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Part 58: Book ‘em

Chapter 42 – Book ‘em

Moor and Alrik

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

Video: Moor and Alrik

(Yara) I should try to find that book for Barbatos.

What’s going on down there? Maybe I’ll just ‘drop in’.

Music: Battle Force

This usually plays in some of the Flying Fortresses, I’m not sure why it plays here, but it’s a good track.

(Moor) Hey, you! You’re not welcome here, so get going!
(-1200 XP) Blasted Wyvern stole my key! Must be in a nearby nest.
I go where I want, little man. Off with you.
Little man? You’ll pay for that! Pay for it with your life!

This book is Moor’s ledger. Well, that’s a bounty at least.

My Correspondence

In a nest right above Moor’s hideout, Yara found a key, and a shiny object.

I think this is one of the zeppelin parts the wyverns stole from the wrecks. Maybe a compass.

(Alrik) Yukie yukie human go away! Alrik king of imps, not yukie yukie you!

Another bounty. That’s something, anyway.

Yukie for Dummies

Video: Ragon

Level 23! Interestingly, Rank 5 of Life Tap and Thousand Strikes are available at Level 23, instead of the expected Level 24.

3 Strength, 1 Spirit. I’m probably going to change this though, and stop investing into Strength at level 27, because I’ve just reached 60 base Strength, and I want to hold off for my final gear which gives +25 Strength.

Thousand Strikes

Increased from Rank 4 to Rank 5.
Damage Multiplier (per strike): 1.2x -> 1.3
Mana Cost: 160 -> 166
Knockdown Chance: 25% -> 30%

Total Thousand Strikes Damage = ( 6 * ( 1.3 * 124)) to ( 6 * ( 1.3 * 141))
= ( 6 * ( 161.2)) to ( 6 * ( 183.3))
= 967.2 to 1099.8

That should kill most enemies around for now.

Life Tap

Increased from Rank 4 to Rank 5
Mana Per HP: 3.5 -> 4

Life Tap is now maxed out. At 516 health, I get back 204 Mana for 51 health sacrificed, so Thousand Strikes is easily paid for.

Looks like a cave down there.

Music: Bandit Camp

He’s dead, but it looks like it was recent.

Alchemist’s Diary

Bandits. Always more bandits.

Hmmm… right or left? I’ll try the right fork first.

I see more bandits past that barrier, so I’m betting there’s a way past it somehow. I’ll try the other part of the cave.

(Talana) Use caution, Dragon Knight. This may be a trap.
Traps are usually hidden.

Yara stepped onto the first touch plate, and nothing happened. Same with the second. But with the third…

That did something, and not a trap-type thing, either.

Stepping on the fourth plate made the glow disappear. Yara experimented with the plates for a few minutes.

(Ragon) Hello there, mercenary. Come to dance the dance of death?
(-1200 XP) With my latest jewellery, I’ll be the belle of the ball!
As luck would have it, that’s my favourite.
Delightful! Come then, let us waltz.

That’s a really nice ring. I think I’ll hold off on turning it in for the reward on his head.

Ragon’s Journal

There’s a Dragon Skill book on a nearby table. Ragon’s loot bag from the mind-read is stashed in the back of the cave, but it didn’t have much of interest to me.

These statues look like they can turn. Hmmm…

I think Barbatos will want to see this right away.

(Barbatos) The esteemed master of the tower! How can Barbatos brighten your day?
That alchemist is as dead as your former rival Allan, but I have the book.
Splendid, splendid! I’ll study it without delay. I talked to Sassan about this platform, by the way. She can arrange some upgrades, should you like that.
I should indeed.
“Borrowed Book” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold, Skill Book Bonus Chosen: 2250 XP.

The first upgrade to the Alchemy platform reduces all ingredient costs by 1 when creating potions. Bringing the book to Barbatos also offers a new service: He can create Substantial (Quality 5) Strength, Intelligence, or Dexterity potions without ingredients if you ask him. It takes about a half a minute, during which you can’t do anything else with Barbatos, but it doesn’t cost any ingredients. I already have better quality potions, and a ton of money, so it’s not terribly useful.

Moor and Alrik

Battle Force


Yara’s Current Auras / Equipment Updates

I added charms to the amulet, and upgraded the Increased Mana and Life Line enchantments on the Helmet and Leggings. The enchantments on Ragon’s ring are also new.

(Moor) Hey, you! You’re not welcome here, so get going!
Right. Later!
Hold on. You know where I hide now, which is something the Champions would really like to know! Men, kill the intruder!

(Moor) Hey, you! You’re not welcome here, so get going!
Moor, right? Yeah, I’ll be claiming your head now.
Not if I claim yours first! Yeah, that’s right! Ha!

I actually was able to see and engage the ground enemy with my Dragon.

They were actually doing a LOT more damage to me than I was to them.

And I think this might have not made the loot bag appear so I can’t actually finish the bounty quest.

(Ragon) Hello there, mercenary. Come to dance the dance of death?
You stay away from me, you creep!
Oh no, I’ll come very, very close!

(Ragon) Hello there, mercenary. Come to dance the dance of death?
I came to collect, nothing more.
Oh, but dance we shall! Let the ballet begin!

Reader Participation

The goblin village is infested with catapults. We should destroy them before taking the zeppelin to Aleroth. How should we handle this?

a) They made a terminal mistake in shooting at a Dragon. Burn the catapults AND the entire village as a lesson.
b) Meh, I’ll try to mostly hit the catapults, but if a few houses get hit, no scales off my nose.
c) A Dragon’s strength is more than raw power: it is precision application of that power. I’ll only hit the threats and leave the houses alone.