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Part 15: Loose Ends

Loose Ends

First of all, let's get this potion made up!

Finally! I have The Avawiffovee Potion!
Yep, that potion's certainly made up alright. Next up!:

Zaltys posted:

The Crystal Mountain still remains largely unexplored, so I was going to suggest using the diamond to cut a Dizzy-sized hole in the crystal flooring.

Obscure as may be, it just might work...

There's a raft here... but it's tied to the rocks.
Well, there's only one thing to do! We must consult our helpers! It's over to you guys!
Come, now. Let's think about this. We now have a mining hat, a horseshoe magnet, and a jewelled dagger... and we need to cut a rope.
... oh, right! Okay, go grab the dagger!

Looks pretty dangerous in there. You know, I'm just remembering something posted a long time ago...

A long time ago, bobvonunheil posted:

...and if that works, bring the mining helmet with you. I think we can eliminate the stalactites like we did with the water and birds.

Sounds good to me! I've never really needed this helmet for the stalactites, but I may as well get some use out of it whilst we're here.

Good, those stalactites won't be bothering me any more. Only one place left to go...

I found A Protective Amulet! This will surely stop Zaks magic from defeating me!
What's over to the right?
Just the other side of the underground lake.
Well then... we've done it! We've finally found everything that we need!

All that remains is to confront Zaks himself!

We now have access to:
- Full Potion Bottle!
- A Protective Amulet!

Next time on Let's Play Dizzy... The Grand Finale!

Final map coming soon,
Stay tuned!