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Part 67: Lanka - Turn 12

I'm hoping to get 3 turns out today, possibly 4.

Turn 12 - why I hate fighting two of them

Battles first.

An attack on Laerian Swamps by a single Hinnom Barbarian Chief was routed by my 2 PD. I expect Hinnom to retake this province from his cap next turn.
Another Hinnom Scout caught in the capitol.
My main army conquers Nardago with no losses.

Hinnom's Heroic Stupidity guy runs into 5 PD. He dies. Here you can see the 5 str + 3 dmg Markata "Club" attack hitting the 13 prot commander for 14 and 12 damage. Prot is not a good defensive stat.

Avite Commander        1/1 @  60g =   60

T'ien Ch'i Grand Total               905
Hinnom Grand Total                  1825
Sauromatia Grand Total               396

Sauro's back and that means I have to deal with him. He's brought 78 Androphag Archers, in a full-rear formation, and 4 Witch Kings.

The Witch Kings are either scripted to raise skeleton, or do something that requires range or gems and are off-script due to opposing army size/range. Either way, this tells me he has Enchantment 3 researched, and likely not much else. "Skellyspam" is the tactic of using D3+ mages to cast Raise Skeleton repeatedly, and is a very viable battlemagic tactic, especially for defensive battles where you can drown the enemy in freespawn until the round limit.

Intel like this is one reason I usually eat losing a province before reacting to invasions. It's invaluable to know exact #s, composition, positioning, research and possible scripting.

I'm moving all my forces to intercept his likely movement. Apologies for my shitty image editing.

The battle strategy is basically charge the enemy and close as quickly as possible, hopefully tearing through the skellies in the process, while the chaff up front and the high-hp sacreds soak the arrows. Meanwhile, my archers will be bombarding his, which should cause several kills a round. Volume of short bow fire may also cause routs, since causing a wound to a unit can cause a squad morale check. This is one reason high-volume archers are better in many situations that low-volume archers like Crossbows and Arbalests.

My tactic is vulnerable to "Fire Archers" scripting, but Sauro hasn't used that script yet.

Next turn: A surprise