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Part 121: The Choice

Chapter 94 – The Choice: Bellegar

Chapter 94 IMPORTANT – Watch this!

The entire chapter is done in video, and I suggest you watch it. The ending is especially great.

Music: Wisp Dungeon – The Choice

(Lucian) Whatever you’re thinking of doing, Dragon Knight, do it for the sake of Aleroth, not me.
(Yara) All throughout my travels, Bellegar, I have seen your amusements – Soul-Forging a man to a chicken, putting two souls into one body, dropping people from heights – all done for no other reason than it amused you for a few minutes.
(Bellegar) The past matters not, you shall see
To save the world, you must trust me!

(Behrlihn) You see? He is no less evil than I am
Trust you? I was trying to save the city, and you kept getting in my way, trying to kill me!
Yes! And thanks to me, you survived! You are free! Now release me!
At least… that’s what I thought at first. Now I understand… this was a test…
A test? What do you mean, Dragon Knight?
It was a test to see if I was strong enough to defeat the Black Ring. This was his twisted way of making me stonger!
That’s absurd! You’re- you’re insane to think that!
Bellegar placed rune handles all around Aleroth which set runes alight – that combination led me right to the vault which held a clue that I needed. Why? The entrance was hidden, why give a means to reveal it at all?
Because he’s insane!
He wants to stop you – that seems sane enough to me.
But even having the clues is worthless without the orbs. And I found them right here in the Academy. He could have moved them anywhere, anywhere at all, and I’d never find them.
I admit I have underestimated you, Dragon Knight. Your powers of observation are remarkable!
He’s spent so long playing his games that I think he’s forgotten how to relate to people, how to trust them.
He plays his game to hide the fact that he has no real power. It’s all illusions and minor tricks! If you place your trust in him, Aleroth will fall!

Video: The Choice

I have seen what Bellegar can do and I suspect that was but the tip of the iceberg. You will stay where you are wizard!

Almighty sage, wise friend!
Catastrophe averted in the end!
Take this magic from the Hypnerotomachiac dimension,
which will lead to the suspension
of Damian’s plan for Aleroth!
You be the flame;
he the moth!

No! Do not obey this lunatic and his verses!

Where are you going?

Come baaaaackkkk!!

Music: The Living Shield (Aleroth Ministry)

Video: Zandalor’s Plan

Well done, Dragon Knight
I’m sorry, Lucian.
If Bellegar’s device frees Aleroth from the siege, then you have nothing to be sorry for, regardless of what happens to me.
Thank you. I can feel the power in it.

All Dragon Skills increased to Rank 5!
Fire Sphere increased to Rank 15!
New Dragon Skill Learned: “Wrath of the Patriarch”

More on the new powers next update.

General Augustus! Come here, please!

(Augustus) Yes, my friend? Can I aid you in any way?
I have it: the magic that will help us destroy the Black Ring armada.
Divine be praised! And what of Behrlihn?
Still in his cage. It was Bellegar who gave me the weapon we are about to use, even if it is less powerful.
Bellegar? A favourable turn of events, albeit he could have flocked to our aid sooner!
Tell me about it.
Before we proceed, though, do tell me about the Divine. You did say you had a chance of freeing him, did you not?
Yeah, that didn’t work out. Maybe later.
You seem to be quite blasé about the matter! But first things first, eh! Give me the word and I will give Zandalor notice of your accomplishment.
“To find a Wizard” complete! Quest Reward: 10560 XP, 2400 Gold, 3 Skill books. Bonus Chosen: 5280 XP, 2400 Gold, +5 Vitality Charm

This is the very last chance you have to finish up quests, get potions, enchant or charm your gear. The game warns you that if you ask Augustus to let you speak to Zandalor, there’s no turning back.

I could have put these points to max out Evade, but that would get my evade rate up to 50%, and I didn’t want to make the final boss too easy. … At least that’s what I was thinking at the time. It turns out that on Nightmare difficulty, the final boss is quite capable of kicking my butt.

I am ready. Tell Zandalor!
Yes, ma’am! Champions, prepare for the assault! Today the Dragon will end the scourge that plagues our lands! And you, hero of Aleroth, may now approach Zandalor. He will tell you how we shall proceed.

(Zandalor) My dear friend! You have made it, like I knew you would! Alas that we have little time for pleasantries. I grow weary and the shield tires with me
Then let’s get to the point, which, I hope, will not this time lead to otherworldly imprisonment.
So bitter! But with reason. I did not know, did not see… But that has passed, even if it has not been remedied. Ah! The fire, the rock that strikes the shield… like needles through the skull…
Why don’t you let Deodatus take over for you, even if it’s only for a bit?
No, he is not strong enough. Even I can barely hold out. It matters not, not now. Soon I shall let this protective veil burst and in the aftermath, the wrath of Aleroth will charge!
So you know what to do, then.
Listen… here is the plan I devised: Bellegar’s device will be placed aboard a zeppelin which you must escort – in Dragon Form – to the central structure of the Damned One’s fleet. You will have to brave several clusters of islands, fortresses and hordes of Black Ring spawn before you will reach your target. The enemy will relentlessly attack you and the airship with everything they’ve got. Lose the zeppelin and we lose the war. Protect it with all your Draconic fury and in the end you will reach the grand palace. Once there, the Champions will drop the device onto it: the keep where we hope Damian resides.
“We hope”?
The blast will be enormous and shall obliterate the threat over Aleroth once and for all. Go now. It is time… your turn to become our aegis!

Video: The Siege is Broken!

Chapter 94 IMPORTANT – Watch this!

The final mission of the game brings the Dragon back. It’s been a very long time – more than 30 chapters since there was a Dragon mission. As Zandalor said, it’s an escort mission. Some people did have trouble beating this, some people really didn’t like it.

But I thought it was the best Dragon mission in the entire game.

EDIT: Go ahead and discuss what makes for a good or bad escort mission, you might bring up interesting discussion points for the next update.