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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 205: Sauro - Turns 21-23

Turn 21

An uneventful turn, as you saw from TheDemon's point of view. We picked up 400 gold in random events, found a Battlefield magic site (1 Death gem per turn), and successfully recruited Dagan the Renegade Sage and put him to work researching. The gold went to use immediately, recruiting an Enarie and a Witch King and some replacement troops for our army. Scouts are replaced and sent into enemy territory. The fort in Worshin is getting a temple this turn, and the standing army is set to patrol.

But what of my true love Delgnat? Is she finally returning home to the capitol to recover and to strengthen our empire?


Turn 22
Lanka's armies reclaim The Peninsula of Awesomeness. In response, nearly everybody comes back out of the lab and patrols the province of Worshin. This includes Dagan, the mercenary sage; it also includes Delgnat, who will die pointlesslynext turn. Remote site seaching turned up nothing this turn and the random event gave us a few extra Death gems. Evocation gave us some water and astral spells of minor consequence, and construction got us up to level 2 which allows for the forging of additional items. There are a few handy items at this level, but we're not forging any of them because Lanka's army looms on the northern side of the bridge and absolutely everybody is on patrol.

It's worth pointing out that Delgnat "Summoned Allies" last turn. Let's see the result!

Sacred longdead with armor and glamour and a magic weapon? Not bad! Sauromatia doesn't have stealthy commanders who can lead them, and we don't have a bless (and most of the time any bless Sauromatia takes will feature a bit of Earth, giving Witch Kings some reinvigoration and sacred undead units absolutely nothing). So really we're talking about a durable longdead with a magic weapon which is still not bad. Delgnat could be doing more productive things with her turns, most of the time, but since she usually has to stay in the capitol it can help every now and then.

We refresh our bid on the Archers in White mercenary band and recruit a couple of priestesses. At this point the expansion of Pangaea's dominion has gotten out of control and the priestesses are most likely being brought online to help us sacrifice a couple of slaves and hopefully stop the bleeding (no pun intended). Let's just get to the next turn and put Delgnat out of her misery, shall we?

Turn 23
Lanka did not attack! Sure, some scouts were rooted out (including one of our own over in Mictlan's territory). But the big battle never came. Remote site searching turned up nothing again. We did get a helpful message from our neighbors in Mictlan, warning us that Pangaea's blood sacrifices should be addressed. Happily our fresh pair of priestesses is now sacrificing a single slave each turn in Worshin and in the capitol. That's 4 extra temple checks, so hopefully it can at least slow the growth of Pangaea's dominion in our sphere of influence.

And so, Delgnat passes from memory without so much as a little message saying she died out of... wait, what's this?

She's alive! I guess if an immortal unit with homesickness dies in friendly dominion, it really does return to the capitol. Granted, she only has 1 hit point left... and she's being sent back to Worshin to patrol. I guess... on one hand she hasn't died forever and she can still be salvaged when I finally inherit control. On the other hand it looks like she will spend the interim trying fruitlessly to reach the front line. Just marching past the same landmarks every month, over and over.