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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 34: TC - Turn 13

Turn 13: Get fucked, Bogus

Kindly do get fucked.

Woke up after Bogus victory party vizz terrible spots in embarrassing place STOP Am dying STOP Please advise STOP

Well, plus side is I murdered that asshole Bogus and his little cronies. The downside is that I lost a whole bunch of commanders and my prophet got diseased, meaning he's not long for this world. All in all fuck Bogus, fuck him so hard.

Also, I encountered Pan up north here. I am very unhappy about this because I fucking hate having Pan as a neighbor and having to constantly worry about them pulling stealth fuckery on you. I am planning on building a fort up there in case I end up getting bushwhacked, even though I think I was already in tentative negotiations with mictlan and pan at this point to potentially attack arco. Since this is only in my best interest if I get shit without having to lose a bunch of troops or expose myself to pannic treachery I don't intend to make an attack until pan does.