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Original Thread: Doomed to Fail. Let's play Dominions 3!



Okay, let’s try and keep this short this time.

This is Dominions 3.

This is who’s playing. These might be recycled banners.

Fake pre-post editing edit: Oh hey, the banners actually line up, I was expecting Sauromatia’s stolen banner to be a different length. Convenient.

Arcoscephale – Dexanth (Victor of My old LP, requires archives, thread dead/unfinished.) sorry
T’ien Ch’I – Feinne
Sauromatia – Dawkish (Joint victor of Legoman’s LP, requires archives, thread dead/unfinished.)
Mictlan – Lilli (me!)
Pangaea – Irony.or.Death (Victor of Gabriel Pope’s LP)
Hinnom – Buildscharacter (Joint victor of Legoman’s LP, requires archives, thread dead/unfinished.)
Lanka - TheDemon

Mods being used are Awesome Gods 1.7 and Awesome Endgame 1.3.

Where you come in:

You guys (the readers!) bet on players. We’re going to be running a (fake) betting system here. Everyone starts with $1000 in internet cash LPCoins. People will make up their own asking or selling offers, either something along the lines of readers offering odds on players. Such as taking 3:1 bets on a Sauromatia game victory, or offering 2:1 odd on Hinnom dying first. People can essentially bet on whatever they want, as long as someone else takes them up on their offer. Whenever the thread finishes and the game concludes, the person with the most cash on hand will be the winner! This is just a little something to go with all the theorycrafting and cheering that goes on in these threads. Anyone who wants to participate just make a bet or ask a price at some point in the thread and I’ll try to record it all in one of the first posts. There may or may not be a prize (probably nothing major), as I personally can’t offer things, but I might be able to round something small up from the regulars who hang out in the IRC.

What is Dominions 3?

It’s a somewhat old, quilt shaped random number generator. Truthfully it’s a decently old turn based strategy/grand strategy game with awful graphics, a worse UI, and some of the best game play I’ve had from a TBS in a long time. The game is admittedly not for everyone, the UI is extremely obtuse, and players will often play many games (which can take upwards of a few months due to the normal speed of a turn a day) and still continue to find new undocumented hotkeys or tricks. There are plenty of other flaws, the learning curve is not exactly friendly, without help the mechanics can seem mystifying, there are few parallels between regular strategy games, and you can’t even exert direct control of your units in battle, and there has barely been any price drop in the game since release (nine years ago). All that being said, it’s probably the game that I’ve gotten the most playtime/fun out of pretty much ever, in addition to having a very pleasant community here on Something Awful.

Another Dominions 3 LP?

They never end, eh? Hopefully this one won’t end up dead and buried like the rest of them.
Offering 2:1 odds on this thread dying before the game finishes.

How is this different from all the other failed Dominions 3 Let’s Plays?

We ditched the Gabriel Pope style that has been used for the last five attempts (so far only one successful, which is Pope’s original thread ). This game will be a collective Let’s Play. The players mentioned above will all individually be talking about their own turns. However, where this differentiates from the other LPs is we are (or I am) ditching any pretense of a story. This LP will focus largely on the metagame of Dominions, strategy, tactics, cool shit that happens, etc. Most of the stuff that kind of gets skimmed over in most threads or at least not as in depth as it could be for such a ridiculously convoluted game. Therefore, to facilitate such a silly goal, I’ve rounded up a group of some of the very good players (at least in regards to mechanical knowledge) who are also likely to be active with posting. Additionally, the game is not guaranteed to do a turn-by-turn report like previous Dom3 LPs have, both in order to reduce workload on some of the players and because truthfully some turns are just boring as hell and not that interesting. Each individual player is likely going to talk about whatever the hell they want. We will attempt our best to maintain some kind of coordination with regards to updates, but most likely it will just look like some awful mess.

Why should I read this thread?

Do you love strategy games? Do you love talking about strategy, theorycrafting, or just talking about how awful other people are at games? This is the thread for you then! Even if you’ve never really enjoyed strategy games, Dominions is a pretty unique piece of work. It will hopefully be worth it if for no other reason than all the colorful commentary that all of the players and Dominions 3 community will provide. We’re hardly infallible, but each of us is pretty good at this game, and will hopefully provide insight into what is a ridiculously opaque game. Oh also the thread can feed your gambling addiction.

I will try my best to keep quick links to everyone's posts actually about their turns, but there is going to be a lot of metacommentary in between actual update posts so it's probably worth skimming through the thread if you come in late.

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