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Part 13: Wizards and Waiting Rooms

Wizards and Waiting Rooms

Glazius posted:

We should oil that rusty-looking winch in the far east.

Okay Dizzy, let's go see if we can finally get past the moat!

It worked, I can finally enter! Seems there's a lot of deathly things in there, but... I'm sure I can avoid them. I'd rather attempt that than backtrack for our garlic and insecticide and such. It seems like a fairly tall building, where should I start?
Let's start at the top and work our way down.

There's a broken heart at the top of the stairwell.
That's kinda gross.
Ah, there's a scroll here too! 'The Dreaded Castle of the Evil Wizard Zaks'.
Excellent! We must be nearby!

...More nearby than I thought. Yikes.
Yeah, he's a pretty mean guy.
So I see. Even if we had the potion right now, we wouldn't even be able to get close to him...
Right. I'll keep moving on to see what else I can find!

A flask of troll brew! Now all we need is the cloud's silver lining!
I can see something else on the floor below too! Let's grab it!

A horseshoe magnet!
Those things are always handy! We're pulling in a big haul today!
There's another area here too... maybe the final ingredient is here?

Huh. It's just a dead-end down there.. full of spiky bones. It kinda looks like I can jump up to the left, but I can't... the above floor blocks the jump. There's a scroll here too: 'The Waiting Room - Why Not Stay a While - Why Not Stay Forever !'
Careful, Dizzy. Given the manacles and stocks in his converted basement, I think this wizard guy has some rather strange hobbies.
Like Dungeons and Dragons?
More the former than the latter.
Well, either way, it's a waiting room all the same. I'll wait here for you guys. It doesn't seem so long ago that we were hopelessly lost, but now I feel like we've almost accomplished our mission!
I have to agree there, we're finally getting somewhere! We'll be back soon!

We're getting close to the end! It's over to you guys!

We now have access to:
- Free Acme Bird Seed (For any birds we may come across!)
- A Plastic Raincoat (For any rain we may come across!)
- Can of Insecticide (For any spiders we may come across!)
- A Clove of Garlic (For any bats we may come across!)
- Empty Potion Bottle
- A Miners Hard Hat
- A Purse of Gold
- A Jewelled Dagger
- A Broken Heart
- Flask of Troll Brew
- A Horseshoe Magnet

Backlog for future updates:
- Giving the purse of gold to the hermit!

Any suggestions or ideas on how to progress? Do tell!