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Part 185: Hinnom - Turn 75

Turn 75

The party is dying down a bit, but surely we can raise one more glass to our good friend Sauromatia, who totally did not go home with the super ugly person and brag about it the next day as if they were not ugly and we didn't all know the truth and now it's not awkward at all.  Cheers!

Last turn I staled so there's no summoning.  Fortunately, this turn as a result I have a billion of everything!  Let's see what I do with it, shall we?  Blood hunting is at 178.   Schneeble finally dispelled perpetual storm.  That's still a negative for me but it does allow me to unleash flying legions of cyclops!

This shit sucks.   But this is why not submitting your turn is called "staling." Literally every new player thinks it's stalling but nope.  

Research in evocation is complete and now I head into enchantment!  I'm turning out over 1,000 research points a turn thanks to lightless lanterns, kraken and cyclops.

Evo 9 is where the big guns come out to play. It is, frankly, not worth it in my opinion. But, for better or worse one of these spells is absolutely key for one of my stupid plans!  Plus I like blowing shit up.

This is the anti-communion spell. It's also the anti "oh, you're human mages and left your cap undomed?" and "oh that is 4,000 maenads how will I ever fight them in that fort?" spell.  Three castings of this reliably kill around 90% of the humanish HP units in a province. It's a lot of gems but it's worth it when someone is sending a crazy 80 Mage communion at you, is locked up in their forts with thousands of maenads being effectively siege-immune or has left their cap with 50 turns of Oreiads there. 

AoE 40 isn't as much as you'd think, but it's still pretty awesome. The problem with this (and Niefel Flames) is that being fire/cold immune makes you totally immune so it's fairly worthless at this point in the game.  Still, so much fire!

This is just a "fuck you" spell.  It's overcosted I think but it's neat and sometimes a rousing fuck you is what's called for!  Plus, volcano!

Same as Flame Storm but cold. Again, a five gem ring makes this totally worthless.  

Tidal waves kill more people than volcanoes ever did.  Apparently.  

This is kind of cool.  It slowly site searches at up to level 2-3 in all paths and up to 4 in paths you have.  It also makes your pretender magic duel all enemy mages in your dominion so generally you only cast it with an S9 pretender.  Unfortunately it's level nine in research and costs lots of pearls so by the time you can cast it you have, hopefully, already site searched a lot and don't need it. And there's the whole auto-magic duel thing.  

Bye bye Perpetual Storm.  Hello everyone else having mobility.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  

God damnit KATE!  I told you not to fucking wear that bikini.  It ALWAYS causes uncontrollable uprisings across the land.  

Donkringel heads over to take care of the vine man uprising.

Belial moves north to go corrupt some weak-willed Mictlan mages.

Ingenium forges The Sharpest Tooth, THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH forges the green eye and, oh, look at that.  BARBED WIRE BICEP TATTOO casts Forge of the Ancients.  I'm sure that will go over well.  

This is Ardmon's Soul Trap.   It brings undead mages and warriors to fight for you.  It's not particularly good but I just really like the flavor.

The Sharpest Tooth is another artifact I'm inordinately fond of.  CBM makes it much better but in vanilla it's mediocre. 

The Green Eye is one of the dom3 trivia answers to "what are all the +penetration items in the game?"

immolationsex's footprints lead off into the distance where he slowly rolls on to find the last of the Grigori.

Look at all those kraken. That's all this screenshot is about. So pretty. 

TheDemon hasn't put any PD here for three turns so I risk a scout attack.  I'm tempted to leave this for next turn because I know Schneeble is storming Lanka proper this turn and then I would be the one to kill TheDemon.  But it's somehow more appropriate that we both kill him together.  And that Schneeble get all the spoils.

King Hippomnomnomnom casts crumble at the last of Mictlan's forts.  Zmeywaffe Air Competitor will, I hope, take the fort next turn.  And look, Hannibal turned into a werewolf!