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Part 103: Ermor - Turns 31-34

Turn 31-34

I kick Mictlan off of my fort. I was actually kind of surprised by that he took that port province. I wasn’t entirely sure how at first, but when I looked back at the previous turn I noticed he had a few scattered jaguars in the northern provinces, and he used the last of those to take it back. It gave him a retreat route for his fort siegers, so it saved a few priests and jaguars.

Another push against C’tis and clearing the last of the remnants of Mictlan from my island. Things are looking up!

I end up beating C’tis’s patrolling force at the fortress, but I lose hundreds of men in the process. Not that I care too much.

Move all of my reinforcements up north to aid in C’tis’s inevitable counterpush, and I work A Closet of Skeleton and his detachment north towards C’tis to help him evacuate my island.

I kill the rest of C’tis’s army.

And that’s actually the game. The heroes wanted to call it at this point because things were going south really quick. I didn’t really have perfect information throughout the game, but I had been watching the score graphs intently. So bad guys win, the Ermor/Rlyeh canonical end of the planet comes true, and the game ends.

This was basically the progression I saw. Rlyeh had just taken off in every aspect over the last ~15 or 20 turns and begun to dominate the game. He was fighting literally everyone on the map at this point and winning. My struggles against C’tis, Mictlan, and Bogarus were really at best distractions for Rlyeh to build up in power. He was the true power behind stomping out the heroes.

This was R’lyeh’s perspective at the end. Hopefully some people will come in and comment on the game for their opinions. (Keep the vitriol out please though)

And just for good measure, Flavah’s summation of the game.