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Part 39: TC - Turns 22-24

Turn 22: Lots of Ladies

Well let's see how last turn went...

Got my stuff from Arcos, I've been propping Dexanth up against Lilli as best I can. My siege is going okay, now let's look at that battle.

Well gosh.

So, that's annoying. IoD has managed to get a rather large force of Maenads and Pans up here, and while I was able to inflict a very attractive casualty ratio on them his shit was free and mine wasn't. This just won't do, so it's time to get some mages up in this. As it turns out this was no surprise because the province I just took turns out to represent like his entire Earth income, which he was willing to go all-out for. Anyway I've bought a bunch of PD and am holding with my forces, I don't think I can actually hold that province but what I can do is kill another hundred or so Maenads and then mop the army up.

Turn 23:

Okie dokie let's check this out now.

So the good news is that I've broken the fort up north, which means I'll be storming it this turn. Now let's look at that battle.

Okay, I lost my commanders which sucks, but I killed another vast swath of Maenads and have my new army in position with proper mage support (Celestial Masters can fly, which is super useful in this sort of situation). This turn I also send something to Sauro noting to him that his dominion is suffering and that Pan may well be to blame, but with all the shit going on with Sauro who knows who got that or what they thought about it. Anyway I'm going to punch that large Pan army in the nose now. Let's see how that goes.

Turn 24:

Alright two battles. One was me capturing that fortress up north, huzzahs all around. The other I'm more interested in.

SO. ANNOYING. I think this was the peak moment for me being really pissed off at my mages not working the way I expected them to (though it's largely my fault because I'm not using them right). I mean I killed a lot of guys but I also lost a whole bunch of shit and all this is currently accomplishing is wasting my shit and IoD's shit. One good thing is that I'm also killing Revelers now, which actually cost IoD money.

Well, time to advance up north and throw yet more mages into the meat grinder, this time with less terrible scripting (I hope).