the next room on an altar, I could see something. It was grail-shaped.

I sighed again.

The second I pick that up, every single one of these bastards are going to come to try and kill me.

It wasn't a question.

I stepped through the archway.

"About the Game" posted:

There are 24 of these unkillable (at the moment) mummies in these two rooms. They're all level 29 and have between 600 and 1000 HP. Each. That's between 14400 and 24000 HP you have to burn through, probably more than the final boss. They don't do a lot of damage, but even if only half of the mummies get a chance to hit me once and only one, and they hit me for their minimum damage, that's 144 damage (not counting whatever armor does for me). They also have spells like Life leech to steal your health for themselves.

For anyone fighting in melee, this could be a very dangerous attack. Warriors should use their swirl attack, and anyone who has points into Deadly Gift should put down some traps before triggering the ambush.

I didn't see who said that, and nothing moved to attack me. So I went to the altar.

I took a deep breath.

Well, here we go...

I grabbed the grail.

Video: The Holy Grail Guardians Awaken

After the horrible mummy collapsed, there was a great rumbling. Then the rest of the mummies moved to attack.

"About the Game" posted:

No screenshots of most of the fight because VirtualDub was being a jerk. Just watch the video(s) instead. It's better.

After it was over, I wobbled unsteadily, breathing hard. My vision was filled with bright flickering spots from where the magical flashes had seared my vision.

After several minutes, the spots faded and I was able to move again without risking falling on my face.

I believe I have found the Holy Grail.
That is it! The Gods certainly were guiding you on your journey, my friend! Give me the Grail, so I can fill it with Holy Water from the sacred fountain. It's in a place only I can reach...

Take this my friend. I have filled this Grail with some of the Holy Water from the Sacred Fountain. A touch of the water on the transformed creatures and they will be restored!
Thank you.

You have returned? Do you have any news?
This holy water may help.

I poured some of the water on the cow, and immediately, it started shifting through such unnatural shapes that I had to close my eyes for fear of vomiting.

The process is reversed! Ah it is good to have my natural form back. I thank you, oh elf friend.
Do not mention it. My name is Jeremiah.
I am eternally grateful, oh Jeremiah. Unfortunately, I can only thank you with words. But if you are ever in the elven village not far from here, speak to my father Gavanariel. He is the local bowyer and I am sure he will wish to reward you. Nurd'hao, my human friend.
What will you tell your father?
I... I will tell him that I was held captive, and that you rescued me, Jeremiah. More than that, he does not need to know, and I do not wish to share. I hope you will do the same.
I think that's for the best. Nurd'hao, Anthea.

We left the shack behind. It was nighttime now, and I was grateful for her sense of direction as she led us back to the road. We parted ways there. She went south to Fiu Nimble, and I went north.

I was able to find a cure for you. Hold on one second and I shall restore you to your proper form.
WAIT! I ... *grunt* You see, the circumstances have changed!
What! Changed? How so?
*grunt* Well, you see while you were gone I have met the love of my life. I have never been happier. I wish to stay as I am.
You er... want to live your life as a boar?
Exactly! *grunt* Yes! *grunt* Thank you for your efforts, but your assistance is no longer needed. I and Tracy are the happiest couple in Rivellon!
Well, good luck and my compliments to you and your... er... new-found love. Watch out for hunters.

I had no further need for the Holy Grail, but I was sure the Dwarven Priest might.

Here's the grail. It worked just as you promised. I think that you should keep it, in case it is needed again.
Thank you very much! It may prove invaluable!

After that, I returned to the Council of Seven. Zandalor was waiting to greet me. He seemed agitated.

Marked One, there is an urgent matter which requires your immediate attention! The orc invasion of Ferol is about to begin!
Thiu Fingol!

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Behind the Scenes

I counted the gold the easy way - comparing my inventory before and after picking it up, and I got 127 gold coins.

Just for fun: guess what line in the above update I wrote made me laugh the most? (Despite that I wrote it myself.)

Next time, we return to the main plot, and we stay on it until the end of the LP - except for a detour specifically to get Jeremiah his second and third-last pieces of final equipment. Expect a separate (because it was 4 pages long) "Previously on" update tomorrow re-capping the events of the orc war.


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