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Part 10: Mictlan - Turn 19

Turn 19

I continue to blood hunt, an event for 100 gold, a few battles, and ineffectual sieges (mostly for overtaxing). The battle results are mostly unimpressive, I moved my ~30 jaguars out east to siege another one of Arco's forts, my fake siege at Arco's capital was destroyed, and I lost about 12 slingers killing ~21 points of PD up in Arco's northern territory. The most notable of these battles is actually the battle at Arco's cap. Dexanth flew Rainbow Dash back to break the siege, the primary reason that this is notable is he will likely use the lab there to teleport onto one of my armies and kill all my troops.

Because of this I rearrange my invasion plans a bit. Take note of my stack of Jaguars up north and my eagles next to Arco's capital. Also note the arrows moving into the province where my eagles are currently at.

These are the only two armies that Rainbow Dash can teleport onto to kill. My other army is currently on top of one of Arco's forts, which means that if Dexanth tries to teleport Rainbow Dash to it, she will end up inside the fort instead of fighting my army. Therefore I know Dexanth won't do that, so I continue moving through Arco's territory with that group.

For these other two groups, I change my army orders. Because the magic phase takes place before the movement phase, it means that I can't move my armies out of the way to avoid the battle. What I can do is tell all my troops (who would die to a well geared light SC like Rainbow Dash) to retreat. This means she will teleport on top of my armies and while she is casting her buffs my army will run away.

The final preparation I make for this likely event is to move a small trap I have set up for Rainbow Dash into one of the likely provinces she will teleport to.

Meanwhile, the group out east has actually run out slingers to catch arrows with. Both of the troop squads here are jaguar warriors. I set a small group out front and to the left to catch the sling bullets that Arco's PD will have. Slingers are generally very inaccurate, so they have trouble hitting a small number of units. I run the risk of that group getting into melee first and possibly losing a few of them, but it avoids the problem of all of the slinger bullets hitting because of the size of my squad.

Turn 20

Turn 20, a turn that will live in infamy.