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Part 74: Lanka - Turn 19

Turn 19 - Suddenly, things become much more aggravating

Well, I took those provinces, but Hinnom has decided to shift to a raiding strategy with Melqart thugs.

Copper plate provides lightning immunity, which is the right idea, but all the Melqarts I've killed have been in melee. Eye Shields in theory defend against melee attacks, but they aren't super efficient at doing so. Nonetheless, its conceivable several of these thugs could threaten an army of Palankasha.

Raiding is THE way to carry out offensive war in my opinion, so this is a much more threatening and annoying tactic than marching armies into my defensive movements. Admittedly it'll be difficult for him because of my island.

Now I have to chase down those thugs...

Next turn: Oh for an army battle...