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Part 89: Previously on Divine Divinity: The Orc Invasion

It's been at least five months (or 31 chapters in the case of the LP Archive) since the Orc invasion was a major factor in the story, so here's a recap.

Previously on Divine Divinity: The Orc Invasion

Music - "Against Doom and Despair"
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I've heard rumors about orc warbands gathering. Do you know why the orcs are risking a war against the Dukedom?

Why doesn't Ferol just send in their army and crush the marauding orc war bands? An organized army should be more then a match for them.

They tell me that the boy-duke Janus, has declared himself the Divine One. Some bloody hope, I say. We'll need a demigod if we're to win this war against the orcs. At this rate, the greenskins will be baying at the gates of Stormfist Castle in half a year. We'll just see how divine little piss-pants Janus is then!

I heard there are hundreds, if not thousands of orcs massing... that you're facing odds of ten orcs for every human soldier you have.
You're very well informed. Not many people know those numbers. ... Yes, those numbers sound right. We are in trouble, Jeremiah. You seem uniquely gifted. Will you please lend us your aid?
I won't become a conscript in your army; I'm an... independent mercenary. As long as we're clear on that, what would you have me do, General?

Greetings, soldier. Name's Captain Mitox. I'm in charge of the garrison of this village, what's left of it, that is.
I heard that war was imminent, but I hadn't heard-
On which world have you been wandering lately? There already IS a war! The orcs are invading Rivertown and currently they are kicking our asses east of this village. I was planning on regrouping the last reserves in the tent camp to kick the orcs back to where they belong, but they struck first.

Video - Bombing the Supply Train

With their supplies destroyed the orcs won't be able to maintain the siege much longer.

Sir! Our scouts report a large group of orcs are advancing!
What? They've just suffered two major losses in a row! This is madness! Get the soldiers from the tent camp and tell them to prepare for battle. Get some eyes on the ridge south of us, there may be orcs coming from that direction. And make drat sure that the hole in the wall has been patched up! Move!
Won't they suffer huge losses by attacking in broad daylight?
These reckless attacks don't make sense. The orcs who broke through the barricade might have stood a chance if they'd stayed together. But they split their force to try and hit both the front line and the barracks at once - our two strongest positions! It makes no drat sense, even for orcs! It's as if they were expecting us to just keel over at the sight of them!

"I see you were victorious in battle," I said.

Mitox's smile faded, "Aye... although it was costly. We lost at least two dozen, and another 30 were wounded. Some may not see another morning."

My condolences, Captain. Was it enough to break the back of the orcs?
No, just their offensive. They won't be trying that again anytime soon. If those ballistae on the ridge had fired on us, then the orcs would have won.

Mitox paced the room, trying to come to a decision.

You've proven yourself. I must ask you to take on one more mission for-

I sighed with fatigue and closed my eyes. "No," I said firmly.

Mitox looked surprised.

The orc threat still remains, when the reinforcements from the other tribes arrive, we'll be in the same situation, if not worse in as little as three weeks.

I opened my eyes and looked right into Mitox's.

I'm sorry Captain, but I didn't come to this dukedom to play soldier. I only helped this much because if this land fell into orc hands it would make my goals difficult or impossible to accomplish. I think I've helped more than enough for one man.

Mitox opened his mouth to protest further, and then he saw the determined look on my face.

He nodded, "Very well. If you change your mind, come back to see me. I doubt I'll have any volunteers for this mission."

Go 'way pinkie. Master will punish Tipsix if he find I speak to human.
Master? He's poisoning the harvest on someone's orders? I have to admit that mass poisoning of crops isn't the style of the orcs - not even honourless ones.
Tell me orc: why are you doing this?
Neee! Master will torment Tipsix again. NO! Tipsix will not let that happen. Tipsix will die like warrior! Ready a blade, human! I go to sit beside my ancestors! Haaaiii!

Several of the mysteries were finally unraveled. The reason for the orcs pushing hard to reach the barracks - they knew! They thought that they'd be fighting soldiers who were sick with Elrath's poison. If Elrath had succeeded in poisoning the Barracks well, then Ferol would already be swarming with Orcs.

The sender of the letter, "I"; who was he? Who were the "we" he spoke of - the Black Ring? Were "I" and Elrath members of the Black Ring? "I" seemed to be close to Janus... and so was Elrath.

Could Janus be a member of the Black Ring? ... No, that doesn't make any sense. Janus can't be aware of "I"'s plan to poison the barracks - Janus loses his power if the dukedom gets overrun by orcs.

Next Time: Kroxy

Behind the Scenes

Wow... I'll let you in on a little secret. Even though I've had Jeremiah's hatred of orcs be a character flaw of his for a very long time, I hadn't actually  figured out how to express him overcoming that. For the past couple of days I've been writing Chapter 67 where that kinda has to happen and even yesterday I still hadn't figured it out. I was just planning to wallpaper over it a bit. 

But just now I have figured out a really good way to show that. Until a few hours ago the only idea I had was  to make the orcs even more villainous. But my new idea is more true to what the intent of the actual game dialogue, and therefore is better.