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Dominions 3

by Lilli et al.

Part 99: Ermor - Turns 19-21

Turn 19-21

C’tis does in fact move back onto my fort, bringing the remnant of his army to try and take back his fort.

However, I brought reinforcements, enough to wipe him out.

Unfortunately, Bogarus did in fact go for my capital. I don’t value forts extremely highly, but my capital has all of my priests (my longdead horsemen factory) and my 15 death gem income which I need to make more priests. I send my pretender back to try and break the siege on my capital. He is very beefy and I think there are some things that are working in my favor now that Bogarus has been here a few turns, but I want to be absolutely sure I can break this siege. So in addition to sending my pretender, I send all of the troops I can muster back to try and break the siege on my capital next turn if this turn fails.

As a side note, I sent off all my non death gems to R’lyeh this turn. I hardly think I’m out of this game, but I really can’t make use of anything but death right now, so I figure he will have better uses than me.

My troops down in Arco’s territory found Arco’s god. Arco can throw enough buffs on her that she is fairly formidable and hard to hit. However, one spell he does not cast is Earth Power. Therefore she is not fatigue neutral.

This means that despite her being an incredible tank and plenty of buffs to help her fight my army…

I can slowly wear through her as her fatigue racks up and she becomes vulnerable to critical hits…

Which can give her devastating afflictions. A chest wound pretty much removes her from effectiveness. Arco now needs boots and earth power just for her to reach fatigue neutrality. She can be healed, but she will be out of commission for a few turns.

After that she takes a 20 and 30 damage crit and routes. I lose a few dozen men but it is well worth it.

So, at the battle for my capital, a Closet of Skeletons arrives to fight the Bogarussian army. However, they are weakened from starvation and disease.

Normally his knights have 13 morale, which gives them decent odds at getting through my Awe defense. However, starvation reduces morale by 4, meaning that they are about as brave as militia right now.

Militia basically never gets through Awe.

I route his entire army while barely taking any damage.

Three dead commanders and 35 units, I’ll take it.

My expectations are that since C’tis successfully broke the siege on his fort, he will move on to siege one of my other adjacent forts. Mictlan, who doesn’t have a nearby fort to siege will now start raiding my territory. I could see him moving north, east, or potentially both. I move some units to the northwest corner to try and stop him from killing that province as I have a fort under construction there. My pretender goes back out to prevent Mictlan from heading east again. I also send a squad underwater to kill Patala’s nagas that have been stealing my territory. I think I have at least a single turn before Bogarus attacks again, since he needs to regroup, and probably restock his priests.

C’tis moves down to take another one of my forts, I lose the battle in the northwest corner against Mictlan, he takes my southwestern fort, I kill Patala’s naga squadron, and Bogarus might now be ready to attack. I move most of my troops against C’tis, including almost all of my mages. A Closet of Skeletons goes to attack Mictlan at his fort, because I’m worried he is blood sacrificing from it since my dominion is dropping. If it enters neutral or negative territory I’ll get out of there. I also got a hero this turn, Tenebrus the shade king. He is an H2 priest who will be raising horses for the rest of forever. However, he also spawns shade beasts and shades in friendly dominion, which I will be incorporating into my armies.

The reason I’m sending out all my mages this turn is I have finally hit enchantment 3. This lets them cast raise skeletons/raise dead, which gives me a nearly endless stream of extra chaff. It lets me rebolster my forces the longer the battle goes on.