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Part 251: Mechanics - Infrastructure Chat

Infrastructure Chat

I know everyone is excited to see TheDemon's romp through my poor Avvites ( Lanka fans!), but this update is about infrastructure. It's important to think about infrastructure and where you're going to put forts and labs and the like. Hinnom has a couple of unusual characteristics that make it even more important. There's only so much of mom's basement to go around and we can't blow all our allowance on forts, labs and temples because if we don't supply our Melqarts with Cheetos and mountain dew they start eating people (just kidding, those ham beasts eat people anyway).

Important things to think about as Hinnom:

1. Your Melqarts and Ba'als eat population and raise unrest. We'll need a low population province to put them in so they can eat it and then they'll need magic food supplies.

2. Hinnom can recruit mages called Ammi from forts without labs or temples.

3. Hinnom has a national summon of demons called Shedim that toss lightning and are awesome. But, they can only be summoned in wastelands.

4. Forest and hill forts cost 800 gold and take three turns to build. All other forts cost 1,400 gold and take six turns to build.

Taking all these factors into account, here is my plan.

I'm going to build three forts in forest provinces to pump out researchers. Each turn the researchers will move into a central province to hit the books. Melqarts and Ba'als will move to the little lab above the garage to be worthless and slovenly. The lab near T'ien Ch'i's lands is to recruit those water mages I mentioned earlier. The lab in Nardago, the province TheDemon retakes next turn (10), is for summoning Shedim. Any dominion issues will be addressed by sacrificing from my capital temple.