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Part 144: Hinnom - Turn 48

Turn 48

Lanka to right of them,
Mictlan to left of them,
Zmey in front of them
  Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and spell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of ,
Into the mouth of Hell
  Rode the Rephaim.

Flash'd all their frost brands bare,
Flash'd as they turned in air
Chopping at the Bane Lords there,
Charging an army while
  All the world wonder'd:
Plunged in the acid rain
Right thro' the lightning came
Priest King and demon
Reel'd as the frost brand-maim'd
Shatter'd and sunder'd.
Then they rode back, but not
Not the Rephaim.

With a tear in his eye, King Hippomnomnomnom sends his most glorious creations, his robot friends, out to do battle with the mighty Zmeywaffe.  Surely, those jerks over at weren't right about the necessity of using first rate materials?   All King Hippomnomnomnom had access to was the scrap metal from the car gathering rust on his lawn.  He had done his best with the remains of an old 486/33DX2 and half of a '74 Yugo, and they were the best friends he'd ever had.  

This turn is quite a mixed bag.  It's both the best turn I've had so far and among the worst.  Blood hunting six provinces nets 76 slaves which is a nice step up toward 100. 

BARBED WIRE BICEP TATTOO successfully casts forge of the ancients () and it looks like someone else has come to play the global game too.  

Schneeble/Sauromatia casts Burden of Time. This global makes everyone age five years every turn.  That's not an much of an issue for long lived races like giants, dinosaur riding cannibal witch kings or randy goat men. But it's a real problem for humans. It also causes a small percentage of the population to die each turn in every province.  Fortunately, King Hippomnomnomnom's loyal followers are all robots or long lived giants so this global will have little effect on his people.  

After only 48 turns, I finally begin researching some real magic.  Enchantment 7 nets me the best spell in the game, shown by Gibur below.

Now, on to the disastrous part of this turn.  Squeamish viewers should skip this part, and parents may want to cover their children's eyes.  





Fuck, again. 

What a good province name.  But, how do you eat them?

In Nardago, I make a horrible mistake.  I completely forget that a great spell that I really like can target demons and undead.  

Darkness goes up again, and I successfully cast thunder ward and weapons of sharpness on my dust warriors.  

And... there we go.

Cleansing water absolutely ruins my dust warriors. It does 3+1W damage over a 2+1W area.  For TheDemon's pretender with W9 that's 12 damage over eleven squares.  That is pretty brutal.  Acid Rain is good too, but Acid Rain is armor piercing (halves armor values when determining damage) and cleansing water is armor negating (armor doesn't count at all), so it's just brutal.  

With my dust warriors gone, KING HIPPO JR is left to fight off skelespam and TheDemon's Raksharaja.

Stop me if you've heard this before.  He gets fatigued and mobbed and dies. 

Damn you Adura!  

This is the first mechanical giant battle.  These are both pretty funny if you can get past me losing a bunch of gems worth of stuff.  Here, it's one mechanical giant against one bane lord.  

The Bane Lord flies over to the mechanical giant and inflicts a grievous wound with his first hit.  

But 13 hp out of 80 isn't that bad is it?

It is if it's your sword arm!  Go useless kick, go!

The Bane Lord is quickly blinded by the eye shield.

If 0001100111100111 had a sword, rather than a useless kick, that 0 attack, 0 defense would mean the Bane Lord's rapid demise.  Instead, they flail away at each other.  The only thing that stops this battle from going to the turn limit is the Bane Lord's vine shield.  Every so often it traps 011011011100001111 and the Bane Lord gets a free hit, even though he's blind.  

EMOTIONLESS ROBOT is kitted for Zmey killing.  We already know he fails, let's find out why!

On his first hit he gives the Zmey a chest wound. Now to weather the initial flurry of hits and blind it and that should be that!

There's one eye down and it's starting to get tired.  

By the time the Zmey is fully blind, EMOTIONLESS ROBOT is down to 4 hp.  Because even against an ethereal mechanical giant with a shield that blinds you, Zmey hit like giant trucks.   

Of course, a completely blind truck can't really hit anything.  

EMOTIONLESS ROBOT plunks away at the Zmey until it flees. No, no it shouldn't have fled.  I don't know why it did, but after losing a head it runs away and EMOTIONLESS ROBOT can get down to the business of chopping up province defense.  

Chop, chop, chop.  He's like the tin man.  

Sadly, even province defense can do four damage on a good day.  

That is a lot of raiders in T'ien Ch'i.   I wonder where they'll be headed next!

Forras teleports into Mictlan's undefended territory along what used to be the Arcoscephale/T'ien Ch'i border.  


Now, on to the fun part of this turn.  I put up Forge of the Ancients this turn.  Forge cuts the gem cost of all forging in half and lowers all path requirements by one (minimum of one).  For example, ordinarily you have to have five levels of air magic to forge Tempest.  But, because Forge is up, Ornias can forge it (at half price!) with only A4.   FAT PONY WHISPERER forges the Crown of the Ivy King which will allow someone to summon four free vine men a turn forever.

lookit dis beard forged The Aegis.  It is awesome.  

Mistilo forges the Black Book of Secrets. Any guesses on why I made this a priority?

vincent=best character forged a fire booster, the Ruby Eye.  

Finally, last but not least, King Hippomnomnomnom has been lurking on weird japanese forums where he has scammed the design for a totally sweet iron dragon.  He orders his minions to make two. I also take advantage of Forge to do as much preparation as preparation as possible, including forging a ring of wizardry and a ring of sorcery on the same turn.  It might not be the optimal use, but it's fun. Like buying things on credit!

I am expecting Lilli/Mictlan to come down on me like a ton of bricks and so am overtaxing everything.  I would like to get as much gold as I can before these fertile lands are war torn and full of refugees fleeing the merciless Zmeywaffe.   

Gemgen Counter

Blood stones: 45
Cost: 249E, 360 slaves
Gems Generated: 332