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Part 58: Lanka - Peak Theorycrafting's Bless

An aside,
Peak Theorycrafting's Bless

Water 9, Nature 4

Straight defense is one of the stats more difficult to obtain through buffing. You can get protection with a variety of alt spells. Fatigue reduction through Relief or Summon Earthpower. Magic resistance with Antimagic. Strength through Strength of Giants or Rush of Strength.
Attack and Defense can only be obtained by non-bless Quickness (through Quickening, which is an AoE not battlfield-wide) which gives +3 Def and +3 Att, but it stacks with the Fire and Water blesses, so neither is wasted.

The main draw to a W9 bless however is the bless-quickness, which gives the blessed units 1.5x attacks per round. This is an extra attack round every two rounds. Lankan sacreds have only average defense stats to start with, so stacking def helps, but not greatly. Their offensive power however is obscenely high, so increasing attack frequency makes them multiplicatively more dangerous. One difference between getting offensive power via a Fire blessing and via a Water blessing is the extra attacks by fire bless are to the same square, whereas by water bless can potentially attack a different square. When your unit is strong enough to one-shot, being able to hit a different square next is useful.

Stats of the Palankasha and Anusara after being blessed: