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Part 131: Hinnom - Turn 37

Turn 37

The last time King Hippomnomnomnon invaded Lanka in force, the clever monkeys used dirty underhanded tactics and drove off King Hippomnomnomnom's noble avvites with tricksy acid rain and devious flinging of poo. This time King Hippomnomnomnom has sent three of his chosen. Geared out in the most powerful magic items this world has ever known, they slouch toward Lanka.

53 slaves this turn. Not bad, but still well short of the 100 that I consider the minimum to be a real blood power. The three events in Gennom are unusual and my first thought is that someone is casting remote attacks on me. But enough foreplay, let's see how the battle in Lanka went.

Victory! TheDemon didn't defend with anything so there are no losses on this side. It isn't entirely meaningless but it's a far cry from breaking the Lankan resistance once and for all. Still, it's in line with my strategy of a grinding war of attrition and it cuts off his gold and recruitment for at least two turns. That's because I'm going to overtax at 200% and those two Melqarts and a Ba'al will add significant unrest.

Here are the three events in Gennom. It looks like it was just coincidence!

Here you can see the unrest from the three giants and one battle. CODE RED ORDERER heads north to take back unocccupied Vician Forest.

Under the sea, DADDY ISSUES is equipped with boots of the messenger (encumbrance is doubled underwater), a ring of regeneration, a vine shield and a frost brand. He heads out into the ocean to subjugate the local mermaidsexplore. You can also see my first water mage heading toward the safety of my construction site.

Gemgen Counter

Bloodstones: 12
Cost: 60E, 96 slaves
Gems Generated: 48

Getting closer to breaking even.