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Part 129: Hinnom - Turn 35

Turn 35

After a minor setback last turn when one of the world's most beloved heroes, TACO FLAVORED KISSES, ran away for the last time, King Hippomnomnomnom ordered attacks on a broad front, hoping to drive the Lankan menace back to the hell from whence they came et cetera.  The five water gems from Sauromatia are for a ring of water breathing so his Witch Kings can flirt with mermaids under the sea.  One thing to note is that I'm currently hunting three provinces and bringing in around 20 blood slaves a turn.  A serious blood economy should be bringing in upward of 100 slaves a turn.  I am not even remotely close.  

In Nardago, the cowardly Lankan troops flee back to their home.  

In Vician Forest the undead ethereal monkeys hear KING HIPPO JR coming and vanish into the trees.  An aside: the loss of TACO FLAVORED KISSES is pretty bad because I only have two fire brands and he had one of them.  I will soon be able to easily forge frost brands but the cold aoe doesn't work on undead so they'll be far less useful against the undead monkeys TheDemon is using as chaff.  

CODE RED ORDERER is bringing reinforcements into Nardago.  You can see he has lightning resist armor, a regen ring, reinvig boots, a luck amulet and an eye shield.  That ought to do the job on defense.   

For offense he'll use fire shield.  Fire shield should just plow through Gana like a colossal flaming giant through a bunch of tiny undead monkeys. You can see he's bringing some barbarians, a mix of dawn guard and avvite light infantry and ten dust warriors.   They're all headed to Lanka to crack the nut that is the horrible forest fortress of Peak Theorycrafting.   

Under the sea, DADDY ISSUES builds a temple.  The temple will let me recruit Sea Fathers, sacred mages who come with two points of water magic. I'll use them to site search for water sites and forge frost brands, rhime hauberks and boots of quickness. 

Here in Vician Forest, KING HIPPO JR returns to Nardago after not finding any monkeys.  You can also see my scout network extending north through T'ien Ch'i and into Arcoscephale and Pan.  I can not overstate the importance of scouts.  It's a pain in the ass to move a long line of scouts like this but it's absolutely critical to know what's happening far away.  

Finally, here's my research.   Next turn I will hit construction six and that will let me forge lightless lanterns. 

Gemgen Counter
Blood stones: 10
Cost: 50E, 80slaves
Gems Generated: 28