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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 25: TC - Turn 1

Chapter 1: Springtime For Poppa

“Ze scribes tell uff vun who vill rise in Smurfville to lead ze Master Race to power in ze time of strife. Vell I say to you zis time has come!

Unt so I call upon the mighty warriors uff ze Smurf nation, who haff ze power of ze elements, to act as harbingers uff our eternal victory!

Zere will be many sacrifices made by ze people of Smurfville in ze coming months, but zese vill be required to bring out nation to ze glory it deserves!

So speaks ze Angry Smurf, ze voice of the Biggest Poppa!”

World Eating Smurf talks for Real:
So let’s talk about what we’re up to here. My scout’s becoming the Biggest Poppa’s prophet, which makes him a powerful priest that also spreads my dominion. I really need this, because I’ve got the Biggest Poppa asleep right now in order to pay for some things. My starting army is patrolling my capitol, which I’m overtaxing at 170% as a balance between making money and not hurting myself long-term.

I’m recruiting one of my mid-range mage priests, a Master of the Way, maxing out my recruitment of my sacred Warriors of the Five Elements, and buying a few troops with tower shields as well. Warriors of the Five Elements are really awesome troops and I’ll talk about why when we see them in action later. They’re the backbone of my early strategy. My first few turns will be all about getting multiple parties of them moving to try and get as much land grabbed as I can, because with the nations in here I’m at a significant disadvantage early on.

As I said earlier, my pretender is asleep. I’ve used this to buy good Order and Production scales to facilitate buying lots of troops, a Magic scale to help my already formidable research, and a rather expensive major bless for my Warriors and some other fun sacred things I hope to summon later. I haven’t really played TC much and they weren’t my first choice here, but testing showed this build works amazingly well against indies and that at least gets me started.

As for my starting position, I don’t love it or hate it. Being close to water is useful for a reason, and bridges are in theory good choke points if I can get to them in time. The map actually wraps around so there is no ‘edge’ to be near. That really makes how bad or good a starting position is have much more to do with who you’re near.