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Part 193: Hinnom - Turn 78

Turn 78

By order of the court etc etc thank you very much Incy.  I'll try to make you proud.  

Summoning this turn is an arch devil (to show you how bad they are compared to everything else in AE), Father Illearth, three cyclops, mechanical men and some storm demons.   

Blood hunting is at 197 and later we'll look at why Hinnom will never be a blood power like Lanka or Mictlan.  

I forgot to take a picture of Ethanim, but you've seen him in Ski's arena game.  Why did I waste slaves on him when Lilli already showed us an arch devil?

Father Illearth, on the other hand, is awesome.  

He was a sort of demi-god of the soil and growing and then folks stopped worshipping him and oh, oops, it looks like the rivers of blood running down Mictlan's ziggurats made him angry. Or happy. It's hard to tell with this artwork.   Like all elemental royalty, he has no feet but he makes up for it by having E7B7, 10% regen, horror and poison immunity. He will be summoning demon knights forever.  

Look at that 15% regen!   That means he doesn't need to waste a slot on regen and makes him a real badass in combat.  Fortunately for him, King Hippomnomnomnom does not rashly risk his minions.  Particularly not if they can summon the court of demon Camelot to go on adventures and have wacky hijinks in his name. 

I underestimated Incy's last stand.  Sorry Zmeythansa Air Competitor.  

100 mechanical men follow Smiling Knight through a portal and march toward the last ragged band of Mictlan's army.  coolguye forges the Crown of Overmight, TenjouUtena revives one of his in-laws and PRESIDENT WILLIAM TAFT goes on a quest to find the mythical Firebird about which an interesting note. There are actually two methods of getting events in dom3.  First, the standard chance to get an event in each province which is affected by scales and limited to four for your whole empire. Second, certain units like the Lady of Fortune pretender and the Firebird unique summon actually give a chance to get a positive event in the province they're in.  There is a hilarious (to NERDS!) test someone ran where they made the Firebird non-unique and summoned a hundred and their message screen was full of good events from the firebirds.  Anyway, Beeswax heads back to the blood site too see about rustling up some more storm demons. 

With a name like the Crown of Overmight and a cost like this you'd think that this artifact would be better.  It gives you +100 regular leadership, awe, a small MR boost and lets you use charm as an activated ability. Unfortunately you can never take it off and 2enc on a helmet is pretty bad.  Plus it's just silly expensive.  

Look, it's TenjouUtena's mother-in-law!  (kidding Tenjou, I'm sure she's a lovely lady). Carcator allows you to bring him into battle to summon skeletons and disintegrate bad guys and if you note the last sentence in the description that's your warning that he curses your units in the province in which he's equipped. 

In Old Man Mountains, the remote attacks on Pan's territory begin.  irony.or.death isn't playing anymore so he won't be able to use all his sweet sweet land.  The assembly of Demon Camelot begins and storm demon summoning continues apace.  

Donkringel goes to harvest death gems from the friendly peoples of Pangaea and PIMP ROBES returns home.  

In Sulphuria, *sad trombone* continues with plan "I need a [not giant-size] hero" by taking Aegis to a province full of maenads and birds.  Fireballs from the sky are turning out to be too slow.  He needs to get stuck in!

140 assorted dead things, coming right up!

And this is why Hinnom will never be a blood power on par with Mictlan or Lanka.  All their blood hunters raise unrest and eat population.  That's not an issue if you're hunting with a single Melqart (although even with growth 3 you'll still lose population rather than maintaining as you would with another blood nation).  But it is an issue if you want to hunt with more than one Melqart or more than three Kohen.  Even with a decent number of patrollers, the +unrest from the giants spikes unrest.  With another blood nation, you can patrol away the unrest from even a large number of blood mages hunting a province. With Hinnom, you can patrol away the unrest from blood hunting but not from both blood hunting and innate +unrest. Add to that the fact that all these giants are eating a ton of population a turn and hunting bigger provinces with large numbers of blood mages to generate truly a truly absurd blood income just isn't possible.  You can see I got 58 slaves from this province but now it's effectively useless for at least a turn.  Mictlan or Lanka could patrol the shit out of it and get that many (well, maybe not quite that many but still) slaves a turn for ten or fifteen turns.   And that, dear readers, is why blood will always be supplementary for Hinnom and not its mainstay.  Which is too bad because you have mages who can actually cast Astral Corruption just with boosters and native demon knight summoners.