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Part 2: Now, let our adventure begin!

Now, let our adventure begin!

: Hello, Dizzy! We will be helping you out in hopes of preserving your sanity and well-being.
: Oh goodness, now who could that be speaking to me!
: I'm Malorie, and I'll be--
: I'm just kidding, I've been hearing you talk about me for at least four minutes now.
: Ah, that's convenient. Saves a lot of awkward explaining.
: I quite like the concept of having an overseer. I imagine you'll help me well!
: We'll certainly try, Dizzy. I always wondered how an egg in the '80s spoke, I guess you're not so different.
: Rather.
: I.. er.. yes. Anyway, you should take a look around, those items sound like they'd be pretty hard to find.
: Right-o, Malorie! I'll go bounce around some.

: They've really got this haunted thing down. A spooky cauldron, an abandoned well, creepy spiders... which I think I will stay well away from... and, ah, a familiar sight! The village of Cigam. I'm not actually sure anybody even lives here though, their doors are so tiny. I can't even drop down into the gap between the rooves to even try entering! The floating castle is a nice touch though.
: Hm, looks like you've found something curious there. What is it, some kind of gun?!
: Yes. Though.. it's a kinda sticky gun. Full of grease. A grease gun, if you will.
: Ah, I get it now.
: Yes, I've got it too.
: Ye-- er, right.. oh, you mean you've picked it up.
: Yes.
: Well, it seems a bit pointless, so how about you continue exploring?

: Past the village is a creepy old tree, a box of junk, and.. oh, what's this?
: Ah, that'd be an extra life!
: No, it's an egg.
: Mhm, but it also lets you die horribly one more time!
: Oh. That's reassuring.
: Best not think about it too much.

: I've reached the entrance to the mines... but, I can't go further. There's a giant minecart blocking the way. Stalactites, too.
: No problem! We don't need mines and the such, we need wigs and brews!
: Right you are! I'll just head on over instead.
: I think I can see a really useful item on the top of the mines too. You should check it out.
: You can see through the mine ceiling?
: Kinda. It's hard to explain. Either way, it's really standing out as something important you'll need.

: ... it's bird seed.
: Ah, so that's what it was.
: "Something important I'll need?"
: Um, yes. Eventually, probably! You never know.
: Well, I can't carry two things at once. I'll leave them both here for now.
: Wait, you might as well carry one--
: No, I'll need my hands free for that trapdoor over there. It looks like it's another entrance to the mines.
: Where?
: You can see through ceilings but you can't even see the trapdoor over there?

: Ah, it's starting to rain. I'll jusOH MY HEAD
: What on earth?
: I don't know, I was just walking along anOHHAAHG
: Dizzy, I think those huge raindrops are cracking your-
: No, it's okay, I can jusOHOAHRHHGH GOD
: Stop that, you're almost out of--
: *crackspslt.*

: ... Hm. Well.

So, peoples, over to you! Any suggestions as to where next to explore, or where to try using items? Do tell!
If you've played this game before and know what to do, then please don't post spoilers or point out traps/redherrings that we have yet to stumble across.

Click to see our map so far!

We currently have access to: A Mucky Grease Gun, and Free Acme Bird Seed.
If nobody here can work out how to progress, I'm sure Dizzy'll manage to figure things out on his own.
Updates are planned to be once or twice a week or so.