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Part 120: Bonus: Antediluvian Vault - Other Classes

Bonus: Antediluvian Vault - Other Classes

Ranger – Complete Vault
Mage – BOSS: Bellegar
Mage - Antediluvian Vault, Part I
Mage - Antediluvian Vault, Part II

These runs are mostly to show off the alternate playstyles of Ranger and Mage in the final dungeon. These have been done on Nightmare difficulty, just like Yara.


Video: Ranger – Complete Vault

Jinelle is a pretty standard Ranger, built with maximum points into Dexterity. Dexterity also boosts Heightened Reflexes, which increases the amount of damage critical hits do.

15 points into:

Ranger Strength - Increased damage when using a bow.
Stun Arrow – Stuns a single enemy for 18 seconds, has a 15 second cooldown.
Splitting Arrow – Fires 16 arrows in a cone in front of you
Explosive Arrow – Radius explosion damage, but has been badly nerfed – it doesn’t add normal bow damage, making it pretty weak.
Way of the Ranger – Increases ranged damage by either +488% or +588%, I’m not sure which. It’s a LOT. Lasts for only two minutes.
Death Blow – Increases your chance of a Critical Hit.

This is a pretty sick build in the late game. It does crazy amounts of damage at the cost of being weak and terrible for the first 10-15 levels.

Here is her gear.

She’s using the Shadow Archer set, but her other gear is aimed at increasing Ranged Damage and Critical Chance. She’s also outfitted with a lot of Charms boosting Vitality and some resistances.


Mage – BOSS: Bellegar
Mage - Antediluvian Vault, Part I
Mage - Antediluvian Vault, Part II

Mydianne was the first character I played in the Dragon Knight Saga version, and I made mistakes in her build. Part of that was just not knowing that the sets in the expansion would be so good, part was sloppiness. She’s got a lot fewer attribute points compared to Jinelle, and even fewer compared to Yara. This didn’t hurt her on Normal, but the lack of points into Vitality were a big annoyance when I tried her on Nightmare.

15 points into:

Magic Missile – the best spell in the Mage’s arsenal, it’s the spam spell, very useful combined with Confusion. It fires 7 missiles every 1.5 seconds.
Fireball – Huge damage in a huge radius with a moderate cooldown.
Magic Blast Moderate damage to a single target with a moderate cooldown. It also knocks back the enemy, acting like a mini-stun.
Way of the Battle Mage – Boosts Magic damage by 100% for 90 seconds.
Summon Demon – This is supposed to attract attention so the mage can cast freely.

I also have maxed out Destruction, which is a passive boost to all magic damage. Not a big enough bonus to compensate for Way of the Battle Mage, though.

Confusion is a neat little skill. It’s a passive chance for every one of your magic attacks to stun the enemy. It maxes out at a 12% chance, which doesn’t sound great, but it is. Fireball and Firewall are area-effect, and Magic Missile gives you up to 7 chances per casting. The stun lasts a few seconds, too. It can also trigger off of certain retributive auras.

I had spare skill points, which I threw into Firewall. That skill is terrible, it does 1862 damage into a small player-centered radius over 5 seconds, and has a 30 second cooldown. Compare this to Fireball, which does 1869 damage instantly at long range in a large radius and has a 15 second cooldown. And you need to wait for level 15 to start putting points into it. Firewall is completely fucking worthless.

Here’s her gear.

Notice something missing? I neglected to put anything in her Charm slots. I have no idea why. Probably because I was playing on Normal and didn’t need it.

Because I put no charms in, I didn’t bother taking new screenshots of the Dragon Wizard gear. Her weapon is Caracalla’s Hammer, which also makes no sense, it’s not ideal for a wizard, the bonuses are meant for a melee fighter.

The next update will be short, but I'll take my time with the added dialogue. It has the point of no return and the lead into the final mission.