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Part 1: A Confounding Tale of Egg vs. Man - Let's Play Dizzy!

A Confounding Tale of Egg vs. Man - Let's Play Dizzy!

Bonus: Dizzy Title Screen Theme

Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure! was a game created in June 1986 by the Oliver Twins, which aimed to combine both graphical adventure and arcade gameplay styles together. It successfully spawned its own franchise, becoming an iconic videogame character across Europe in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, as the years progressed, and his adventures started lacking the quality in which the earlier games were known for, he rapidly lost his fans. As newer gaming technology came along, Dizzy's style became significantly dated, and now he is nowhere to be seen.

Some say he masqueraded as another character, undergoing facial surgery and accessorising to the point of being unrecognisable, hoping to start a fresh and become a star once again. Others say he became old and bitter, cynical towards the fantasy worlds in which he lived in, until he met his untimely demise. Though the truth in these outcomes is debatable, it's certain it didn't end well.

However! Courtesy of the timeless time-travel mechanic, we will be going back to Dizzy's youth, helping him solve his first great adventure in hopes he will have a better outcome. There will be danger, traps, red herrings, and plenty of confusion aplenty! Fortunately, we can also use our handy time-rewinding skill to ensure he safely and successfully completes his quest. It's better than leaving him dashed messily across jagged rocks, and I'm sure he would appreciate another life, even if rewinding the yolk back into his body does feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Now, let's find out more about our hero-in-the-making!

Dizzy is an egg. Being an egg, Dizzy has very few performable actions: Jumping, and carrying/using an object. He is only able to carry one object at a time.
As Dizzy is egg-shaped, he has an unfortunate tendency to keep rolling after some jumps, mainly if he lands on a slope, or if he isn't upright when hitting the ground. Boxing, unfortunately, is not one of Dizzy's skills.

The Plot So Far!


Dizzy was exploring the haunted forest, looking for some berries, flowers and a piece of wood with which to make a club when he uncovered a mystifying stone slab. Brushing the dirt aside he was able to read (after a great deal of head scratching) the faint inscription: "The Avawiffovee Potion".

Dizzy remembered his Eggfather had spoke of such a potion. "It is the only way to rid our land of athletes foot, and it can also be used to destroy the Evil Wizard Zaks." Dizzy trembled with fear as he recalled these words.

Zaks brought fear to the village, he cast spells that turned people old, made men blind and caused it to rain every Sunday afternoon during Cricket. Dizzy was determined to put a stop to all this, he would be the hero of the yolkfolk.

He read on... "Fill a potion bottle with cooked Leprechauns wig, cloud silver lining, Vampire dux feather and some troll brew - cook the potion and throw it at Zaks to dissolve his reign." He covered it up and quickly made ready to liberate the land of Katmandu.

Dizzy was but a simple egg. He was quite fond of flowers and berries. The club was just to push his manliness back into balance, he didn't want to actually use it, of course. However, his newly found mission seemed simple! Just gather a few items, and Dizzy will be watching cricket in no time.